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An Uncommon Poet Dec 2014
I know your routine
You roll to the end of the bed
You place you cold toes on the hardwood
As you rub your concrete eye lids
You slip past the cover’s tangled web
Attempting to keep you in its padded cell
You shuffle across the room’s desert wasteland  
As if your ankles were shackled together
Until you reach your closet
You run through every suit you own
But today is Thursday so you’ll wear you navy slim fit
No, silly me
It’s Friday, black suit coat is singing your name
The soft blue dress shirt sang the chorus
You lift them from their support
And rest them on the bed
That with its imaginative arms is so eagerly pulling you back in
You turn to your dresser and pull out a pair of plaid socks
Probably because you’re feet have gone numb at this point
You attempt to piece yourself together
Puzzled by the placement of the disfigured parts
You twist, turn, adjust and arrange
Until you believe you look more than your worth
But this is the part that stumps me,
After you slip on your ever so pointy black shoe
You come to the mirror
To judge your appearance
But what do you see?
Because to me, once the puzzled picture is in place
I see a transparent support holding up every article of clothing you had assembled
I see the suit resting on nothing but empty space
The socks warming up nothing
The inseam of the chest beating nearly every second
Cuffs slipping slightly beyond the sleeve of the coat
But I cannot see anything which makes this figure
I cannot see the being which forces the coats chest to rise and fall
I see a vitreous mold holding together each piece of the puzzle
And then when the sun begins to sink into the black waters
This empty suit returns to the mirror to separate the puzzle
The coat is unbuttoned
The pants fall to the ice rink below
Until every piece returns to its box
And once it does, this person appears in his socks and underwear
Until he wakes up the next morning
With a new puzzle to solve
So excuse me for straying away from my question
But you must understand
I wake up every morning not worried, nor scared
But disoriented, mentally lost at sea one could say
As I watch a man disappear as soon as his button breaches the last hole
So I must ask,
I’ve waited ever so patiently
And have begun to believe your morning puzzle
Is missing several important pieces,
So please tell me
What do you see?
Because if you claim that there is a person under that suit coat,
From dawn til’ dusk
You’re absurd
An Uncommon Poet Dec 2014
I lived in the rink
Cold and Damp
I lived on the field painted in white lines
Lit by the scorching sun or blistering winds
I've seen things you could not imagine
I've done things you cannot comprehend
I've stuck up for my team-mates
I've popped shoulders back in place
Treated wounds, sewed gashes
I've sacrificed every inch of my body
To feel triumph and success
But there is a limitation
I will never destroy my opponents
As this is not war
Nor am I a warrior
I am human
My respect is endless regardless of our feud
I've seen people hand their jerseys to those less fortunate
I've strived to make my opponents tap out
But as they begin to lose consciousness
I've removed their mouth guard and supported their neck
I've hugged and cried for what we do for the love of the sport
I watched a wrestler of only 11, orchestrate a loss
To his opponent whom had cerebral palsy
Question my desire to succeed
But I will never elevate this desire over someone who needs to succeed
I am a fierce competitor but I will never harm my opponents
I will pick up the soccer ball if my opponent lays in agony
I’ve watched a man tear his hamstring
Yet limp and crawl down the track
Because he will never sink to a quitter
It’s worth more than a win
Its personal growth
I've seen old team-mates now opponents
Hand over awards
With the utmost open heart and congratulations
And although they are against each other on paper
This does not disperse them
Their respect and love for the person did not seep between the cracks in the ice
I’ve defeated my opponents and lifted their heads
To congratulate them for how hard they’ve worked
At the end of the day a trophy sits on your shelf
Win or lose, the success is growing beyond what once was your capacity
I’ve seen man and boy carry their family through triathlons
Swimming across lakes with ropes tied to the boat where their member rests
Carrying the weight of 150lbs on the front of their bikes
Push the extra weight in a wheel chair
Because they did not seek success
They seek the moment of triumph and achievement
To share with their family
To force them to experience overcoming the impossible
How can you disguise the power of sport?
