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Melissa Rose Dec 2021
no traces of "me" can be found
silence in its simplicity
echoes beyond a starless night
stillness with its depths
fills all movement in daylight
and I cannot find myself separate to it
I am no where
and everywhere I can and cannot see
here, now
always this moment
I am outside of time and time itself
I am empty space and all that seems to fill it
and yet,
I remain ungraspable
Melissa Rose Dec 2021
May you be showered with love's presence
in the most joyful
and unexpected ways
Melissa Rose Dec 2021
A mountain falls effortlessly into the placid waters
and sees itself clearly
The water accepts the mountain as itself
while maintaining its body
12/6/21 Beauty reveals itself beyond the depths of reflection. There is so much more to see as you trust the wisdom of the heart.
Melissa Rose Dec 2021
An unguarded joy washes over me
as I recognize my Self in you
I can no longer contain the love
that I have, that I am, that I so deeply wish to share with you
In that, I have but one desire,
for you to recognize your Self in me too
Melissa Rose Aug 2021
You gave birth to me
yet I have never been born
I am alive
yet never taken a single breath

I have been caught up in currents of time
yet this moment remains eternally still
I have traveled miles across this land
yet never taken a single step

I have had infinite conversations
yet never spoken a word
embraced many loved ones
yet never touched a single soul

I have cried oceans of tears
desperately searching for love
blindly unaware what I was seeking
was looking through my eyes

I have grieved a magnitude of losses
yet lost nothing at all
felt desperately alone
yet everywhere I looked, there I was

countless lifetimes
incalculable deaths
I am billions of galaxies in the Cosmos
yet I remain infinite emptiness
Melissa Rose May 2021
have unraveled my words
rendered utterly speechless
marvelling in the exquisiteness
of this silent symphony,
become your notes
Melissa Rose May 2021
I am the edge and the cliff
the toes dangling over the abyss
I am the readiness to fall
and the terror to fly

I am the wind against this skin
and the life altering decision
I am the falling and the flying
into and above this groundless ground

I am the asker for the push
and the push into its nothingness
I am the nothingness and the manifest
playing with the idea of existence
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