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Hawling in, flaunting around
Chilling breeze, the dark
Enchanting blind owls, moonshine thrill
Weird rats and the flying bats

The witch and omens
Blurry old lake
Haunting black meadows
And the crooked faced ape

Crackling sounds of bamboo
Fire in distant hills
Misty breeze of thrill
Imagination haunting deep

the ****** mistiques
Sharp gazes, the moonkiss
An ackward grin,
beyond the relics
Shatters, the concept of Darwin

Heartbeat, the thrill within
Black wasp, black cream
Creepy ackward hisses
Oh just heard a thrilling scream
Wow, the wolves
Torin Galleshaw Aug 2018
It was perfect before I had a name
I knew she was my wing-ridden angel the very moment my eyes were blessed
she laughs when she wants to cry
and her smile
it only gets deeper
she still holds the pieces of her broken halo...

once again I talk about wolves
because everyone has their problems
yes I do
and I've seen them circling fangs out
when I closed my eyes and made my peace with god
that moment
that moment lasted forever
and ever since I left it I am only trying to get back

yes i do remember when darkness was so constant I forgot about light
yes, I know how it changed me
she was the only beautiful thing I've ever known

Heaven sent me an angel
that's the only way
I wish I was holding her now
I wish I could tell her I love her
maybe I can
once again we talk about wolves
outside its raining
I love the rain
cait-cait May 2018
i am holding an axe...

empty towers stand tall in snow
still i climb ,
(each step) —

a toy upon a shelf
(i am freezing)/

you rip the stuffing out of
and try to sew me
shut ,

but the
wound is not healing
(it never will)

the walls get stained with nicotine::
(i miss when they were white)

when i come back to, i am lost -
(because it is dark)

try to howl ,
gurgle instead:
and then
i start to weep-
(and my tears all freeze like little pearls) .

when i look for them again,
(those girls)

they have turned into
(i remember my axe)

and they look me in my eyes —

spit on me, again,
i say

dare you —
this time,
i am not afraid to bite.

(they do not come back for me)
the other title for this poem was “i look at you or maybe you look at me.” I let people on my instagram vote which one they liked better. This is about feeling alone in a battle against many different people you care about. I spent a long time working on it.
A lonely child,
child of neglect

I see you.

Night it befalls,
lonely child met..

You meet me.

Peeled round waist from belly to back,
four pieces do a belt of babe make;
stitched and branded.

Lonely child of neglect,
I bathe in your warm fat.

Clouds they roll, stream cotton-frayed sky.
Mother's light peeks to say goodbye, to you;
-the lonely child whom had to die?

I transform.


eah, hah-hah, hah-hah, hah-hah...

Carter Ginter Jul 2016
Friends ain't **** but hell waiting to happen. And even tho you're gone, I'm doing just fine
You were like a chain wrapped around my throat
Tying me back to the places I hate most
And now that we're done
My mind can finally rest
No more kissing ***
I'm taking my life back

It seems so long ago
We were nothing but close
We never had a fight,
Cause we both hated our life
And now that I'm trapped between my dark and her light
You think I'm not good enough to keep in your life

So *******, it's not your fault
**** me, what have I done
*******, for not giving a ****
And **** myself for giving up on this quick

But the time has come for us to say goodbye
You'll still be in my heart, if you're not by my side
6 years later
What have we become
Desensitized to life
Cause we're so ******* numb
From trying to escape
The same hell we came from

So *******, it's not your fault
**** me, what have I done
*******, for not giving a ****
And **** myself for giving up on this quick

So now he's got your back
Yeah you're doing just fine
But you cannot forget all the pain left behind
I know your secrets
I understand your past
I can tolerate your anger
And I saved your **** life
Well I guess you saved mine
A million times too
And I never would have guessed
I wouldn't be lost without you

But I'm dead, I'm ******* dead
I owed you my life but you gave it right back
and now that you left,
I'll just take it myself
Ending this fight
with my own ******* hand

(I'm so sorry)
**** me
(I didn't want this to end)
But you don't even care
So I'm better off dead
This is actually a song I wrote for a metal band I was in. It's about a huge fight I had with my best friend of 7 years. We resolved most of the issues now though.
Dark Fjord Dec 2016
Dangling lazy their wet thumping legs,
my tongue bit that blanket pulled from me,

off with my clothing, your eyes hid nothing
happily, here after, in drinking;

Olives dream of the Sun
Once that held wumpa
To be a hole,
And in these last years I’ve
Held back biting at any one,  

I missed being Inside you;
or spelling you, and your howls.
Vierra Apr 2018
The world turns on a Shepard’s staff.
He, of whom the Shepard is, is a guide through the treachery and trickiness of the thick weeds.

The foothills have been passed and the plains of this earth is now the marked destination to rest. We eat there. Beware
the wolves

The sheep have been calm this journey, and it’s lax for the collie, our animal ally.
He is prepared at a beckoning and that is all that is required for herds safety. He comes and goes throughout the brush to scout and prepare reconnaissance. Again, a ally.

The sun moves slowly and eventually rests past the horizon. Twilight and on a clear night, spreckels of stardust show their face over the herd and friendlies. The wolves do not bother the fire tonight.

We rest with a relative ease.
We wake and begin the day.
Pedestal talk from sheep
Katherine Jan 23
There are houses on this street filled with wolves.
He-wolves and she-wolves and wolf-whelps howling for meat
Scattered like snowflakes across the neighborhood.
It starts slow, and ends with “I lost my temper” “It was their own fault”
“All the better to see you with, my dear.”
Some of us are eaten up, and some of us grow wolves in our own bellies,
And some last long enough to meet our wolves down the line.
What does it matter if you become the wolf or not?
What narratives are left to us now?
Rob Rutledge Mar 2015
His hands are scarred,
Face is a mess,
Too long walking
Through the wilderness.
The bears are hungry
Wolves they howl,
The Levy's breaking
All will
Washed away by savage currents
Watching fallen suns go
Katie Apr 22
A torrent flows
       tumultuously toward the sea.
Tales recounting of
       rivers run and rapids
Swum. Awaiting the arrival
       of the untamed.
Wolves wander
       with her. Reclaiming
Untouched wilderness,
       which waits for our return.
Bansi Adroja Aug 2018
You're a little boy trapped
stuck in a moment
buried decades ago
on a summers day
when everything changed

You're an angry man
stuck in his old ways
bar fights and cheap dates
nothing new these days
just more of the same

You're as damaged
or as mended
as you want to be
depending on the light
or who caught your eye

You're a lone wolf
with no place to call home
and no need to hold on
I want to love you until it hurts
I don't want to let you go
A Poem a Day : Fifteen
ALC Apr 5
We are two wolves
Tearing at each other’s flesh
Biting in with savage need
Pushing and pulling for dominance.

We are two wolves
Working off of undiluted instincts
Of euphoric animalism.

We rip away our human pelts
And reveal our battle worn skins
Blemished with past wars and historic victories.

We are two wolves
Growling with pleasure and an insatiable appetite.
Digging our incisors into each other’s flesh
And grazing our claws down one another’s backs.

We score each other’s bodies
With nips, kisses, and tongue
Demanding one to admit the others rule.
To surrender and go docile.

But we are two wolves
Fighting each other
Each step of the way
With unadulterated ravishment.
-ALC April 4, 2019
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