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Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
As my words turn to ink, I begin to think,
Do I create the words, or do the words create me

(work in progress)
Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
For I'am no lord nor savior,
Only that which is visible,
Which can speak,
Which can do something great today,
Which can change the world without a book to guide,
And that which uses the mind to guide and the mind to learn,
A dreamer in the world of reality.
Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
Many in this world will become wolves and even more will be sheep.

It is the few who become shepherds that protect the sheep from being populated by the wolves of hatred, fear, and willingness to appose such on the sheep, that are the true protectors, heroes and great leaders that young men and woman should strive and wish to be.

The way of the wolf is one that will turn your heart black, your back to your friends, and your back to the world that will cause your mind to become all that is evil, wrenched, and destructive on this Earth.

Become the shepherd
Drive out the wolf
Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
Pollution in the skies, bullets on the ground, what has this world come to, when will love be around?
To say we preach peace is to lie to our soul, government just trying to make a dollar so they can make the car roll .
Money can’t buy happiness , but it can buy water and food. Sometimes that’s all it takes to put a child in a better mood.
They say that life is finite ,but  it can be alright ,if we make our dreams a reality without a single casualty.
Are we all different, or more so the same , either way you see it were in the same game.
I look to my left and then to the right. I see humans together all with the same strife.
Money, cars , clothes is it all enough? Or just one big bluff.
We’re trapped in our minds, but yet we hold the key. Its all just about finding out who is you and who is me.
We run from our troubles , but cant for too long. Don’t pay your loan ? Ding-****, bye bye home.
Never be an option, always be the choice. And if your emotions run wild you can always raise your voice.
But even with these pains, I  smile everyday, for the opportunity to help the world in a bigger,better,and hopefully the best way.
We are the result of what we have thought and not something that we bought.
Our mind is everything. What we think we become. So why not just think, make reality a better outcome.
Coexistence is essential. Without it we have no potential and in the end we’ll all be regretful.

The mind is a beautiful locked box of wonders  thoughts and perceptions.
The day you find the key is the day you realize what true life is.
Become all that is great.
Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
Is it corruption that makes me blind or am I blind because I do not wish to see corruption

How can you represent me, when you all want, is to have more money than fish in the sea,
Corruption constricts you, but im as free as can be
Blue collar citizen  who works as hard as they can , white collar worker trying to turn that color tan.
No hate in my heart, just disappointed you see, leaders of my land could give a **** about me.
What ever happened to doing what was right and not for the green,
representing me is not being on tv and simply wanting to be seen.
You don’t representing anything , but corruption and greed. People working hard, they have real mouths to feed.
Now Im not saying we shouldn’t help the world and all the others in need, but what happens when we become the ones who have begun to bleed.
People in the streets . Citizens of our land. Speak up . Rise up. Do whatever that you can.
Dark is to corrupt as light is to right. Do what you can and protect your right to fight.
But the words that I say, isn’t about the fists or the bullets we could spray.
Use your mind, use your words , free flowing like the birds.
Never miss an opportunity to say yes at becoming great, reach out, grab it, this could be your fate! But don’t miss a chance and make that fate late.
Never be an option , always be the choice. Drive out the dark , and always raise your voice.
Together as one we rise to become something that’s bigger than our minds can imagine.
Or we could be remembered as beautiful mess that never was
Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
I’ve shed tears, but not because of fears, but because of a casualty, that happened in reality.
Six years gone by, but no one knows why, you did what you did, and left me as a kid.
Were the demons that you had, really so bad, that my heart had to hurt, because you’re being lowered into dirt.
This cannot be happening, this wasnt meant to be, cousin by birth, but a big brother you were to me.
I broke down ,I cried, I showed a weakness for everyone to see. But I didn’t care, you meant so much to me.
Laughter and joy, never an emotion that was sad, It still makes me wonder about these demons that you had.
What you meant to me,is a story I will tell, a legend you will be.
Your memory will forever, be locked in my heart, and I threw away the key.
Tyler Dolch Feb 2012
Do the words that you rhyme still matter over time , or do they fade into the abyss like a memory you miss?
Do they fade away from you, like every friend seems to do. Not because of choice, but because of a voice,deep inside your mind, you search but never find.
Do they fill throughout your brain and exist with every pain?
Does the daylight contradict , what your nightmares constrict?
Are you afraid of today, because of what the past used to be, or fearful of the future because its a lock with no key.
Do you walk towards the light and see it in your sight! Or does darkness follow you, the light to never breakthrough?
Do you think of what could be ,if your mind could be free, Or does the darkness begin to ensue like a storm beginning brew?
Does the pain go to your brain, coursing every vein, you question if you are sane! Is this what life is to be , or is this only for me.
Do you question every thought, every sentence, every answer that could be. Why? Why do these nightmares happen to me! Is this what my life is to be ?! Or I have simply lost my balance and this is what I see.
Turn off the lights so then you can see, the darkness of a mind,
when that mind belongs to... Me

— The End —