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Sean Hastings Jan 11
I'm going out into the woods

For a couple weeks, for a couple nights

Out into the cold, out into the snow

I'll be out in the woods

Freezing, shivering and feeling frostbit

I'll be out in the woods, only warmth

Coming from a old jacket and you

You will be on my mind while out in the woods

While you are sipping wine and under the blankets

I'll be going out into the woods

Forever? No! Only a few nights

Soon it'll be over, soon I'll be coming home,

I'll be out of the woods

And back into your arms where I belong


Going out into the woods
Sean Hastings Nov 2021
I'm just a late bloomer
I didn't peak in highschool

Looking back 7 years ago
The skinny kid scared
For the future, leaving home
Fresh off a breakup

In those 7 years I've done a lot
Landed a great job finally
Couple awards and promotions
In my military service

Navigating single life once again
But enjoying the dates
Flirting and getting to know
New people and learning about myself

Not all of it has been roses and sunshine
Dealing with some ****** up ****
In my head and my body


I haven't hit my peak yet so enjoy the climb with me
Sean Hastings Nov 2021
Silver tongued devil comes from
After dressing like him
On my God complex villain arc
Letting his vibe take over

Silver tongue talking but the words
Came out sweeter than honey
And melted hearts as if chocolate
Left out in the sun

Charming, disarming with a touch
Of a rebellious side
Close to the verge of trouble

I can see where it came from
And on this arc

I'm going to be using my silver tongue
Sean Hastings Nov 2021
About my looks this week?

Or my job, or one I'm trying to get?

The friendships that are strained?

The bills that keep coming in?

Or that I have one beer left?

What should I stress about this week?

Any of these?

Of course not because I still have another beer and friends who say hey
Sean Hastings Nov 2021
Then go find less
And that's a ******* vibe

It's a vibe that I'm bringing
To my life for now on
I can be a lot and I'm a mess
I lean on people so much

But I give that energy back
I'm there for my friends
When they need me to be
But in the meantime

I can be too much a lot
With my anxiety, depression
And the trauma in my life
But I still wear my heart

On my sleeve and not afraid
To give my love out to those
Who deserve it in my life
Those who dont think that

I'm too much, but if I am
Then go find less

That's the ******* vibe
Sean Hastings Oct 2021
One day at a time
Each friendship, possible relationship
Each new addition or subtraction
We may talk everyday or barely at all

I'm just doing me
Not that I know what that is anymore
I'm just trying to find peace
Wether that's alone or with someone

I'm not going to stay in the past
Or **** myself thinking about the future
I'm just going to do me in the present
Good or bad we shall see

Wether someone is out there or no one

I'm just going to take it one day at a time
Sean Hastings Oct 2021
How many peoples minds I live rent free?
Ex girlfriends, ex friends, those I thought
Were family at the time

Sitting in the back of their mind
Or in the closet with the skeletons

Wondering how I am doing
Thinking that I'm doing worse than their ****** lives at the moment
I'll just keep my head down and do me

But I still wonder where I live rent free
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