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I'm probably going to
Annoy you, and

You're probably going
To read my text message
That is way too long

And write me off
As a girl who

Talks too much.
Cares too much
Thinks too much.

I'm probably not
Your type
Because girls like

Believe people should have
Hearts like mine.

But being an empath is hard.

People are afraid
To be broken.

They pretend they are hard
And push away those
Who are soft,

To protect themselves
From everything they are
Running from.

Dont stop being soft.

Soft hearts will change
The world.

Your heart is beautiful.
You are beautiful.

Wait for the one
Who sees you
For all that you are.
Melody Jan 2011
The feelings around me.
My empathic workings.
Screws tightening when he walks by me.
He's angry.
The world
Is nothing but a ball filled with anger and sorrow.
My fellow empaths.
Are here to help.
And none of you know it.
What a weird place this is.
It's dark and scary room.
Is nothing but a scream.
Will it get me through to my next lifetime?
So I can be one of the empaths working the healings and feelings,
Of my fellow friends.
I'm an Empath.
And nobody...
:)- From Unreplacable.
Anna Dunn Apr 2010
There is a person
who feels what others feel
it can be a gift
it can be not
There is a person
who knows if you are lying
it can be a power
or you tie it into a not
They hate crowded places
they have too much feelings
it gives them feelings too
i used to not believe it
i used to think it was special
but its all too real
i am an empath
And i am very scared
Amy Perry Jun 2020
Once you fall in love with
An artist, an empath,
A writer, a musician,
A feeler, a healer,
A giver, a lover,
There is no going back
To an ordinary life.
Bogdan Dragos Mar 2022
these days a lot of
people call

They claim to be able
to feel what
other people
are feeling
and suffer with them

"I cheated on my boyfriend
with his brother," some
girl said,
“and being the empath
that I am
I started crying along
with him when he
found out. It's hard
being such
an empath."

And there was
the guy
who got into a bar
brawl and
knocked another guy's
teeth out
and held a hand to his
own mouth and made
pain noises

I guess he
was an empath too

If you have a
social media account
and don't describe yourself
as an empath
people will think you're some
kind of monster,
a psychopath, they'll compare
you with ******

Yeah, it's a good
reason not
to use social media

If you actually
needed another
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2017
I empath...
In paths
Cross paths with your path..
Can't hold the weight...
Of your freight..
And the pain that I take..
For I care like you care..
Yet what I bare you can't wear..
How unfair..
I can't leave my weight upon your shoulders..
To fester in your dreams at night..
So who cares..
When your awaken in the middle of the night
By someone else's nightmares paths
Of pathological Struggle...
Become pathological..
The internal bleeding..
Of a empath..
Turns them psychopath..
The opposition.. For balance...
The mental.. Is like a dental ****..
Flexible protection..
Until it meets a sharp end..
And Then......
Depression seeps in...
And it'll take more than kumbaya
To regen..
Its the like sin.. I can't escape..
When its wrapped around your neck like a cape..
But what saves you from yourself..
When you need help..
From every one else..
You see I empath
In path with you...
Do you empath
Or bring me down too..
Melinda Barrett Sep 2016
It is a draining job you see
Absorbing all your energy...
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2017
Let's make a deal;
If we're providing support
And get second-hand emotions
We'll reassure the other
That we're a cloud.

We might be
soft and delicate,
But there's nothing wrong
with a little rain.

we'll collect our droplets
and float back
to the sun.

A deal made with a close friend I may be developing feelings for.
Melissa Rose Nov 2018
Energetically I know how you feel
My gift is not confined by space and time
Psychic abilities come with the territory
Always put needs of others ahead of my own
Time with nature is time at home
Highly sensitive is an asset not a weakness
Sense the world deeply suffer immensely
Quinn May 2015
there is something inside of me that breaks
in front of every broken person out there -
and if you can find me one person that's made it
through life without being broken, well then,
my earth might just crumble where i stand -
but like i said, it's as if i mirror them,
like their emotions crawl inside of my heart,
and start to occupy my mind, and leak their
way to my tear ducts and my mouth and my limbs,
and i lose control of it, i lose it

for that brief moment, a piece of them lives within me

my sister and i are the empaths,
that's what they like to call us anyways, but
i'd like to believe we're human,
that we should all share and feel each
other's pain so that we can sleep
at night knowing we're never truly alone

