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Torin Aug 2018
It was perfect before I had a name
I knew she was my wing-ridden angel the very moment my eyes were blessed
she laughs when she wants to cry
and her smile
it only gets deeper
she still holds the pieces of her broken halo...

once again I talk about wolves
because everyone has their problems
yes I do
and I've seen them circling fangs out
when I closed my eyes and made my peace with god
that moment
that moment lasted forever
and ever since I left it I am only trying to get back

yes i do remember when darkness was so constant I forgot about light
yes, I know how it changed me
she was the only beautiful thing I've ever known

Heaven sent me an angel
that's the only way
I wish I was holding her now
I wish I could tell her I love her
maybe I can
once again we talk about wolves
outside its raining
I love the rain
Torin Apr 2016
Its not so far away
Man made nature
Water colors
Artificial suns
The loving arms of hell
I had forgotten the way the waves crash on the shore
Of the outer banks

I live in cities
All the life around me
Is only death

I took a rorshak test
And saw fire
Armies marching
Tinted windows
Kevlar vest
And bullet proof glass
I want to go somewhere again
Where the nature isn't addicted to chemicals

Its not so far away

Where I can watch the crane fly
Over the most tranquil waters
Of my mind
Torin Apr 2016
I aspire
To nothing higher
Than to bring light into your world
A fire
Out of control
That keeps you warm

I want to be your favorite song
Because you know that I was written for you

I become
Not a strum from some guitar
But chords in your mind I play with
Sweet music
I cannot help but create
To let you know that you are loved

I want you to be my biggest fan
Because it matters if you sing along
Torin Apr 2016
Reality is pretty funny
Between the strains and pains
And hunger pangs
And people who think bangs still look good
When they never did
Not even in the eighties

I've just been looking for happiness
And I found it in the most unlikeliest of places
A morbid place of loss and sorrow
Called Burger King
I bought some onion rings
And they were crispy enough!!!!!

Still I lose
Still I hold onto
What I never held in the first place
And I lose my faith
And I lose my hope
But I still find a place for humor

I still laugh

And I'm the king
Who you want to be
I'll have empty hands and empty pockets
But everything is mine

So grab those onion rings
With both hands
And let the crispness guide you
I may have lost my mind, at least I'm still happy
Torin Apr 2016
See it,
          seize it
With the consequences

Right Now
For happiness

Why wait until tomorrow?
Grab the onion rings with both hands and let the crispness guide you
Torin Apr 2016
God is on the pavement
It's a chalk outline that is drawn
Around the city
And from every corner of my mind
The jaws of hell are closing in

And I cannot help but wonder
As I wander
As my feet created in an image
I never could attain
Carry me from station to station

God is love
And where has all the love gone?
It was replaced by parking lots
Strip malls and strip mines
God is in the nature
Man destroys

I am on the pavement
Bleeding out
Just like god did before me
Sometimes you have to admit
The battles lost

Let the war still rage on
I know it's silly but, onion rings
Torin Apr 2016
I speak a dead language to a shadow
Spreading a disease like honor among thieves
I use my hands to open doors
Disguised as another man that's out of reach
I'm out of time to read the stars

My sister
I don't ask for understanding
Only this

That you would hear my song

I'm digging up fossils that time forgot
Like the leader of a band of rogues
Searching for answers buried in the past
And should be left alone
Picking at a wound so it can never heal

My sister
There are spirits on my side
That only want

That you would hear my song
Onion rings

— The End —