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Scarlet Rose Jun 2018
Slow down
Watch the sunset
Pick flowers
Tickle the baby
Remember the small things

Don’t forget to tell your sister you love her
Because she’ll be gone soon
Build legos and have tea parties with the little kids
Because you’ll be gone soon too

Don’t worry so much about the future
It usually takes care of itself

I promise your mum and dad love you
Even when it feels like they don’t
Confide in them often
They understand better than you think

That boy may be cute
And he might make you laugh
But I promise he isn’t worth your time
There’s someone so much better coming
Be patient
Wait for him

Remember it’s okay to cry
As long as you can smile afterward
Always know you are loved and needed
Even when you think you aren’t

Sing in the park
Dance in the yard
Turn up those headphones
Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to have fun
As long as you work hard in between

Read your Bible
Don’t forget to pray
And when you feel afraid remember God always has a plan
And it is always the best plan

Your life will be a good one
Even during the bad times
Look forward to it
Scarlet Rose Jun 2018
Your eyes stay dry
But I can feel tears
Kept inside your soul
Hiding behind your brown eyes

Come lay your head
Against my chest
Feel the pumping
Of the heart that beats for you

Let me hold you
Wrapped in my arms
Until the sadness
Is set free from your spirit

Let tears fall steadily
Heavy and scorching
Until your soul is calm
And you find your home in my arms
Scarlet Rose Jun 2018
Lost in a sea of faces
Not alone, yet lonely.
Friends are all around me
I am enveloped in their arms
And yet so alone.

I am terrified of the darkness
That lies ever before me:
The future, full of unknown.
Others have gone before me;
It is they who lead me now.
Nothing to fear, yet frightened
And so very alone.

And what is this on the pillow?
Tears never used to fall there.
Happy life, life of love,
How did sadness creep in?
Now the tears come often and again,
Sobs shake the body—where is joy?
And why so alone?

Growing up is not the dream
My childhood me happily created.
Too much unknown,
Too much knowledge.
Many to guide through the black abyss
And yet so alone.

How? Why can this be?
Opposites exist all at once,
The same time, the same place.
Is this growing up? How do I stop?
I feel so alone.
Scarlet Rose May 2018
She threw it away
A beautiful little bottle
It tossed between the waves
Crashed against the rocks
Shattered to pieces
Because she didn’t want it

Jagged edges
The smooth glass marred
It hurt those who stepped on it
And took pleasure in the hurting
Because it had been hurt once
When someone threw it away

A rose-cheeked little girl
Hands full of seashells
Sees a glint on the sand
Picks up the little piece
Gasps in awe at its beauty
Adds it to her jar of broken glass
And watches as a stray sunbeam
Shines through her jar
Creating a rainbow on the sand
Scarlet Rose Apr 2018
I am the swirls in the steam above your tea cup, the whisper of wind in the tops of trees; I am that high and light laugh that you can never find the source of, that soft tap of feet that always follows you; I am always there but never tangible, always just beyond where your eyes can see even when they look right at me; I hide in plain sight, even when I shout it is a whisper; I am stuck between two worlds, always where you are, and yet a million miles away.
Scarlet Rose Apr 2018
Sorry isn’t enough.”

I know.
But it’s all I have.

Maybe it is better to stay silent
Than to give an apology
That isn’t enough.
Scarlet Rose Apr 2018
Take hold of my hand
And help me fly
Over crystal oceans,
Through a violet sky.

Let me hold a fairy.
May I give her a kiss?
I’ve never seen a glow
As beautiful as this.

Sit with me on clouds
Over the Mermaid Lagoon.
Let me kiss the stars;
Help me touch the moon.

Let me run with Lost Boys,
Give me a pirate sword.
I’ll obey your every order,
You have my solemn word.

Do not make me leave—
Please! Let me stay!
Better yet, come get me
And really take me away.
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