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Jun 2017
To the kind hearted who invalidate their humanity-
This is to you,
To the mom’s and dad’s of your friend groups,
To the shoulders to cry on,
To the empaths who put smiles on everyone around them,
To those who feel the need to apologize for having bad days.
You, are human.
Do not deny yourself that.
You are kind, reliable, strong, beautiful, caring, and human.
I love this about you. I love that when I am hurting, when I can not stand on my own, that you are there for me.
Yet, this is not the only reason I love you.
You, do not always have to be strong.
You, do not always have to smile.
You, do not always have to hide how you are really feeling for the sake of those around you-
and certainly not for me.
Feel everything you have the privilege to.
Every single person on this planet has bad days; Everybody has moments in their life where they don’t feel their best, where they feel weak, or tired, or frustrated, or upset, or depressed.
These moments, are not flaws. These seconds, minutes, hours, or days are not burdens. They are not something you must apologize for.
Life is not easy.
Being happy all the time is not a requirement.
Being true to yourself, is.
If you are angry, scream. If you are sad, cry. If you are frustrated, tug at your hair and look to the sky. Know that I am here for you. Know that I want to be there for you, just as you are always there for me.
You are human and you will have these moments where nothing seems light or easy. But, you are not alone in these.
These feelings are not black holes ripping you from all of us.
These feelings are not pulling you to the bottom of the ocean while we float.
These feelings- do not make us question our affections towards you.
Your feelings, every last one of them, are valid.
Do not doubt in your ability to feel, and do not think that doing so will leave you lonesome.
Feeling, now that, is strength.
Written by
Leila Whitney  18/F/California
     Kristen and PoetryJournal
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