How can you disguise its beauty?
Its successes and failures?
Its heart breaks and companionship?
The power of sport unites us as a society
Never disrespect its illuminated opportunity
Never shun those who've experienced its chaos
At our most vulnerable lows
Your friends, family, opponents and bystanders
Will always be here for you
Because this is what sport ignites
The fiery flame burning through the pits of your stomach
Capsizing your heart
Forcing you to show respect for one another
Sports is not about receiving the gold medal
Its about becoming faster, smarter, stronger, quicker
Ultimately better than you once were
The bar that once barricaded you from success
Becomes in-existent
Because you've grown and overcome the barrier that stands before you
And this should never come at the cost of your opponent
For as long as they are your opponent
You will respect them
Because like Canada’s Prime Minister once said;
We may be opponents but we are never enemies
Think twice before you disgrace the numerous games
Which have written millions of memories
I’ve been there
The power of sport is undeniable
You should crave the highest level of achievement
For not only yourself
But your opponents too
Respect their mental capacity and push them
To be better than the man that stares back at them every morning
Do not ever disrespect the power of sport
As you will experience moments which will be tattoos to your mind until you pass
You are as good as your work ethic
The trophy is only a bonus
The gold medal is staring yourself dead in the eyes
And recognizing you've grown
Recognizing you respect and love your opponents
Despite your differences
Recognizing that you will do anything it takes
To help others become 1% than they once were
Because the smile it brings to their face
And the fire it starts in their heart will never die
There pride will elevate beyond the furthest stars
All because of you
So I plead you,
Get off your couch
Step away from your computer
Roll out of bed
Step away from the kitchen
And work as hard as you can
To achieve something you want
Something you want to bad that you cannot even explain your desire
I grew up being told nothing will ever stand in my way
I will achieve everything I put my mind to
With an unstoppable work ethic, respect and desire to achieve
I will become better every day
So why shouldn't you?
An Uncommon Poet Dec 2014
Hey there Spaceman
Can you show me the way to the moon
I see it in a distance
But there is neither a road nor airplane which can take me
Do you know the way to my destination?
Can I ride paper planes or toy freight trains?
Is there a marathon or highway?
I just want to meet upon the brightest side
I wanted to be that sparkle in the sky for once
Rather than the regular half mooned night
Do you know the way?
You see, it is more than a dream
I’m reliant on this trip
I need this for me
My ship is sinking
And I’m reliant on this false hope to keep me afloat
Anchored by own discrepancies and incompetence
I want to adjust from the lowest landmark
To the highest point in the sky
I want to the be the peak
The threshold of epistemology
I need Epicurean to save me from Stoicville
Bend the bars which restrict my capabilities
So please, I do not want to drop to me knees
But can you show me the way?
I want to live among the mystical moon dust
And emptiness of space
I want to be atop the object of hope
I want to stare back at the people who stare to my home
For hope, direction, predictions, answers
I want to stare into the eyes of the people who are lost
And looking for the map to the moon
The map to happiness
I want to see the pain, confusion and desperation of those who seek a cure
This is what it would take to bring my ship to sea level
This is what it would take to fuel my train
This is what it would take the ignite my engine
Don’t stare with insanity reflecting back at me
Your ****** expression will not dismiss me
I am striving to see the truth of the world
I want to see how vulnerable people are during lonesome
Because I refuse to believe it is only I who feels this way
Who seeks improvement and justification?
