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ALC May 11
She bloomed like a flower. Not a rose, or a hydrangea, or anything so beautiful or delicate as that. She bloomed like the Joshua trees, like the corpse flowers. Like everything that lays dormant, waiting to show the world exactly how much they were underestimated.
-ALC May 10, 2023
ALC Apr 10
The storm brewed,
Then lightning struck,
And the structures that once stood tall,
Crumbled to the ground.

You could hear an echoing gasp
Stretch out from the audience all around
Never expecting such destruction from beauty.

She laid in the rubble
Cause by her own building tempest,
Feeling as broken as the foundation she had built.
No longer sure of her actions, words, or thoughts.

She lacked an ability to restore and rebuild.
To rebound from the catastrophe crumbling beneath her body.
She bleed and she cried and she lay exposed and raw.
Having sacrificed more than her soul could give,
She suffered the ramifications in the most cataclysmic way.

Though as the storm rolled through,
Rain fell from the once damaging clouds.
Showering her broken body,
And washing away the debris and dust of a broken life.

The sun peaked through dappling her in light,
Blinding her with the promises of what could be.
She felt her fragile body healing,
Closing the fissures that had opened, leaving only scars.
And with shaking breath,
And tentative legs,
She stood.
ALC April 10, 2023
ALC Jan 30
Faint lines leading down faint paths
Whisperings of lives come and past.
Difficult problems yet to be solved
And turbulent waters yet to be sailed.

Faint images come and they go
Each growing cloudy with the passing days.
Whispering of lives come and past.
Difficult problems needing to be solved,
Of turbulent waters set sail on before.

Faint whispers telling of faint pasts.
Traveling through foggy grounds,
And choppy waters.

Body heavy and tears run dry.
Mind gone quiet and tongue hung parched.
Legs collapsed and arms lay numb.
Intangible Conscious and Allusive Soul.

Succumb to the collapse.
-ALC 1/29/2023
ALC Nov 2022
And she sat with knees clutched tight to her chest on what was once their couch, looking at what once was their home, what once was their lives, and felt her body begin to shake. Felt the tears well up behind painted pretty eyes, and a scream bubble up behind painted pretty lips. She watched as she set fire to memories in her minds eye, destroying a future now gone.
ALC Nov 2022
You are not a thought on my mind.
You are not a passing glance.

You are the ruin of my cerebral cortex.
A scar permanently on my hippocampus.
The destruction of my inner peace.
The trigger for my fight or flight
ALC Aug 2022
The tempest builds in its confined earthly cavity,
Swirling and crushing its source.
It roars searching for escape,
Thundering out with torrential rains.
Lighting sparks through veins
Escaping in blistering snaps.

The soul relishes in the primal storm,
Yearning for a greater release,
A larger typhoon to rip this earth away.
To shatter the shell constraining its rage.
It shakes with monumental tremors,
Succumbing it’s structure,
to rubble on the floor.
-ALC August 14, 2022
ALC Jun 2020
Oh sweet little girl
Wont you open your eyes
Wont you wake up,
Rise and Shine.

Oh sweet little girl
Wont you watch your tongue
don't be so vocal or else you'll be shunned.

Oh sweet little girl
Hold your head high
Have a straight back
With shoulders wide.

Oh sweet little girl
Don't play in the mud
Your shoes will be ruined,
Don't mess with the bugs.

Oh sweet little girl
You study so hard
Your effort is noted
But your grades are subpar.

Oh sweet little girl
Don't travel alone
There's people at night
Who want to take you home.

Oh sweet little girl
How you've grown
You're a women now
With a mind of your own.

Oh little women
How your drive, drives you.
How you reach for the stars
Even with lips turning blue.

Oh little women
That's not what we said
Don't speak your mind
You're bringing up dread.

Oh little women
Leave that feather on the ground
Leave that bug on the bush.
There's nothing to be found.

Oh young women
Your voice is to loud
The chaos you're causing
is shaking the ground.

Oh young women
You're choices are bold
They're for to strong.
Listen to what you've been told.

We've asked you to stop
We've told you again and again.
You seem to not listen
Your will wont give in.

Your voice is to loud
Your hair isn't right
You are far to willing to pick a fight.
You play with nature
You say as you please
You're breaking the parameters
of what we believe.

It's time to settle down
It's time to fit in
Stop all this ruckus
And follow the rules you've been given.

"These rules have been botched
The've been slashed through with red X.

The women are rising,
And trust me you're next.
We are coming up from the rubble,
From the ash and the dirt,
We come with a vengeance,
Someones bound to get hurt.

We've suffered and begged,
For your ears to open,
Yet you brush away our please
Refusing diplomacy.

So we come with our swords,
Our flames rising high
We come with our voices
Screaming out towards the sky."
-ALC Dec 11, 2019
The poem starts off with a little girl and goes onto an adult women. A little play at society and how women are perpetually breaking the "rules" that society continues to instill upon us
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