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Torin Galleshaw Aug 2018
last night I posted a twelve bar salute to my homies in The Black Mountain Crew,
you know, creeley, olson, the rest
jack kerouac and that road trip
all over a dope *** beat
for real tho
shout out to nateive son
idk why but as I was writing this
I was reminded of him
**** game tight
with my yacht-master 2
18-karat on a jesus piece
i roll with my rolie
i ***** with my homie
Allen Ginsberg on Instagram
If you can believe it
but god dam Harry Styles has like 20 million more followers
so **** that
idk tho
Al told me we was gonna get a face tat
i bet he'll be swimming in clout
an interesting concept i butchered to hell.  but as they say, "the butcher becomes a buddah the moment he drops his cleaver"
Torin Galleshaw Aug 2018
It was perfect before I had a name
I knew she was my wing-ridden angel the very moment my eyes were blessed
she laughs when she wants to cry
and her smile
it only gets deeper
she still holds the pieces of her broken halo...

once again I talk about wolves
because everyone has their problems
yes I do
and I've seen them circling fangs out
when I closed my eyes and made my peace with god
that moment
that moment lasted forever
and ever since I left it I am only trying to get back

yes i do remember when darkness was so constant I forgot about light
yes, I know how it changed me
she was the only beautiful thing I've ever known

Heaven sent me an angel
that's the only way
I wish I was holding her now
I wish I could tell her I love her
maybe I can
once again we talk about wolves
outside its raining
I love the rain

— The End —