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PS Jan 2018
It’s not yet ten
And a man who loves himself more than a thing should love at all
Plays on my screen.

A song I know and could sing.

I watch it silently, I watch
Other’s silent moving pictures
The smile with a tongue out
And the new year’s kiss.

A song I know and could sing.

These are the regular people
And I am never one of them.
It’s only in humbling, stumbling
Unashamedly human moments
That I feel at one with the universe-
And all the regular people.

The people who count down and drink too much
And kiss on the lips without intention
And who put their hands near their beloved
For a little bit of attention.

The people who complain that it’s nothing or something scary
That we should joke about to hide our feelings on the matter
The people who call you or text you whose names you might wish to forget.

A song I know and can sing.

Happy New Year.
Happy 2018 to you all.
PS Nov 2017
When I didn’t want the train to end
When I defended it, my best friend
When I didn’t tell a soul who cared
When I made you cry when you shared.

When I became Nyx each night
When I got into every fight
When I didn’t ask a thing at all
When we constantly had to crawl.

When you couldn’t stand to play me
When you gave up on that easily
You’re like ‘why don’t we just wait and see?’
I’m 99% sure you love me.

When I kissed you little kiss goodnight
When you told me I would be alright
When I lost myself in your words
When I tried to hide I was hurt

When I hid it for the sake of myself
When you admitted that you did it as well
When I danced with you and everything changed
When I’m reminded of the things you’d say...

I have to say, in part and part,
Love should never be this hard.
PS Sep 2017
Is he scared of me?
I'm scared of me.

I have a tongue of acid,
Heart of glass,
Cut like a knife,
Fragile as ash.
All of the wonder of Midsummer's walks,
All of the nightmare of 'what are we?' talks.
Complex as the cosmos,
Bright as a bean,
Sometimes I am someone
You wish you'd never seen.

So, is he scared of me?
Why do you ask?
There must be much scarier
Under his mask.
Oh I wish I knew.
PS Sep 2017
I blame Diana, the hunt, the game.
He was a fool for her wily ways.
I blame the girl, the victor of the tale.
She gets the spoils, I only fail.

He says he needs time.
But time doesn't wait.
Just a thought (hello, I'm back)
PS Apr 2017
The best kinds of kisses are the ones that you don't think about.
The ones that take a look into your eyes to get the mood right.
The ones that cut off your thoughts, your words, your mind
But don't make you stress about doing it right.

I was never much of a kisser,
No one wanted to kiss me like that.
That is until I just bit the bullet and took matters into my own hands.
I just did it, for once.
And, for once, that was enough.

It was just a little kiss.
I'm sure it lasted a second.
You told me your name and shook my hand and said 'I think you deserve a kiss for that'
After duetting with you on karaoke.
How millennial!
How divine!
I just looked up at you and it happened just like in the movies
And I pulled away because I had to leave.
You kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye to me.
But I wish I could kiss you again.
When you fall in lust on a night out.
PS Mar 2017
The worst thing about losing you
Is that it wasn't cinematic
The last time I lost somebody
I was in a blind panic.

The worst thing about losing you
Is that I could see it coming
It was there just down the line
But I still did nothing.
I found this in an old notebook and I liked it so...
PS Mar 2017
Listening to smooth jazz
As valentine roses -not mine- wilt.
Haven't done a 10 word poem in a while.
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