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Yeah! It slows, the sleigh of 50 memories, my only guests
A toughened werebeast, countenance straight eternally
and the tears that weren't...
Before us remains the wicked lure in which everybody
writes for that laugh a day
However give me 20 of the sassy and 80 less of what you
Want it says our choice is to answer the top furthest,
brim of the cliff... from the fall in one's view
Thanks 'oh personal mystery, the actual writing, of which,
a friend currently claiming to be cool
Do the grounds create a game that leaves us
the means to never go again?
Or is that the duplicitous slop, of over reaching dreams
and fighting the inner self which aspires?
No! It's called ripped- been there - go there,
one more understood quest and food and a cure
I could watch the swaks of heaving formations, as hawks,
pleasing our marching roads of circles in the sky...
And dots below are but the identity of each of whom I protect,
but then you'd know!
So after that I'd have to **** you
There's fun in doing a rummage, old identity pages, instead it's more  common- eletrco fluster bluster of muted moments; typed, gaffed, well shed, separated, this is that and that's why
The thoughts brought on by an archon, her passes dogmatic, as she holds the joke while really thinks preponderance of the free choices that she might make
This tournament... you and your parents, teachers, canons might think by now the house of religious affirmations turned day to switching mosaics of sunsets
Alas their only call, the exiting by the visiting mob of picture viewing drone crowds
Our coaster slows, sleigh of memories... now jump! With any gifts! You must be in the right place, for it's as- amusement parks, they need verbs virtuality triggers, we're a likeness, drums that solo off into the air for commotions and war
Perhaps narrations, the story...a story you'd thought, books help god machines and zeroing in on cops, and floating autumn leaves a puff of happenstance, it all works out
Quenched occasionally through solutions but a triple take seeks mercy, to love and play- it has to hear of mountains
Whosever attempts to be a visitor, brings an equal  shut off valve for in reality wicked  statements burn while still the thirst for christ devil attacks... requisite,
To  land shorter than an idealist empire is tall

No one shows us who owns our journey for we have gifts for the truth in the daily complaint of life.. life  is...

You can cut it with a trick or dollop  or a sweater or garden cutters but your vigil remains a pitiful aftermath of society's battle, what else?

We're not done for, however, there be cheers, anymore, as a wolf eats meat and habanero fricassee cut with cloves smooths your voice...Yoo Hoo... you..who?

It's time for a tournament again, I fear, seek face masks and the foretold free shy and futureal unknowing robots that don't know to begin with... to begin with

Dearest ambition these thoughts though!?... Don't worry their over at stellar morbid factories waiting. lurking, aspiring  amidst the woe
Mean Green And Holier Than Thou

