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Karliah Sep 20
The steel will always be a reminder of our past,
As will the buildings broken burned,
Radiation penetrates even the thickest of walls,
So society moves on.
Karliah Sep 5
He bought me a new dress,
For my birthday,
"You're gorgeous,"
He said before I put it on,
"This is just something to remind you."
Karliah Aug 30
Should we have kissed that day?
The idea did rest hot on our lips,
And it's suggestion clear in our eyes,

We waited,
Still somehow,
The almost kiss remains sweetest.
Karliah Aug 20
I spent my time,
Thinking of you today,
It was brief,
But now the time is spent,
And tomorrow I'll pay again.
Karliah Aug 15
You asked for my thoughts,
How do you feel?
And my mind wandered...
But never from you,
But to every instance of you.
Your shadow will never fade,
From the sunset of my memories.

Its beauty is burned into the sidewalks,
Baked by golden autumn evenings,
And the marks will remain even if you walk down a new street.

And I will see them,
Against the white of concrete.
Karliah Jun 3
And just like that,
You came back,
You found no sympathy,
And realized your loss.
Karliah May 16
The only promises,
I ever want to hear,
Are the ones you plan to keep,
Should you fail,
Let it be not be without the most vigorous of crusades.
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