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Karliah 7d
The word "child" speaks of innocence,
From it's beginning to end,
And yet,
The child is shown violence and horror,
The seen evil dwarfs every adult before them,
And yet they smile,
Though bound to a world of guilty.
Karliah Dec 2018
Just one more round I said,
Halfway through the third,
Karliah Dec 2018
I miss that raw feeling,
Of being alive,

For now,
I zombie through life.
Karliah Dec 2018
I don't have time for negative vibes,
Drugs, theft, or wine,

My quest log is already too full.
Stay in school
Karliah Dec 2018
Dorito chips and mountain dew,
The bread and butter of our youth,

Kino Der Toten,
Where the strange portal lays,
Black Ops Zombies,
I'd play to the end of days.
I love Black ops zombies!
Karliah Dec 2018
It's a most weird feeling,
When someone you knew,
Blends right back into,
The sea of strangers,

And you pretend,
To have never swam in each other's ocean.
Karliah Dec 2018
So you came back,
Like a ghost to haunt,
You speak of self change,
And a buried past,

But I remember the living,
When you spoke with anger,
You wrapped me in a toxic cast,

The stone is faded,
But the memory lasts.
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