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michael gagain Feb 2017
May the day be as pretty as your smile...
May the sunset be as beautiful as your soul...
And may the night be as dark as your every desire...

michael gagain Nov 2015
~Feed Me~

Ox blood red runs down your perfect thighs
in a hell storm of leather.
My tongue following close behind
in a flowing trail of excitement.
Stiletto heels kiss the ground
to take ownership of where you stand.
Returning back to those pretty red satin *******,
only to lose myself in your essence.
My tongue straining through the fabric as to tease.
On my knees before you, I can live forever,
thrive, feast on your love.
Your wetness is my pleasure, it's all about you,
your beauty and your mind.
***** blond locks brushing bronze peaks,
in a dance of passion.
The thoughts in your mind are dirtier
than the color of your hair.
you tremble at my touch, eyes meeting in lust,
my hand finding the
joy between your legs, soaked, throbbing, wanting.
I lightly brush my finger across the satin. your **** hard,
engorged, seeking my tongue.
Kissing you behind your knees
and licking up the back of your thigh,
biting and slapping your ***
before spinning you around on your come
**** me heels. Reluctantly removing the silky
red barrier between myself
and heaven, still on my knees
I grab both cheeks of your pretty ***
and pull you into my mouth, my tongue deep.
I feel your thighs
tremble, knees weaken, lips of velvet quiver and glisten.
That's my girl, let it go baby...
your *** cheeks clench, your rose she throbs,
thrusting into my mouth, convulsing, shaking violently,
your warmth flowing
into my mouth like the river wild....
I look up at your angelic Halo of wrath
and the now devious smile upon your pretty lips as you whisper.....
michael gagain Nov 2015
~My Angel~

Once again I write through the tears,
you're five years gone and it seems like
yesterday we kissed...
I step into our room every night,
our haven, lit only by the soft glow of candlelight.
your perfume lingers from the mist I leave in the
air every morning...
Every three days I replace the red roses and baby's
breath on your nightstand.
We would make love here for hours, laugh and live.
now I sit alone, the tears never end, the thoughts are
vivid and enjoyable followed by a smile....
and more tears. I contemplate joining you, the pain
unbearable unlike any other pain imaginable.
I can't work I cant eat I can't sleep until the
physical exhaustion overpowers me into shutting down.

I miss you so much...
I don't know what to do, it was always just you and me.
I miss the way you smiled at me, the way you kissed me,
I miss your soft voice that always soothed me no matter
what the day had brought...
We confided in each other, we knew each other, we
loved each other without condition without bells and

I wake in the night feeling the softness of your wings
brush my skin... grasping your side of the bed,
only to realize yet another wishful dream of what was
has taunted me....the tears come again.
What I would give to hold you again, feel your
love and warmth against me.
to kiss you one last time...
michael gagain Nov 2015
The capillaries in your eyes begin to burst
your face turning purple is quenching my thirst
the veins in your head  are starving for blood
your gurgling saliva comes in a flood...

I remove the ligature from around your neck
smiling coyly void of repent
I leave you a string of beautiful pearls
from your ******* to your ***** a mess unfurled...

I am the nightmare you had as a child
I'm the thing under your bed nasty and vile
I lived in your closet and haunted your mind
twenty years later and I've made you mine...

I break your at a time
I ****** into you deeper the feeling sublime
your screaming enhancing my ******* bliss
I give you heartfelt passionate kiss...

I read you your horoscope for this day
it reads stay home... keep demons away
lucky for me you came out to play
I picked you up like a cute little stray...

I will drop you off at the door to your home
you will never again walk the streets alone
******, broken, crying and beat
you will forever remember this day of defeat...

Don't forget to check under your bed
it just may be me to **** with your head
look in your closet, look deep and you'll find
I will forever reside in your terrified mind...
michael gagain Feb 2015
Welcome to my basement
there are plenty of things, toys and tools
play me a song of dismal fools...

You are welcome, but can never leave
I need your parts for the puppets I weave...
It's a place of madness, messes and mayhem
as my machine sews limbs into marionettes...

Dead bodies galore, that I shall resurrect,
as i work diligently to delicately intersect.
drilling holes and threading string
"creep" plays in my mind as I violently sing...

Replacing your eyes with the brightest of blue
wiring your mouth to move on cue.
mechanical hinges and formaldehyde a plenty,
you'll love your new look as will many...

My workshop my joy, my happy place,
except for the stench a horrid disgrace.
look at the walls and all the pretty puppets
lined up in a row like the famed Henson Muppets...

