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Melinda Barrett Jun 2022
All of these times together
If I could just stitch them apart
You would see how forever
Is just measurement of a heart
Melinda Barrett Jun 2022
I met the one
But then he ran
So then I swank
While he swam
Melinda Barrett Mar 2022
Never been around someone so exciting
Where every moment felt just like lightning
That was also what was just as frightening
That two souls could potentially be uniting
Melinda Barrett Mar 2022
I couldn’t feel
I couldn’t tell
What was real
I couldn’t mend
I couldn’t deal
Or bare to face
That I should heal
Melinda Barrett Mar 2022
I guess I can’t delete every feeling
‘Til they're done twisting the knife
That’s when I choose to finally give up
That’s when I detect the strife
That they don’t realize mortality
Or get the meaning of life
Melinda Barrett Mar 2022
Go find your soulmate
And not your twin flame
One will give you love
One mirrors your pain
Melinda Barrett Feb 2022
Not sure if you ever noticed
I couldnt make eye contact with you
I could never match your gaze
Your eyes knew exactly what I knew
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