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Mary Rose Dec 2014
i will never quit
i will never give in
i will fight till i die
even in death
and even in the afterlife i will win

I already WON

i know it

and you know it

you are just groveling
Mary Rose Dec 2014
maybe i'm bad
maybe i'm mad

maybe i'm ******
maybe i'm ******

maybe i want attention
maybe i'm immature

maybe i'm a *****
maybe i'm a bore

maybe i am cunning
and maybe i'm calculating

maybe i'm the devil

that is your perception
and you are entitled to your opinion

but maybe you are bad
maybe you're mad

maybe you are the ******
and the one who needs attention

maybe you are the immature one

maybe you are the *****
maybe you are a bore

maybe you are looking at your own reflection
and doing deflection
Mary Rose Dec 2014
three letters
infinite ideas
infinite questions
Mary Rose Feb 2013
Not used to stares
Not used to whispers
Not used to compliments
It all makes me shiver

No matter how cool
or popular I wish to be,
I am not used to it,
and will never be.

I am not used to being popular.
I am not used to be pretty,
I am not used to being well or cool dressed;

I am not used to being smart, or witty, or intelligent.
I am used to being miserable
I am used to being someone who wish to be those things

I am used to being the wallflower in the corner,
or the loser and the dork classmate trying to be cool.
I am used to be the one who is trying to be funny
or who is funny and crazy.
I am used to be the stupid one in the class.

I am not used to this world, or this reality of life.
But I am used to the life I have created, imagined, and dreamed in my head.
There is where my heart lies.
Mary Rose Dec 2012
Makes you who you want to be
Not who you are
Makes you feel that life would be
without him in it
Being selfish
and selfless at the same time
being selfless for the first time
Inspired by Something Borrowed movie
Mary Rose Dec 2012
you can't rush love
you can't rush death
you can't rush a baby bird
flying of it's nest
you can't rush beauty
you can't rush grace
you can't rush God's hand
shaping space
you can't rush life
you can't rush time
you can't rush death
calling your name
you can't rush art
you can't rush a masterpiece
touching lives to do best
you can't rush love
or making love either
you can't rush signing your name
it is about making you insane to make you sane
its all about building momentum
driving you to paradise you have always craved
Mary Rose Dec 2012
You can't get what you want
for I have already felt
heaven and hell here on earth
All you can do is scheme
continue to tell lies
let us see how you dwell with mine

you might be at the top
but you can never top
this gift of mine
I have already died
and brought back to life
it is clearly an indication
it is not yet my time

My time has yet to come
and that is now and later
so I'm sorry to tell you,
you can't get what you want
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