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CM Lee Jul 18
People will hurt you and then act like it was you who hurt them.
CM Lee Jul 7
I'm lucky I'm not beautiful.
CM Lee May 30
Most days, I feel alone
Most days, I can feel it in my bones
The way the dark wind blows
It’s like I’m the only one against the flow

I wake up each day in a twilight zone
I look to my left and my right, I’m on my own
But when I look up to the sky, there you’re aglow
Be with me, in this land down below
CM Lee May 29
"Pain is weakness leaving the body."

- Evan Huang
CM Lee May 25
It was okay even if no one was at her birthday.
It was okay even if no one remembered her.
Because for her, everything was just okay.
CM Lee Apr 1
I just want everything to stop
It's all becoming too much for me
Climbed too high, now I fell from the top
I don't want all of these, just let me be

I want to get out of here
Rise up in the sun and let it swallow me
Let the winds carry me somewhere unknown
All I ever wanted is to be alone

I'd throw everything away in a heartbeat
If I could just be on my own and free
Let the snow sink me in
I'll be happier than I've ever been
CM Lee Mar 25
Let’s stare into the abyss and never look back
For then I would grow and never be struck
By the lightning of fate and cruel luck

I would be free from the reins of life,
Away from all these lights,
That put me out of sight

For only in the darkness you could see me
And there I would find what I’d truly like to be
Into the abyss, there I will be free
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