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KorbydAngyle May 13
New times have emerged to the sea from the vail of the God to
weigh less than 250, thus I've beaten the curve
Drowning and weighing down on me the universe a simplex not succinct not disowning
However while I rot upon the statuary complaints of civilization
laws reform people are torn and small edible killing jellyfish make to the shore
Undecided we the denizens awaiting, a peace and safety yet grueling and feisty
the nuances meanders led to the God born... river
Set me down forgive me of my transgressions.
I have often prayed
Yet waiting, stalwart, indemnity, masses of citizens waiting in the fray

They stamp gold on the classes which are stamped of gold and silver
And when the future lays procured the amplified night for dreams that
simple answers are not the truths served and deliverances for thee who observed...
Sins inundate churning faces believing revolution but the faces of simple skatch
and perceive the deceiving...
universes still await the derision of strength and humanity in tow
KorbydAngyle Mar 22
The problem with flailing with arms all about
Is that frustration leaves all thoughts scattered about
As the endearing hustled avenue for reflection of verification took place
The destiny of frozen brans from lost in unknown kilter shams scaled the course of
difference and forced the sentient sentinel to remain in the state of a defense stance
Illicit Godly powers are known to all yet thorough median hemmed perceptions
deny the sources of power
Flames deadly ethereal cleanse the faces dawning perception did end
And forever the decisions, decisive and Saint in tow,
forever did know
That the last dispelled variance and the druid and demigod difference
Never could cast the unction, the amassed, the precedence where all life could challenge the atrophy of magic
of which the afore had cast
KorbydAngyle Feb 12
She danced; Anubis, Kingdoms, Jah, an unaffiliated ascension to Heaven
      by all sources a specter to religion
The closest spirits fairy-like glossed with bells of toes and satiny outerwear

Indirect draining cloisters of luck were at the behest
    of the overseeing radiant observers who fought
          to classify the rhythm, the aerobic funk

Not without wisdom, her gyrating moves deadened the confessions
      waiting to assail the moves as haughty or beyond function

Tails ecclesiastic spinning her moves... fervid undeniably drastic
Cold eyes severed by furtive thoughts but cautious and wishing nought

Simplify the vision from onlooking wonderment; best aerobic function,
     the nuances, certain vision, the lady so much of a ****

Whence I am allowed and privileged to dawdle on towards her light
The fantasy of new tomorrows is a faith of future with grandeur

Now vanquish that which falls short and abounding is fortune and might
KorbydAngyle Feb 1
Pigeons. doves, no hummingbirds...wait.. actually the wild!
Parrots that squawk and fly about L.A.

Caustic bangs and screams-the South LA. Moniker
:the squirrelly streams.
Tales stay inside ceased thoughts; they drain the occlusion of deft variances kept
Apex aversive life dismissive; boundaries of good and evil call
Me, myself, morose circle of hope-... I'm denied these dreams- jimmied- stymied, called out for soul cries of induction to gleeful fate....
Truth now dissolves the Godless forces that are known
and the enduring flack of all peoples seeking retribution on the individual-
strife included- variance remains- ends on my individual as once was warned now is claimed
KorbydAngyle Jan 28
It looks as if the final story is cast in tears and gloom
The drain on life, its' justice the comprisal guise of doom
Ground down by centuries of fear loathing and hate
The new world of prophecies lain by martyrs now awaits
Simple perfection kills the stare
Destiny unclouds judgments blare
Bicentennial askance of the Godless values now sworn
Indentured honored stolid sworn now reveille with all of the prayer
Misting detriment of the zenith for souls

Stand don't scream
Fight let the saturations of benevolence begin

Create don't serve
The final pace on the table of doom
Is Yours
KorbydAngyle Jan 13
Winters Not Nice

Mud sluffing around disgrace
a broken gullet hooked from lack of distinctions

The undulations for slowly meticulous life remains
on eyes ears and moods- with life

Listless yet frantic verve squeals at lower than average temperature
that spell deadly cold

Cauldron of rot you're now the freezing tempest of consciousness

Dimmed by agoraphobia the license to harangue all
flies from the Fahrenheit zero and below

I am a faction of seekers who pray to be allowed into the gracious realm
....a season is that...

But the only way forward is to push Earths tilt to the other half....
and that ends that!
KorbydAngyle Dec 2022
These are the worst.. shoes, consciousness, and faith
This is the cursed mind at the behest of deviled skewer

These are the laments from the distance to enthronement
that destiny exalted that steps procured

But together the scant fortune their guise and reference frames
Case our modest habitual in vernal vanquished realm of Hell

These and to deserve are actions by an undetermined yet surely higher front of the best of entities,
those that lean to cleanse the refined immersion of ones soul spent

The case of higher impositions led to higher gleans
The closed minded fictions from non material heroes...- beings
I am scolded nye by the godless fanning from nuances of deprived emaciated doldrums
And the truth that seeks to better us all sits at the door step as easy easily as original soul solutions
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