i wish i had realized sooner that feeling
isn't weakness, that i didn't need to
hide something we all share, instead,
someone whispered that message to me
in slumber and i woke up with the idea
in my head thinking it was mine

as i begin to unravel ego i realize that
my ideas have been circulating for
longer than i can conceive,
and the more i meditate on the notion
the more i realize that i've just got to
keep the current going, keep stirring
that *** and send the ideas on to
someone else who might be able to
find sustenance within them

i've always known i'd be a nurturer,
but i never thought i possessed the
nourishment people needed within
the fibers of my very being, that we
all possess just what we need, what the
world needs, it's already inside of us,
waiting for someone, or something,
to draw it out
Judy Ponceby Oct 2011
Xenophiles see it all the time.

The transubstantiation of matter
causing hysteria among every culture.

One alchemical shift from lead to gold
and you have empaths weeping over asps,
telekinetics dropping things on fairy's heads.

A tiny fusion of atoms and the next thing you know
satyrs are dancing with dingos, sphinxes are doing the two step.

Who knows what the next time/space shift is going to bring?

Sigh...........makes for a long day at work.  Ya know?
Words provided by Sir Frank:  
Asp.  Fusion.  Dingo.  Empath.  
Hysteria.  Xenophile.  Satyr.  
Anjana Rao Sep 2015
At the end of the day
it is us -
the sensitive, the women, the marginalized, the empaths -
who are sought out.
It becomes our job
to tame the beast.

Our job to
endure, educate,
be patient, compassionate.
Our job to put on a good face,
no matter what we might feel,
to not expect or accept pay,
unless it is in the form of gratitude.

We cannot be lions,
cannot raise our voices
and bare our teeth,
for that is not good behavior.

That might terrify.

Call it an overreaction but
when we use our voices
we are ignored,
put down,
locked away -

But we are a force
when we are loud
and when we are quiet –
you will remember us
before the end.
Written in response to the tarot card Strength.
Billy payne Oct 2015
Since childhood I've felt how people feel
Able to already know fantisy from what's real
Had to dig out proof for things I just knew
I never knew how but felt lie from truth
Mood always changed when lots of people were near
I'd tell the mirror "your going insane my dear"
Knowledge became obsessed because I wanted proof if right or wrong
Nothing would silence the noise inside but found peace in songs
Able to know when something bad was on the way
Or stop someone from further pain they dished in vain
Saved two beautiful children from a sinners selfish pleasure
Absorbing the pains and feelings from all I've been stretched beyond measure
Being an empaths mean I absorb high and low energy from everything and one
Truly a gift I appreciate but the weight of the world can dissolve the fun
Anything you feel I will feel as well
Able to explain your hearts story its been dying to tell
I am rounded as a person now from love to wrath
When I say I understand I truly do, I am empath
Descovia Jul 2022
The silence is powerful. All could be heard was the three voices in my head. To be in position of the new age war. It was seen in premonitions, ancestors spoke to me, in languages never heard by the living. My spells fell meaningless to aid as assistance for the greater good. Was any of this to become true at any point?  Never it dawned upon me, until I stood in midst of it all as a witness.

Aspirations of a greater and mystic purpose. Limitations in a human body, with a mind capable of breaching borders and enabling boundaries.

High frequency pitched screams (not belonging to humans), Clashing of weapons, elemental magic, nature, forces of the cosmic used in the measure of offensive and defensive methods. Sounds, all colors, it collided and exploded beautifully. Yet, it still weighed heavy on my fatigued heart.

Watching in amazement the angels overthrow the demons.  I saw the other version of myself giving everything to be a victor.

THIS IS MY WORLD. YOU FALL AS NOTHING HERE. YOU SHALL FALL TO YOUR HELL, WHERE YOU CHOSE TO MAKE IT SO FOR THE INNOCENT " Dark Descovia danced around attacks, that failed to reach in the slightest, the malicious smile on his face with a questionable expression, never changed as he snarled. His wand transformed into a sword, while swiftly swinging it at an enclosing group of surrounding horrifying monsters. The attack was so beautifully orchestrated, it appeared to be effortless. Seeing an athlete, perform the most simple task in mere minutes.  Human eyes could not detect or keep up with the speed in the manner this was done. The monsters all fall to the ground, headless and vanishes by a flicker of black fire.


