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KorbydAngyle Nov 16
These few irked rounds, on and on/ path of our existence
  and everyone has higher volumes
Interact with the images
associated with" locked out from Heaven"
Like a first sequence of a cage,
the whips of metallurgy clatching simultaneously
No one can win in this brazen performance,
horror or honor of persistence,
faith finds serendipity
Yet bound by the heavy cheetah design
of agenda waterfalls, such swift spotted pelt work...
  sleek, fast, benumbing prance of predatory victory
meanders through the fields
of vision
Unite for the punch... or dismal stanchion from hours of hubris's undercut...
not for all who know...
   they've found some roads or do walk upon journeying ground...
     sealed for decisions
Be a conversion... move through the winter, take hold
  and each morsel...
    be of hope, fight the drat that ensues
   for each twist and turn is causeway - which is told
    all advances providing the defenses from monotony
     within personal Hell and now finally I beseech thee
      our causes can forever go
What is on the road of life? So real, yet, perhaps undaunted we take on the trials, such a brand, found for every individual a special blessing.
KorbydAngyle Oct 25
What breeze is this? The  dollop doldrums swiftly cutting down where once trees stood fertile demigods, coalescing thoughts and offerings from the Earth.
Down into the engorged under realms when Eden once gripped social inspiration is now fear and stolid memories of believing- what should be could be.
Now with might and a whip, one person speaks though 500 layers of binary code, to save a step to the motors that ruffle their feathers with periodic harvests so loud and bold. sister machines, it's whining and spooling its grip.
But inside the changes the first and last step still roots itself in monotonous autonomy of the pollution machine, an excuse for a rinse of celebrated solar light. yet further from the first baby steps and progress is the fight.
Perhaps the hunter, the exhibitionist, the latent supposed innovator, the land to be procured and free from past error, should be on the list of hunted instead?
No better motivator, than" survival", says time, now fading past us to a dystopian wasteland: unbreathable air, muddied water; to this does such standing prey of our dear terra firma and atmosphere.
another environmental rebuke at slow progress
KorbydAngyle Oct 17
Trick or treat?-sent misery culling the excesses of societal boasting. Faustian gloating and vapors from our nucleonic vats.
Wish you weren't here, the swan song of devastating destiny
   shall ring whence treats are the fickle grease of-
    suppurate, formed...   by the angst & suffering & banality of
    eternity of  tombstones

Shilling for your thoughts? Razor thin laced hosiery, black and purple- blue,  snuffing the petals off neo colored flowers-
  as the dust splatters on the contemptible street...
a smile and snicker
A trick or a treat?

Yet in the end blurs of walkway's zenith & carved hemispheres of orange wickedly clear, grungy sugar cookies and cryptic air
All adept in spackled scents of snuffed candles. death alluring
What shall it be little pestering barking lamb little sallow boy?
Trick on the brink, turning of the light, or treat?... By the dealer as
Death's scythe's  slice? Annihilation lands it's might!
KorbydAngyle Oct 16
Aggregates of Hospital's Alabaster-
deigned frightfully close -
   of enemy, boisterous identity,
cantankerous breach some...
  of happiness some and more, for the host!

Tell of a motley crue, worn of shoes lapping pathways, virtue abounds
Inside every great inclusive vault, medicinal throws
         The good work abounds!
         Abundance of the light!
Tenor falls... health's witness.... new compromise to abundance
whence lastly an ill went, new great cheers
nurture the horizon
once all well, God amiss
The nurses, ours glowing,
Help by God's witness
ever the constitutional Hostess
KorbydAngyle Oct 5
... my own two cents.. however it's not really a poem

First and Last An Environmental Rant

Firstly i'll be sending the takeaway to the last place
on Earth you'd expect....
The end of reason and the beginning of industry
So there one can be the first to fly float ***** and sing and much more in space
Once the era ends the last laugh shall be on anyone for they have
survived the vicious blow of pollution...
Wait that's endearing, even wise beyond years
That last step of pollution voided!
Who'd of thought?
How do "we" think about it?
To make progress and refurbished green and blue forests and waters
Perhaps everyone's best ideas
Firstly and Lastly
... my own two cents.. however it's not really a poem
KorbydAngyle Oct 5
Explain Hopeless  Also Resilience

The universe sows- difference to melancholy... those
plods of handkerchiefs, our mascarpone dessert
  is going for golden lucre mistakes,
   still we yearn.
Yet lore of strength... and music admired thearchy,
  streining people, people and pleasure
   and dodling as serfs.
Let us see... are the guardians,  immediacy returning?
Or is syphilis? As they languish-
  uptorn within theories and disease?
The champions of charm, still charm their ways beyond.
And the blank, evil, maladroit.. canonites and
denizens laughing at us?!
You midgets! You rein in a cat, tightening the drawn
leathur,  on the steering wheel!
Time to think about, whether,  a there there
is one on the windshield.
Let's drag it northern, evening time, with label
and remarks for a train to see.
An old varmint tries to say
"cool it.. wrong!"
Addressed by Jedidiah to stand today as Imoteph.
Hopefully marriage,  or the meaning of cool waters.
Yet, eminent domain unfolds, approaching time
has no ****** for the battle...  not safe nor,  daughters.
For everyone gets to get high.
And make to high ground in a hurry, tis an equity wing.
Whose this? I'm so sorry, I didn't call mocking a nuisance-
    of the Santa Ana wind.
It is dim after that.
She did fall and the stampede was okay.
Souls for the solar, far more than digging the punishment,
of autos versus freeing Mary Judge, semi adverse in the shade.
We're going to take our knives!
And your wounded young...
We gonna bring back to the killers!
...and (and)... their going to turn away and call you a
    ***** when you get married!
Imagine that.
A perfect princess wearing a blue dress...
We've never seen it before!
Only some sort of bodies- mess.
Her walking looks like a golden field rat.
So fast, devious, fully relaxed.
- As if you're about to kick a mimes but,
  the herbal kingdom in tow versus mercy shacks...
Has quiet a few doctors... as an earnest life,
  my sir and lady 'foolery' thought.
It seems very artsy,  that one is ashamed of
  bruises and the bloodshot.
'Oh this quagmire pie can join the back bone,
  hot on pay offs.
When what they have at the factory,
is touché Asian phone and answers all relent,
  of the same, sane, cognitive existence.

Yet bodies 'tra la la'  to corpses
... whose mine?
Should not rot lead to dirt..
Mix of the wretched Earth...
it's very beneficial when it's found...
  which is what greater doses or leaves
     of war-  appeal and abound.
The game sleeper trying.
Stated, again, as ignorant-
  as a feloric fox askew.
Amazing grace was done by the orator,
  bobbed, however, with modern translations.
Which then, was that which.
should not be, what now
is merely, the sentient that which is?
Could not all of this be over with and get done?!

Hateful, hopeless,  yet tuff, strong with resilience....

And that's what keeps going
on... and ... on... and ... on ... and ... on ...
tried to stress the statements better with punctuation and spacing elements
KorbydAngyle Sep 28
Transpire as it does, the quintessence of my worth
may pass by any...  before it's unearthed,
The realms transcendental,
and the whims and vivid emotions coincidental

I'm walking and flying, but certainly
can assimilate to any speed!
Even E= mass squared, whilst, under the canopy of civilizations, the million of years- of natural environments and its beauty, gallant and undeterred...

Written, most certainly, of- more often than one cares
The beginning and the end works in ease and secrecy,
  or thrills and danger if one dares

Though, there is too much to lay an entitlement or realistically,
I say, - what accentuated label one affords
I am eternal, awe inspiring,
Life Itself...

For I am a poem with no words!
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