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CM Lee 2d
What’s said is said, what’s done is done
I wish I could tell you there are still days in the sun
But you pulled the trigger and I jumped the gun
And just like that you and I were gone

We tried to save what was already dead
We didn’t realize we already pulled the thread
What’s left of us is nothing but regret
What once was white, has now turned to red

It was beautiful, it was better than summer
What we had together, I will cherish forever
I know we ended, I know it’s all for the better
But I’ll still miss the times we spent together

I’ll always remember each afternoon
The sunset and the breeze each day of June
The song that we always rewind from that album
Somehow I feel these memories won’t leave anytime soon

I miss you but I won’t chase after you
After all, we both know what we had is through
No turning back, let’s leave without any clue
To where you’re headed, I’ll hope to never find you
CM Lee 6d
Remember when we were happy?
When we weren’t afraid of anything
When all we could lose was you and me
We weren’t scared and it was everything

My hair was short and yours was long
Now things have changed
We don’t know where we belong
We’re lost and seems like there’s no end

You hair’s now short and mine is long
Now, things are still the same
We still don’t know where we belong
We’re older and maybe a little insane

We might never meet again
We might never find our way home
But that will never ever mean
The moon never tried to chase the sun
CM Lee 7d
I’m 20 with a bachelor’s degree
My dad’s the proudest of me
My sisters are smiling from ear to ear
Finished first, but why wasn’t I happy?

I’m 21 and I passed the exam
It was ruthless, getting to where I am
I was alone in the water but I still swam
Got all the awards and accolades, but ****

I’m 22, no work, no dream
All those times I was rowing on the wrong stream
Forgot who I was and where I’ve been
Now I’m lost and they all think I’m mean

Friends and family said I’ve changed
They said I’d turned emptier and strange
But they don’t understand, I’m not deranged
For a long time, from myself I was just estranged

I’m 23 and still trying to find myself
Lost some people and honestly, I’m okay
Still no job but I know I’m on the right way
I’m finally doing what I love and I don’t care what they say
CM Lee Jan 14
It’s okay that you’ve forgotten
I know you and I had to end
It’s better we never see each other again
We’re too broken for anyone to mend

It’s okay that you’ve left
When I think of you, I’ve no regrets
I’m actually glad that you and I had met
I wish nothing for you but the best

It’s okay you’re happier than me
I’ve always been a lonely person, you see
But I’ll always wonder what you’re doing
How you’ve been and who you’re seeing

People ask me what happened
Why you left and where you went
Why my heart was closed and not open
I tell them things would’ve been worse if it wasn’t

No day will pass that I won’t miss
You’re perfect eyes and your kiss
But one day the clouds will turn to mist
And that’s when I’ll know I am at peace
CM Lee Jan 11
I am burnout
Have nothing to talk about
Each minute my mind racing with doubt
But nothing seems to come out of my mouth

Today, I don’t have anything
Not a single idea I could bring
My heart is so numb there’s not even a sting
Maybe it’s better off to be just stopping

I know I don’t have enough talent
But this is the only way I can vent
To help my soul slowly mend,
Writing became my only friend

I wish I had more words to say
But my head is still swimming in gray
I need my mind to fly away
Because maybe then, my body will decide to stay
CM Lee Jan 7
I hate where I come from
It’s not a somewhere but a someone
Despise the way they think they’re better than anyone
You’re blood is not something you have done

Funny how you think you’re on top
This world is not yours to mess up
You think you own me and my soul
Just because of your money and your gold

You’re pathetic and that’s all you’ll ever be
I feel sorry not for you but for your family
They’re minds have been deprived of humility
I pray that someday they’ll listen to this heed

Money, fame, fortune, they’re nothing
All that’s important is that you have that something
Something worth for you to be believing
Something you won’t find in the direction you’re heading

Life is more than what you could count
You’ll realize this when you’re money is out
When they leave you because of the things coming out of your mouth
And you realize by your own self you’ve been captured and bound

Those words that in my direction you’ve spit
In the back of my mind they still sit
You’ve damaged my heart into bits
You deserve everything coming your way, you ***
CM Lee Dec 2018
I saw you again in the summer of ‘17
You’re hair shorter than I remember
Honestly, I don’t know if it’s better
I wish I had asked how you’ve been

Everyday I wonder how you’re doing,
Or who you’re seeing
Wondering if you ever think of me,
And everything that we could be

Tonight I fell asleep with the jacket you gave me
Curious how it still smells like you
Two years since I last spoke to you
Why am I still crying over you

I know it’s messed up
I know I should move on
Tell me how I could stop
Tell me how the moon can give up the sun

Now that I’m out of the picture,
I’m sure you’re happier
I’m sorry I left
I’m sorry you left
I’m sorry you’re gone
I’m sorry you’re done

I hope on day I could forget
How good you’ve been to me when we met
How you told me I was your best friend
How you told me you hoped this would never end

I guess some things are better left unsaid
But there’s one thing I wish could leave my head
I want to tell you that I tried my best
To hide that I loved you more than you could guess
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