The full moon floating in the twilight sky, was noticeably starting to crack and perhaps, battling for hours made me suffer from mild or severer delirium. My other side, with his own will and body, seem to suffer nothing from this. Asides, from being more frustrated and having blood-lust for justice.

Shielding my timid eyes, in fear as numerous demons appeared out of the blue, violently triumphed holding their own as well in battle. Being able to witness all of this, front row seats to the demise. Standing wearily using my sword as a crutch, blood seeped from wounds visible through the holes in my clothing.

I cannot let the world, my loves live in. Die. Fate, please do not end my story here. I need strength._  My teeth clenched, blood formed and leaked from my nostrils and corners of my mouth. My charm necklace, even had this particular glow to it. Another warning, I failed to acknowledge in a timely fashion.

FlashBack Moment Before The Apocalyptic War

"DAD! You don't have to fight to save this world!!! You taught me to save this world with words! You can do the same! Nobody has to die! Don't leave us!!!! _ "    At 6 years old, never thought Isaiah's voice would reach in depths and heard so strongly even in my weakest moments. The image of him, embracing me tightly, and tearfully sobbing uncontrollably. I decided to listen and depart with darkness.

"The war does not put fear in my heart. The heart of this world is trying to mend in all ways of feeding into hatred. It's highly upsetting. There is no solace without sound or color. I refuse to die for nothing, when living for you is everything!"_  

Dark Descovia stated as he twirled his swords, like drumsticks for that matter, one in each hand until they became motionless blurs.

* Apocalyptic War *

A figure in a black cloak appeared right behind me. My efforts in defense, were aimless and pointless. Trying to swing a sword on my part, which had the weight of multiple life forces. I am no master of swordsmanship, compared to my otherself.  In moments, I recall only seeing the figure wave it's hands in a ritualistic formation.  Finding myself, soaring through the air. Life immediately struck me with a freight train, traveling at the speed of light. The battle raged on angels, spellcasters, empaths all against evil. Never, did I think I would see my other side/alter ego show any emotion other than confidence and anger. His eyes swelled with anger and filled with tears. Running towards my falling body, in slow motion in attempt to catch me from hitting the ground. Drowsiness consumed me with warmth washing over me. My essence pouring out of me. I am not certain if I was falling to the end or heading for a new beginning.

Aloof. I wonder within myself in a state of stagnation.

Fear only prolongs it all, acquiring needed stability to our destiny.

I am powerless, watching this perfectly magnificent storm.

Why am I here? Why am I here? I use to know you so well.
Now, I feel like you are someone, I have never known.
The light was calling out to one of us before.
It was never you. You never deserve the pain this world descended from the skies. I will give anything for it not to be you, not to be anyone I love.
My love is nothing without you being here.  Still falling, I close my eyes trying to remember the final good moments....

All family and friends from every walk of life appeared before my eyes.
The funny thing about this is, it felt like a dream. Everyone I ever known past and present, was there smiling and at peace. Dressed in all white even my other side was there in the crowd of family, smiling carefree without a single weapon in hand

"You can't protect the world. Our children lives in. If you stay dreaming" Dark Descovia spoke to me and froze reality with his voice.

Why does everything hurt so power is not strong as anyone else's I spoke to him. He exchanged no words back, only our eyes spoke to each other.

"You have to save this world. Your life does not end HERE. BELIEVE IN YOUR LIGHT. IT EMPOWERS ALL IN THIS VERY LIFE"  In angelic unison the voices of family, friends, Isaiah, my other side and my lover spoke to me at once.

I've accepted it is now my time to fade....fade into the storm and become the light.... . haha..... _

May I close my eyes and finally rest in the name of purity for all salvation?

I will come back for you. I may be different, my love for you will remain.
If my life ends this war for tranquility. Then this world can have my soul....