Anesthetize after thoughts
We all share a nice fool well enough - getting paid for it,
****'s really together
Yet vow a disheveled twilight rose
Content to drive the  mirror off,
Our say hi extremities reach out for a touch
of affection from piles of shells,
A dune- allows
From the world, a great team "thank you", mister dog
Let's discuss our goals, I hate when it's about losing ****
this and that duh de duh de duhn can be all you want
In your hand you have the paths of patience  
Summon you know who you are confused folklore
Because valid is an idea if you choose and take it
Individuality has a door
Rather than screens and apropos
happens in one's lifetime
Just so...trying a gnarly crayon and another around the neck for me... oh and it's not when and if ... it's all been there
The shortest plane ride in question
**** me if I don't like flying it's as  if  
tiger talking to a cat assures a let go slur in the air
Yes ailerons and conversions LA to  New York new brainiac commercial very good for relaxing young Eugene
Swoop through available chains!
A fin surfaces it's your bout with fever *******
relax as magical power gets underway
Until then you can push your way through
and punish the rescuer
A pretty good question it is... the killing game  show
was rather apathy saying no I'll do it... let a little grin
The family sit down probably it's only Thanksgiving every year
Funny every Thursday evening spiritually
you're a solid helper
Listen to the goals of old hacking dreams
Allow them above all, above, soar... score goals then play around in a dream mockery superlative reality
Return to 24 hour a day show chauvinist radio, cut the costs
regroup here, say it as genuflect style trying a hotel
No requirements here... for you have a clerk disease...who can stamp the world? Then every city with a paper judge?...
Supposedly people see who and  what is trying to be free... as a war does?  A taker sounds  fun, the pain in reverse of the word
Boo! Looks as if that little wasabi swash ****** over the terror of an international inversion warning label
Maybe their into hiding from what they think are the answers...
As is anybody most obviously however
Or perhaps, even, it's about quizzes happen quickly... as it is one must explain deficient.. which was the way we were
How do we get to the other side? Tis the season you know...
What's its name again?
I think they call it reality.
So, there’s no point in denying it.
If reality wasn’t so far, we’d  need it,  especially in this situation,
we'd never make it here and back in time.
But from here to there, could be a good idea.
We have to merely acquire thoughts from the enemy itself,
while convincing reality to stop fighting, because...
We’ll use  extra material, creative support, to defeat it…
Or we could steal it.
Yeah, we could. We would even, probably, after what
we got away with back there.
On that same topic; ideas... what we’re going to do...
Tell these supposed sentient realists...
What if it's only our spirituality which sees reality
not what really those places are?
Then oh goody!... more an inspired moment for
celebration if you asked me.
Tis the season...
Where as if you asked a normal person?...
Shocking, it'd inspire a sense of pure survival
And the struggle ensuing might be dangerous
and nearly cost a life.
Such is war.
None the less, maybe,  we can consider inevitable victory.
Yeah babe, we’re on the same page here.
What should our approach be?
(beat) (beat) (beat)
Oh well in that case, we’ll get going there.
If we come in slow it’ll cost time and validity,
but we might be able to determine we're in the zone.
What'll cost half the time and counter surge;
to slowly try reality or quickly?
Wait! But.. it could be a trigger for reckless behavior.
Indeed costly punishment, unneeded...
I can vouch for the purity of the mechanism on this.
If it can see us I believe we’ll be able to find that
out.. once we're part of this so called "reality".
40 hours I’d say.. .. unless their equipment is better than we suspect-
What we know of it, we have a pretty good base
of understanding for that.
Maybe closer to 24 hours before this mission to get there
creates some sort of,  mutual, all in a days work.

Either way!
Yea! A day of work!
That's a good worth!
Makes sense

!Seasonal Cheers Everyone!

Whether you're in reality or not part of it all!
A perplexing trust for trial ends this endeavor, a blending blasphemy, of me this court does suggest.

As preening voids, the zygotes, blyme, they be gouging the eyes of the word; not hither then upon the afore, tenure observed as a state, which exiled is you.

Now begin in amorous help. Fiend, friend, to begin hath thou the gaul? To annex this; thus we will begin.

"Player, composite, Sauls of my own form... You can't believe how beautifully, grievingly misunderstood is all that a mutual sanctuary stands for...truly is... or unwittingly shall...and is not!"

Priests, clubbers, Demons, usurpers, lovers all envied of miscue(the default form). Their lives of shores of the Sea of Calamities, stern amuck the floam... temerity to continue their negations play.

"Therein thinking a theory of thought. The theory is Daemon of poverty, the emersion of hope, empathetically ill 'con'.. 'truaght'. As
I had thought. Now be seated, all and sovereign thimbles on tinders of papyrus, tinders on kindling, fires of the"

The Judge said, "We begin again."

I warn thee now, Saints of lore didn't enjoy the mentioned or the heretofore.

"Neither Satan nor God, Fairy nor Preacher could'st so understand that I said, ' I couldn't take it anymore, I cast my very last spell and found myself in bed'"

The chamber abruptly decried of calamity and doom. The sanguine despot of evil's charm pleading for mercy. This tale did not end...

"Of majority I inform 'The persecution had formed a **** and shales of deviance of Heaven's abrupt roofs, feln at no mercy...a request.'"

"A mentor is nor promiscuous and the dabbled in victory is ours in study and form!"
So reckoning for further remorse, no time off, no deliberations for jury's recourse.
"Settlers with lanterns, the mocking Tern with letter did bring'st. A written confession entered this forth for duly appropriated evidence..."
Should mercy do require of
my plea, then bickering, is
of how many, of killed. Which
Jury member, flauntingly, tauntingly
it should be!

Another fluster. Time consumed. Wits prancing on Hate's Gate made deference of the decree, but not for the court, of whom, we entrust all our wit!

"Now, now. Simple folks we've all had our drinking sessions and fancy empaths, who lie on erudite chagrin, not the actual words for which a Daemon does hold within." The defense tried falseness, perjury in the evening debate; as cautering of word with unholy terror should be met with.
"If no further evidence is to be beheld, the deliberations can pass into the hasty congress which we hold honored and true. Be returned by the midnight hour, for it's then with this Daemon, dear folks," the Judge complained, "we'll know what to do."

