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Melissa Rose Feb 18
One last glance
we were miles apart
you, swallowed by the night
me, searching for the light
when I finally turned my back
You were everywhere
Melissa Rose Feb 14
I will meet you at the table
even pull out your chair
invite you home for a while
to feel the depth of my care

I will pour my heart into your cup
in hopes of quenching your thirst
feed your soul with my love
to satiate your search

I will nourish your desires
by filling your plate
with a delectable closeness
never forcing you to eat

I will listen as you serve me
what you’re willing to share
even if it’s how I’ve hurt you
I’m willing to swallow my share

I will sit with your anger
and the sorrow underneath
the cloth may hide the table
but the scars remain beneath

I will stand when you stand
wishing you would pull me in close
invite you to stay
tell you this heart is yours

I will meet you at the table
but I won’t sit here alone again
hoping you will join me
while starving for the war between us to end
Melissa Rose Feb 13
I feel your love
in and as your silence
swallows the wholeness
of my starving heart
Melissa Rose Feb 4
She slipped in quietly
through the back door
the dead of night carrying a silence
she’d never heard before

Even with the rustling of wind
through the trees
its stillness halted everything
including her desire to breathe

A sudden rapture grasped her heart
like a long lost lover
unraveling into its arms
she became one with the other

Out through the front door
at the first light of dawn
she left the keys to certainty
with the comforts of home
Melissa Rose Feb 2
Shamelessly she dances
beneath gazing stars
as midnight’s mystery
envelopes her heart

A pregnant moon
glistens upon naked skin
giving birth to an untethered
fire within

Subtlety cuts in
crisp and cool
tempering the passion
yet unable to contain its fuel

This fire is not passive
it is Love in action
setting her heart ablaze
unapologetic for the ashes
2/2/21 - my attempt at loosening the grip of writers block
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Beyond the pane
freedom drifts playfully
like tumbleweed
dancing across desert sands

***** white
covers frozen roads
a crispness to the air
leaves me feeling colder

Your words
echoing from all corners
pierce the drums
of my ears

Your hands
leave hidden bruises behind
it’s the fear of what you may do
that keeps me broken inside

You left the door open
still I remain trapped inside
this battered woman has
no escape and nowhere to hide

***** laundry
hangs on the line yet no one sees
shame can’t bear to know
why no one has rescued me

Beyond the pain
my mind plays tricks on me
drifting playfully
you don’t exist and I am free
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Autumn wind caresses dying leaves
coaxing them to dance with its breeze
silence nurtures their death
as the vibrancy of life recoils
red, orange and brown
lavishly ornament the earth
as slumber hushes all sound
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