"Soul?? You forget. There's two of us....You have more to connect to also"_
Should I do a part two??
You let me know in the comments.
The battle may rage on
Michael Marchese Mar 2022
What could be keeping her
Fingers from texting
A few simple words
It’s absurd
And most vexing
To know she does nothing
But sulk and consume
In her room
But entombs me
In silence and gloom
Then accompanies others
Who don’t really care
Who don’t hurt with her
In death and despair
Just impairing her judgment
In mindless libations
Her self-delude,
Numbing sensations
Pretending it’s magic
And mystic
She is an addiction
A vice
An obsession
I can
Live without
Just afraid of her gone
Was it all
Really meaningless
Fiends all along
Just regretting
Their secrets in song
yellowsouls Apr 2020
I cry thinking about the weight of my heart's capacity, undeniably empathetic. Too open, too shut. The life chosen is always necessity, maybe we just have to find the honesty in that fact first?
jules May 2020
to the brave warriors
who reach deep within
their souls
turning darkness into
something beautiful
and whole

to the emotional empaths
who feel things
speaking their truth
wildly embracing

to the poets
who self-doubt
fearing they’re
not worthy:
the world would
not be the same
without your journey
Michael Marchese Sep 2017
Thoughts of her often
Fall prey to the tigress
Dimensions apart
And still I slip lucidly back to her world
The one we created
Such random conception, precise of design
The product of a ballerina
And a poet
Silent composers of thunderstorm songs
Brewing within a melodic monsoon
Seldom shared
By two antithetical empaths converging
One of the swan
The other, of eagle
But all their attempts to hatch plans
Proven feeble
Leila Whitney Jun 2017
To the kind hearted who invalidate their humanity-
This is to you,
To the mom’s and dad’s of your friend groups,
To the shoulders to cry on,
To the empaths who put smiles on everyone around them,
To those who feel the need to apologize for having bad days.
You, are human.
Do not deny yourself that.
You are kind, reliable, strong, beautiful, caring, and human.
I love this about you. I love that when I am hurting, when I can not stand on my own, that you are there for me.
Yet, this is not the only reason I love you.
You, do not always have to be strong.
You, do not always have to smile.
You, do not always have to hide how you are really feeling for the sake of those around you-
and certainly not for me.
Feel everything you have the privilege to.
Every single person on this planet has bad days; Everybody has moments in their life where they don’t feel their best, where they feel weak, or tired, or frustrated, or upset, or depressed.
These moments, are not flaws. These seconds, minutes, hours, or days are not burdens. They are not something you must apologize for.
Life is not easy.
Being happy all the time is not a requirement.
Being true to yourself, is.
If you are angry, scream. If you are sad, cry. If you are frustrated, tug at your hair and look to the sky. Know that I am here for you. Know that I want to be there for you, just as you are always there for me.
You are human and you will have these moments where nothing seems light or easy. But, you are not alone in these.
These feelings are not black holes ripping you from all of us.
These feelings are not pulling you to the bottom of the ocean while we float.
These feelings- do not make us question our affections towards you.
Your feelings, every last one of them, are valid.
Do not doubt in your ability to feel, and do not think that doing so will leave you lonesome.
Feeling, now that, is strength.
Ashly Kocher Jan 2021
The creative process is a journey in which we follow our desires within ourselves being empathetic as empaths, naturally from the raw state of mind...
Imran Islam Jan 2021
How sweet this love and how so honest!
Strangers become closer
and enemies become empaths.
Who smash your pretty heart,
how do you dream of them on earth?

What is this, what's wrong with love?
The heavenly relationship is worried lately,
because love lost its holiness to offenses;
Even though everyone is looking for
this dark love with someone else!

The devil plays on some perverts' minds
and look for the last light of darkness.
Let true love last in your heart forever
and you shouldn't be heartless in love;
You better respect innocent lovers!

Mania lover, how will you treat to love ever?
Have you lost your mind here as a loser?
My latest book "Love Falls With Tears" is live on amazon.
Nolan Willett Oct 2019
We are the empaths,
Others’ burdens fall unto our shoulders,
Solaced because we deal with the aftermath,
And it is our hearts that smolder.
We feel eternity,
Suffer every blow,
So they may know equanimity,
Our own desire forgo.
It is no condition to be envied,
Something no one should suffer,
Too soon it leaves you feeling empty,
And the reverse of what you once were.
Selflessness begets selfishness,
We are left hollowed out,
Left now to our self-interest,
Because for so long we went without.
LightToBurn Apr 2020
Distorted empaths
Cheap wine bottled friendship, gag
Spiritually dull
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
KorbydAngyle Nov 2020
A perplexing trust for trial ends this endeavor, a blending blasphemy, of me this court does suggest.

