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nooneknoes Mar 2019
I'm always so astounded
by my ability to ruin everything
slit my wrists, ****** fists
questioning why I exist
pain persists, evil gifts
******* up my life to ****
I'm worthless, slit my wrists until I bleed out- worthless: eli.

Surprised I didn't go psychotic
But lately the rules I've been braking is huge implications
Cause blood may be thicker than water but it's not thicker than a bottle of Jack- Away: Bmike

I'm not suicidal I don't wanna ******* die / I just wanna be able to close my eyes and feel alright- Suicidal Thoughts- Josh A &

Once upon a time, I still believed in myself
True love doesn't have a happy ending
'Cause when it's real, it doesn't ever end- Happy Never After: Gnash

My music is dark, sorry my life ain't prettyJust me and my thougths and they always stick with me
If my head's down it's 'cuz i'm overthinking- IDGAF: sik world

I'm unwell, thanks for asking
Swallow hard, kills sadness with science
But the aftermath might make you sick
I worry I won't be the same
But I guess that that's the point- Medicate: Gabbie Hanna

People wanna talk when I'm not around to hear
I'm not worth the trouble it seems
I would say you're wrong, but I've been here before
There's nothing left inside- Monster: Gabbie Hanna

And my heart was pumping, chest was screaming,
Mind was running, air was freezing,
Punch my face, do it ’cause I like the pain- boy in the bubble: Alec Benjamin

I’m such a ******* waste of achievement
I should put this trigger to my brain and just squeeze it
It’s getting to the point where it’s sad as ****
I’ve given it my all but it’s not enough
Ask me one more ******* time how the **** I feel
Imma ******* lose my mind- anxiety: Bmike

"Baby, never cut!"
She even tried to overdose and take her life away.
You may just feel that blade you're holding is your only friend.- Bmike: baby dont cut
i was gonna rearrange the lyrics to make like a new remix poem song thing but i feel like i shouldnt mess with their work like that
nooneknoes Mar 2019
people love the stupid f-ing pill
they dont love me
the pill runs my body and mind
im still the same dark, sad, depressed person
here in the back of my mind
but people love the stupid f-ing pill
the stupid f-ing pill's happiness
so i let the stupid f-ing pill takeover
little do they know
im planning my own kind of happiness
  Mar 2019 nooneknoes
Justyn Huang
Kiss me goodbye
For the first time
Kiss goodbye
  Mar 2019 nooneknoes
Buried Words
You never noticed her,
She was unseen.
You walk right past her.
She is unseen.
You pass her body,
She was unseen..
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