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Emisen Feb 2016
he was but a semi-colon
misunderstood and misused.
Emisen Nov 2015
What is a mere heartbreak,
when you have a roof over your head,
blankets to keep you warm and
the choicest food to fill your belly.

So what if you feel
the rain on your breast
for a thousand years and more.
What if the biting cold
seeps through the skin and
freezes your heart.
And what if your heart
becomes a hollow bottomless pit.

At least you won't hunger,
or thirst or worry for
the next day's meal.

So what if hearts break.

And let's face it.
Hearts don't break.
You can't break it with a hammer,
smash them into pieces.
No, hearts don't break.
They just wither and waste.
Emisen Nov 2015
The sale promised diversity.
There were cheap ones,
expensive ones,
affordable ones,
And they all stood in line,
the hopefuls and the cynicals
the indifferent and the undefined
waiting to buy
or anyone
of the soulmates
on sale.
Emisen Jun 2015
she waited with
arms outstretched,
waited for you
a thousand years,
an eternity

and when you returned,
she was still,
as you had left her

but her arms were
hardened twisted branches,
hanging roots, her fingers,
her heart, a squirrel's nest.
Emisen May 2015
I touch this sky walls
one last time
It holds memories
and yearnings,
of half-lived lives.

Who will walk these corridors when I am gone?

They tell me I shall
away to my husband's home
i, a stranger in a strange land,
leaving my walls and memories
for an alien wall,
To paint fresh memories
to cover your footprints,
that once filled the corridors
of this house, no longer yours.
The marriage of a daughter
Emisen Apr 2015
Shared jokes and laughter,
hidden looks and promises thereafter
stolen kisses in between,
but what I desire is your secret within.
Emisen Apr 2015
After all the hurdles,
the thorny brambles,
the kisses and
the waking ups,
when you finally
reach the happily ever after,
life turns around
and hits you with a grapefruit.
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