As preening voids, the zygotes, blyme, they be gouging the eyes of the word; not hither then upon the afore, tenure observed as a state, which exiled is you.

Now begin in amorous help. Fiend, friend, to begin hath thou the gaul? To annex this; thus we will begin.

"Player, composite, Sauls of my own form... You can't believe how beautifully, grievingly misunderstood is all that a mutual sanctuary stands for...truly is... or unwittingly shall...and is not!"

Priests, clubbers, Demons, usurpers, lovers all envied of miscue(the default form). Their lives of shores of the Sea of Calamities, stern amuck the floam... temerity to continue their negations play.

"Therein thinking a theory of thought. The theory is Daemon of poverty, the emersion of hope, empathetically ill 'con'.. 'truaght'. As
I had thought. Now be seated, all and sovereign thimbles on tinders of papyrus, tinders on kindling, fires of the"

The Judge said, "We begin again."

I warn thee now, Saints of lore didn't enjoy the mentioned or the heretofore.

"Neither Satan nor God, Fairy nor Preacher could'st so understand that I said, ' I couldn't take it anymore, I cast my very last spell and found myself in bed'"

The chamber abruptly decried of calamity and doom. The sanguine despot of evil's charm pleading for mercy. This tale did not end...

"Of majority I inform 'The persecution had formed a **** and shales of deviance of Heaven's abrupt roofs, feln at no mercy...a request.'"

"A mentor is nor promiscuous and the dabbled in victory is ours in study and form!"
So reckoning for further remorse, no time off, no deliberations for jury's recourse.
"Settlers with lanterns, the mocking Tern with letter did bring'st. A written confession entered this forth for duly appropriated evidence..."
Should mercy do require of
my plea, then bickering, is
of how many, of killed. Which
Jury member, flauntingly, tauntingly
it should be!

Another fluster. Time consumed. Wits prancing on Hate's Gate made deference of the decree, but not for the court, of whom, we entrust all our wit!

"Now, now. Simple folks we've all had our drinking sessions and fancy empaths, who lie on erudite chagrin, not the actual words for which a Daemon does hold within." The defense tried falseness, perjury in the evening debate; as cautering of word with unholy terror should be met with.
"If no further evidence is to be beheld, the deliberations can pass into the hasty congress which we hold honored and true. Be returned by the midnight hour, for it's then with this Daemon, dear folks," the Judge complained, "we'll know what to do."

Valkyries, Cavaliers, Angels, innocents wept as time upon the throne, the jury, until churning of clocks, the jury was kept.
Gathered were children, vixens, nobles and common citizens, as abrupt, did begin this midnight hush.

"Have you found a contempt, a fortune 6 for 6 plea 6? A jurisdictional deliverance of which light can not alone ***** the passings allotted by thee?"

"We have your honor"

And so the final waves, as durational salient crying vows, were set to broken upon virgins, churches, and broken tree boughs.

" Guilty is the Daemon, no mercy to be shown. The sentence is passed, a proclamation which we defend as appropriate, all noting to the taken of, spoken of in the heretofore."

All were quieted of vices with meals made for axes and guillotine, as somber looks denied those unfortunate to find; Skink a friend not a fink. Then the words resounded, a damnation did sound...

"Implored of a vice that shant be similar in any such derivation of a humanity which we call binding, the voracious need to be freed under the conviction of the guilty Daemon's bidding."

And so we awaited kilter to the proud. A slurry of legions both curious and in an ironic way evily proud.

"To scour the Earth in no other form than that of the distraught and unwanten, and begin again the vicious cycle of death with no life till thee's crime is forgiven."

Ordinance and plethora's of charm shall never question the Daemon of said name and claim.

They did'st disarm.

As surely as to the very day until in the future no other sentence could take the place of understood powers of the court whom you have been advised of and; if adversary crosses your path you must invoke with no alarm.
fun little archaic partially scheme and poem
kenny Aug 2020
We live in an era of sociopath glamorization,
virtually devoid of empaths.

Welcome to the Evil Empire-
but first,
let me take a selfie;

— The End —