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Annabel Lee Nov 2015
Children- don't know who they are but don't care because they don't know any better
Teens- don't know who they are but have to because they are expected to
Adults- try to pretend they know who they are but really don't
Old People- know what they have known they're entire life: that we never really figure out who we are
Annabel Lee Jul 2015
Always is a promise
To never leave
To never run
To never go when it gets tough or painful
To fight through things side by side
To alway be there
To love forever and never stop being there for the person you love
Always is a promise.
Do you?
You broke it. You broke it.
Annabel Lee Jul 2015
Lust is blinded by desire but love looks with clear eyes.
Annabel Lee Jun 2015
Your just an arms length away, within grasp of my finger tips Down a long streching runaway making more of an appearance that seems like a mirage rather then a finger tipped length away.
I reach out and grasp nothing. A thin, empty air is all I feel in return.
Annabel Lee Jun 2015
I think I'll come back to you
But I need to know it first.
I need to know.
Know that you will finally stay instead of leave.
That you seek instead of hide.
That, finally, you will see rather than be blind.
How I feel isn't going away.
So don't treat me like I am.
But first I need to know that you won't either.
Annabel Lee Jun 2015
Rain is falling.
Tap tap tap
A constant beat
Just like a heart.
Thump Thump Thump
As it is
Nature is the true constant.
Not the heart.
Love the rain
Annabel Lee Jun 2015
You know I see all these people
They drink
They smoke
They do drugs
They cut
They physically **** themselves inside and out
And you know what I do?
I write on my arms
And every single one of the people above judge me for what I do
Anyone else see the irony?
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