Scarlet Rose Mar 22

How did we get into this mess love?
How did we end up here?
All I wanted was a friend
And then for a brief moment
You were so much more
And I could touch the stars above--
And then they took you away
How did we get into this mess love?

Can't see very clearly, but I'll keep fighting.
Scarlet Rose Mar 22

You said you'd love me
No matter what I did--
I understand

You said it was alright
To have bad days--
I understand

You said that I could
Make my own decision--
I understand

You said it was okay
If we disagreed--
I understand

I understand that they were
Empty words
And that in actuality
You want me to be
A Sunshine Girl
All the time

I understand.
I'll go back to faking my smile.
I'll go back to crying in secret.
If you want me to be happy
I will be.
Don't worry about me--
If you ever have, I mean.
It's alright.
I understand.

If you don't want me to show you who I really, please don't say you do.
 Mar 22 Scarlet
Jack Jenkins 

some days we shine bright
some days we're not right
i've given you my heart
let's make another start
missing you has never been

i know there's fear here
but i will always be near
in my arms you won't fall
we will always stand tall
missing you has never been

you were ripped away
& i can't just magically
be okay with that

Scarlet Rose Mar 15

I feel like dancing
On silver moonbeams
And singing lullabies
To sparkling streams

I feel like flying
Just as high as I can
And holding the stars
In the palm of my hand.

I feel like jumping
To touch the clouds
I feel like spinning
Until I fall down

Is this happiness?
I'd almost forgot
What it felt like--
I've missed this a lot.

I think the sun just came out again...
Scarlet Rose Mar 11

My bed used to be an escape
Where I could go to dream
And think pretty thoughts

Now my bed is just a trap
Filled with nightmares
And the absence of you

I hate my bed
Scarlet Rose Mar 10

You berate me
For things I haven't done yet
Telling me
That failure is inevitable
Yet you wonder
Why I am afraid to try

I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you
Scarlet Rose Mar 10

I see you in the climbing flowers
That smile down at me sweetly

I see you in the sunbeams
That kiss the top of my head

I see you in the ocean waves
That calm me with their soft tossing

I see you in the twinkling stars
That wink at me cheekily

I see you everywhere
Except by my side

I miss you
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