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Helplessly Nov 2013
You feel that sometimes
You think it sometimes.

I'm here watching
until you sleeping.

You are my life
You are my hero.

If you not here
I'm not here.

I've been rescue by you
Now you're the one that haunted me.

I think you are the one
But now you are the person that I should stay away with.

I love you until the death
It pain to risk.

I'm still going to go.

Helplessly Nov 2013
There was an empty moment
Where we all sits quietly
We'll never know when it will end
But strange that I didn't want it end

You walk to take a cup of coffee
Then you'd look at me
I would turn away
Looking at the window

There's a girl
A little girl
She is holding a teddy bear
She is waiting

Then, there's a man
A old man
He takes her hand
And suddenly they're gone

I realize something
They're family
Just like we all here
But we never talk to each other

We scared to take a chance
To change.

Helplessly Nov 2013
It is me.
Watching the sky.
Lonely in the car that is not moving.
You can see it all.
You can see the flowers, peoples and the beautiful clouds.
I turn off the air conditioner so I can feel the fresh air outside.
I smell everything.
Whether it stink or perfumed.
I can assume
You can see the birds.
Flying around the sky like it was their house.
They are free.
But sometimes they're not.
They would be caught and never gets out.
But it still a birds.
A scared little birds.
A homeless little birds.
Its a birds.

Helplessly Nov 2013
We are none and unlucky to be together.
We don't know how it hurt but we know it is hurt.
Starting day like a normal person,
End the day with none mission.
People could see us.
People could hear us even though they far.
We still unlucky and hopeless.
We not special like black pearls.

Helplessly Nov 2013
We are two hollows that full of hearts and souls.
We both know nothing stops us.
We never stop holding hands.
We kiss too much and we didn't care.
We walk on dawn and run on the lights.
We're like vampire love.
We never dies.
We both young and strong to know that,
we will dies.

Helplessly Nov 2013
I know.
I know that you likes her more than me and I accept that. I'd try.
Everyone doesn't know you story and my story.
We never talk and never meet and that's unlucky.
I try to talk to you but I'm scared you know.
I wish I could get you out of my head.

I read a books, try to watch funny movies, walk on the park would never help to get you out of my head.
I wish we can start again and undo everything.
I wish you can forget her.
I wish you can move on.
I wish you like me back.
I wish you knew.

I wish you hear, see, know that I have a crush on you.

Helplessly Nov 2013
I guess in my heart that you are the one.
Because you perfect and always there when I'm alone.
Even though we never talk
You always there smiling.

You are the one  because I think you are.
You're my lyrics in my songs.
You're my sky to my birds.
You are the one.

Just a little heart,
"You are the one."

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