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Sean Hastings Dec 2018
Surrounded by darkness, it seems the only friend you have
No future, no hope just dark
Then glimpses of light flash
A text you wake up to
A friend reaching out
A picture making you smile
Just then realizing it's not just darkness surrounding you but the sky

The darkest feelings show the brightest stars in your life
Sean Hastings Dec 2018
I want to thank you for being here for me
For helping me through this dark time
For lifting me up when I was down
For making me smile when I was frowning
For reaching out from 10 miles away or 1000 miles
I want to thank you for reminding me that I can be happy
For knowing I have people who won't leave me
I want to thank you for reminding me I am loved when I thought I was unloved
Thank you to my forever friends, my new friends, my secret fan, brothers, sisters I love you all ❤️
Sean Hastings Dec 2018
My biggest smiles
My biggest hugs
My happiest moments
My proudest times
My longest kiss
My funnest Saturday nights
My endless thoughts
My wishes on shooting stars

My love
But what happens when none is left?
Sean Hastings Dec 2018
Not everyone has a poem about them

or are mentioned under these lines

but their names are stitched upon my

heart over the cracks from past and

recent heartbreak holding me together

Keeping me from becoming broken
For those in my life who keep me whole but never never see their names in my poems, know who you are ❤️
Sean Hastings Dec 2018
New friends are great
Someone who doesn't know your past or cares to know, only wanting to know your future

New friends who want to see you smile, not knowing how hurt you are
But help make you smile when you thought wasn't possible

New friends are great because they know you for what you are, not your past
New friends help you see the future instead of dwelling in the past
For the one who made me smile when I thought I didn't have one
Sean Hastings Dec 2018
The seer is a mystical flow in time

Once you connect with one your future becomes clear to them

But an unaware one won't be able to see clearly

Seeing flashes but not knowing what it means

Penning their thoughts, thinking they are forgetting you but seeing the pain in the distance

Forgetting about it until right before knowing something is wrong

Oh seer oh seer you saw my pain but unknown to you at the time

I ask you

Will the pain go away?
Sean Hastings Dec 2018
I pen these lines

Pouring my soul

Figuring out what I am

Without you

Heartbroken and destroyed

I just wonder

Will you ever read my lines?
Writing for an ex who may never read my feelings for her
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