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Running away from the best thing ever put in your path
Do us both a favor and make sure you never look back
I thought that I wanted to be deep
But stuck at the bottom of this well
No one to help me out on my feet
My own personal version of hell
How do you channel your passion
How do you tap into the stream
How do you rise from the ashes
How do you simplify your dreams
The circumstances of my life belong only to me
So what is the point in trying to get others to see
If only myself can determine what is meant to be
I don’t know how else to explain it but there’s someone out there that’s broken like me and it’s what’s gonna unite us because it will fit like fractures of the same mirror.
We’re not even a notch on a sun dial
I made a bad decision
But you made it feel so good
You evoked things out of me
That nobody ever could
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