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Keep your mind straight and firm
For success of your goal
With fitness not neglected
Move in confidence , sure to win !!

Glory and fame might envy your rivals
Sternly you don't compete with them
Compete and compare with you
Each day...and every other day
For a better you !!

Throw away the scar of troubles you faced
As each day is a new day if eyes are opened
Walk away from negativity that holds you back
By pooling your energy like sun !!

Stand on your legs firm
That you don't fall down so easily
Come what may like roaring waves !!
  Jun 2021 yellowsouls
Larry Potter
You negate and overcomplicate,
Obsessed in trivial intricacies;
At the risk of contradicting yourself,
You foolproofed your own idiocy.
You oppose in totality just for the sake of it,
And obviate the need to deliberate;
Instead of making bridges from paragraphs,
You built garrisons out of sentences.
Convinced in waging petty wars,
You run your mouth without poise;
But for all intents and purposes,
A bark is nothing but recycled noise.
  Jun 2021 yellowsouls
Larry Potter
We all need some poison to feel alive,
A dose of familiar pain to survive.
Everyone is a little sick in the head,
Just a bit too awake to play dead.

Get addicted to a distilled brew,
Drink until it spits back at you.
Intoxicate your troubled mind,
Give your soul some peace to find.

Swipe like it's your last night on Tinder,
Make your bed and invite the stranger.
Burn your lips and ignite your heels,
Then take your morning after pill.

Smoke a joint and call it even,
Sniff a pile to enter Eden.
Embrace the needle just to feel,
Dance with Death to find the thrill.
  Mar 2021 yellowsouls
The Lonely Poet
I look at someone else's poem
And I see flawlessness.
I look at my own
And I see nothing but flaws.
I write poetry to get away from the bad feelings.
Not to make more.
And it's hard.
Everything is hard.
I've become hard.
Hardened to the beauty of the world.
Hardened to the beauty of poetry.
All I can focus on is my own writing
As I try to be as good
As you.
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