There is no rush hour on the way to the moon
My dream is of the few without a traffic jam to surpass
I am at weakness and scarce vulnerabilities
Please Spaceman,
Be my guide to fulfillment
I can walk the world one hundred times
But I’m still grounded
Show me how to elevate
So my life can follow behind me
I refuse to admit to begging
I will admit I’m desperate
This water is slowly filling my lungs
But I do not want to return to surface
I want to go above it
So If I am ever to sink
At least I will pass by Earth one last time as I fall
An Uncommon Poet Oct 2014
1:30pm, Friday Afternoon;
before me was an hourglass figure
lost in her own beauty
lit by limelight
illuminated with every smirk and grin
she dropped her robe
wearing her armoured skin
I studied every inch of every curve
from her waist to her unsupported *******
her uncovered belly and vulnerable legs
her beauty was bulletproof
she was foolproof
solely dominant in her free flowing wind
she ruled the world
without speaking a word
she found men drooling
but they would degrade her
they would lessen her
women would study her
in the privacy of their homes
but squint their eyes at a pass by
i don't see the issue
why must she be put down
I've stared at her for 9 minutes now
the difference from hips to waist
the body she's accepted she can't replace
I do not see insufficiency
nor lack of anything
as a matter of fact she had everything
I was lost in reality
not the falsified dismantled claim
of the jealous fool
she put pity on those of insecure judgement
she was not a *** object standing before me
she was an invaluable soul
weighted by comments
locked in her mindful safe
it is now 1:43
and admittedly
I was lost entirely in her persistent and almost torturous stance
as a young woman naked and vulnerable
but trusting of me to adore her
instead of disguise her truth in snide  
she was a weightless soul
carrying the weight of the world
An Uncommon Poet Oct 2014
What the **** am I doing
Alone and zoned
Music playing to make noise in the background
The artful expression aiding me
To believe that I want to do something I have no intention of doing
Write, write, write
Why must I write?
How do I feel the feeling of needing to write?
All I know is I must write,
Is accidentally double clicking Word the sign
Or is my random outbreaks all combined
Is it the alcohol talking
Or my fingers ancey attitude
Either way words are coming out
Nonsense or not, people will say “wow, I liked it”
While in my head I say “you’re full of ****”
Who will be the one to say its garbage
And not because I wrote about my intentions,
But truly believe it is garbage,
This is not really a poem, its my mind releasing emotion through my finger tips
Is that so terrible?
Maybe another sip will have the answer,
Maybe two?
Where is this going, what does this mean
Why must I type?
Why must I be me?
Why must I feel to write
Who am I trying to please?
Me or society?
My friends will love me either way, my talents only increase their love
But is that the reason behind why people write
Or do they feel the words fall in place
Do they feel the art slip off the edge of their finger nails
Being a wordsmith is nearly a craft
As one must be able to adapt and shape words into places unseen
The unheard of is only what gets glory,
Those who receive it are recognized for their ability to truly be creative
Creative in a way no one has before,
But am I doing that right now?
Really at the end of the day this poem isn’t for anyone,
I’d shy from calling it a poem,
It’s a memoir for my memory from my mind
The mind that can’t sit still for further than 5 seconds,
Sue me
An Uncommon Poet Oct 2014
Victoria, let me explain
How am I to remain restless?
How am I to brainstorm?
You impede my thoughts
As you break the bolted vault that is my mind
You tear the doors open and stare me in the eyes
I cannot bear the feeling
Your lively brown eyes
A melody out of tune
Singing your own song
How I could I resist falling in love?
As I cannot bear your focus
I want more of it
I am a leaf dangling from an autumn tree
I do not perish in the winter
Or dry out during the fall
With Victoria,
Summer is my only season,
Heated under her bright bulb
May my insufficiencies
Whisper you to sleep
But do not accept its depletion
As any reason for our loves decay
Remain mine
Until you can longer illuminate
Until we decay
Until the world is no longer content
I would only accept
The love of Victoria
As she causes chaos to my entirety
And I could not remember a second
Which I did not adore your every available amenity
An Uncommon Poet Sep 2014
The rounded room was dark
Accompanied by a man alone and scared
He searched for an exit
But the room would allow it
He turned every angle
Attempting to dismantle
He lost his focus
As sweat rivered down his bearded cheeks
Cracks and creaks trembled in the room
The high notes of a grand pianos keys
In the shadows of his own darkness
He searched for ways to avoid its realism
But failed to disregard it
Until a figure walked from the shaded confinement
A demon stood before him
Illuminated by the flickering infra-red light
She stood wearing her naked curves
Palms open encouraging his temptation
She was relentless
As he stood restless
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