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Karliah Feb 2022
I'm closing the gap
Between our souls
With love and luck
We won't be torn apart
Karliah Nov 2021
Perhaps I loved too much,
Sweet to your honey,
Perhaps the more I loved,
More, was not enough.
Karliah Sep 2021
Nightlights help you in the dark,
I don't like the dark.
I need you to be a nightlight,
Cause I can't see into you.
Karliah Oct 2020
To sleep is to trade,
The god of rest your consciousness,
For a moment of his addictive peace.
Karliah Oct 2020
Many times I look at old names,
Which lay stale on my screen,
What ever happened to them?
What demons did they face?
Karliah Sep 2020
I miss monarch butterflies on milkweed

I miss apricot trees

I miss planting random seeds

I miss how cut alfalfa smells

I miss my childhood dirt, tears, and all
Karliah May 2020
Sleep is so addictive
It numbs all pain and suffering
You can curl up with death
And feel its peaceful embrace

But when you again wake
Its hellish and unsafe
Your soul aches
You long for rest again
is it worth it idk
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