A vast collection of blondes and brunettes
redheads not allowed they're crazy at best.
don't mind the blood it congeals so fast
unlike your beauty it's essence won't last...
michael gagain Feb 2015
You Isabella...
you are my disease, what festers deep inside my thoughts.
if I were to release you from your chains, my mind would run rampant.
you are mine for eternity, I can not allow you the pleasure of another soul.
you will continue to eat with the rats and dine on the cats...

Your torture is my haven, my ******* sickens you, your *** my elixir.
when I put the bar between your legs, and crank so slowly your wetness
my joy, your slice of life my pie...

Your ***** is my God...
To be worshiped by day and eaten at night, devoured like the scores before you.
there is no hell. hell is your common grave, you've yet to visit.
take my **** between your swollen pink lips, take it all leave not a trace.
I shall instill within you a Demon child with a nameless face,
and I will **** your mind, to another place...

Demon qualities live in us all, but only a few return Satan's call.
you're beautiful long brunette hair and gullible goodness is why you are here.
I'm sick, tormented. evil and twisted...a heartless monster.
I am the raw truth of your nightmares...

I will love you forever in my own way, you are not a prisoner but in your mind.
it is a ***** such as yourself that may someday free me of my Demonic being.
but in the mean time, I shall kiss you between your thighs making you ***
and drink from your hive...

You wicked *****, you stink of filth, your matted mane I can not bare
my love for you, you dare not share,
your dark brown eyes will be my demise, above your hatred you shall rise.
take me now deep inside, for my *** will turn the tide...

You are not a slave of love, but the guest of a mastermind shunned from above.
you are not my toy, but a precious womb, a cradle of sorts for my young.
you'll be the heroine that goes unsung...
michael gagain Feb 2015
~Just for a Moment~

There she stands in the doorway again,
her beautiful silhouette highlighted against dim moonbeams.
like I've seen her look so many times before.
her ******* as hard as stone visible through the sheer magnificently beautiful
Victoria's secret silk teddy...

"Come to me my love It's Valentines day"
she came to me, slowly, methodically, gliding across the floor like the Greek Goddess
of love, even Aphrodite herself should be so beautiful...

"Sit besides me on the bed"
she took my hand, and I pulled her lovingly on the bed, "you've been a bad girl my queen, looking all **** for me" I kissed the corner of her pretty mouth and stood her besides me.

I bent her over my knee and watched the teddy raise up hey back, I massaged her
lower back and slid my fingers underneath the lace of her pretty *******.
I proceeded to grab a handful of heaven and tenderly squeezed...

And then to my excitement they appeared again...those beautiful white wings,
the same softness I lose myself in after our love making.
I slapped her *** and slapped it again, she began to whimper and I slapped it again, her whimpering making me stir in all the right heart falling into the abyssal pit of my stomach.

I reached between her thighs and under her *******, and lost a finger deep inside her beauty. she moaned and pushed against my hand.
I reluctantly removed my finger and tasted her essence.
why do I do this to myself I thought.

I stood her before me and rose off the bed...our lips meeting and our tongues dancing a deep, slow dance into lost oblivion. our eyes met and as always
her beautiful green eyes with tangents of gold melted me where I stood...
I felt my legs tremble...

I stood her at the side of her bed and gently bent her over pushing her head into the quilt,
she gasped...knowing what was to come.
I dropped to my knees and spread her *** cheeks to delve into her beautiful warmth
kissing her outer lips and driving my tongue deep inside her.
I grabbed her hips and spun her around, ******* slowly and then feverishly on her swollen ****...I could no longer hear her whimpering over the throbbing heart beat in my ears...

I spun her around again, and returned my tongue home, a home I adored.
then it came, she pushed back into my mouth hard, and came in my mouth,
Oh my...I love when she does that...

With her head back into the quilt I stood behind her, my **** in hand and rubbed it up and down the most beautiful ***** I have ever seen..
I teased her entrance with the head of my **** just a bit...and eased into her feeling her stretch and accommodate my thickness.
I was ******* her slow and deep, just as she likes, feeling her meeting my thrusts was so hot I thought for sure I was on fire..
Our rhythm increased as well as my pulse...I wanted this feeling to last forever...and I unleashed storm of *** inside my beautiful deep, it will still be leaking into her pretty ******* tomorrow.

her gorgeous wings, swept back against my skin,
and then...just for a moment....I thought I saw God....

(c) Michael Gagain/Black Reign
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