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But can't tell you how to do it
It's the hardest thing to do
Especially after a heartbreak
How do you love yourself?
I wish I knew
Usually when it happens I'm upset
I fall apart and I'm crushed for a bit
Not after this time though

I just feel numb when I'm alone
Not really caring about anything much
Less myself

It's scary but I don't know what to do to get rid of this

The pin dropped
The glass heart shattered
If you thought there was a happy ending
You haven't been paying attention
The fights that are the worst
Right before a break up
Knowing that it might not
Be able to save the relationship

The worst thing is the



Sean Hastings Jun 14
When the good times were ending

When the love was getting cold

When friends were getting ready to leave

I wish I could tell when my happy days

Were becoming the past
Sean Hastings Jun 12
The pin is standing on point

Right on the edge

Finally quiet enough

Waiting for the fall

That will shatter the glass heart
Telling me you loved me?
Because I made you my world
Do you regret our friendship?
Because you were my day one best friend in college
Do you regret trying to get to know me?
Because I shared my traumas with you
Do you regret adding me?
Because I annoy you with messages
Do you regret reading this poem?
Because I wasted your time like many others
A open poem to those who left my life and those still in it
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