Valkyries, Cavaliers, Angels, innocents wept as time upon the throne, the jury, until churning of clocks, the jury was kept.
Gathered were children, vixens, nobles and common citizens, as abrupt, did begin this midnight hush.

"Have you found a contempt, a fortune 6 for 6 plea 6? A jurisdictional deliverance of which light can not alone ***** the passings allotted by thee?"

"We have your honor"

And so the final waves, as durational salient crying vows, were set to broken upon virgins, churches, and broken tree boughs.

" Guilty is the Daemon, no mercy to be shown. The sentence is passed, a proclamation which we defend as appropriate, all noting to the taken of, spoken of in the heretofore."

All were quieted of vices with meals made for axes and guillotine, as somber looks denied those unfortunate to find; Skink a friend not a fink. Then the words resounded, a damnation did sound...

"Implored of a vice that shant be similar in any such derivation of a humanity which we call binding, the voracious need to be freed under the conviction of the guilty Daemon's bidding."

And so we awaited kilter to the proud. A slurry of legions both curious and in an ironic way evily proud.

"To scour the Earth in no other form than that of the distraught and unwanten, and begin again the vicious cycle of death with no life till thee's crime is forgiven."

Ordinance and plethora's of charm shall never question the Daemon of said name and claim.

They did'st disarm.

As surely as to the very day until in the future no other sentence could take the place of understood powers of the court whom you have been advised of and; if adversary crosses your path you must invoke with no alarm.
fun little archaic partially scheme and poem
I have my doubts though one way is  to cross through
Morgoth or Moloch or maelstrom of the daggers that
dare not do to you as I must
State of being as an American... graduations, convivials,
brunches and Sunday football gatherers...

Vitriol and dusts.. cruelty extremists.. in the Good Book I trust...
fire the moonshine runners, kick the tires,
burn the gloved fists, sapphires and rust

I am not fed by the chimes of spurious
daunting jabs and dares
We can not quiz valiance, doors to utopian
realms and passages to take us there

Nemesis so cloaked and free as dramas betwixt
were the destitute rally of failed strife stories now
They have begun being nixed for the better ones
That's you and me  
volley of drab defensive rushes
forwarded and returned
peeling by the time  
deliverance was the postage affixed

Always lost in hubris the darkest of hours
Oh God...Horus, oh Tiamat await within the spiritual spirits

Frolic a coy loss, avail and fail, win and loss,  free hits
Such as you and I, surely...
Pleasing to the laws that raced to sever flesh and verify ascensions
For as psychosomatic brevity scolded all were watched and mocked The decisions continue to contrasts to depths I(we) flew and swayed into the eves and dawns that greens of immersed magics founded of cadence  

Now shadows replace valor quickens the sights acknowledged
Words of attack too dense the ghosts slide into grasp of human touch
Making excited the lows and walking
the commodity of joy back home
I have swapped the cinders and children so futile and desperate yet history repeats surround now forces of the darkness as stronger wiser beings of the light have found it was to hurt me, they've found fealty in never turning the revenants  to madrigal wisps summoned by ceremonies of taciturn death
Tell me, tell us what you never did fragile young soul...
So nice to quell smooth novice frozen garb stitched of merry deniers
Unhook the golden copper wax coddled wires
Now use the knowledge of all creation brandish the satisfactions and follow the inhibitions into the new future
The ones that shadows had replaced time afore now merely we stand awaiting as servants to a cause at your door
yeah really let me think about that!
Dreams emotional cheating common music
Lose base with the free mental glands
With truth you know follow knowing you've lost it

Talk fast perfidious pucker but you won't solve our differences
Can a pretty girl get out from the facts and sit with a rewind
she's a darting incubus black and brown
The next two visions see the proprietor with losers and war-
twists a fox tail "I don't hear the rip of you letting her down"

Pain acceptance, it's nice to learn what you
think of yourself or think you know
Against the law of the community, a ceremony celebration
cuts all lose and dreams turn back to ******* nightmares

Streets empty, city's night life cheers at the lame
bodied jackals minded as humans, limping
at no behest wishing to stop
Reaching, hoping a video of the performance, it's at least to try...
to pray for a blank creation on the next night
It's enclosed upon you and all the complications
of this operation... your a squid to be fed upon
by my mighty sharks and Krakens

One last stretch, one last plead, please God,
a greater question of whose who..
What did I do that with my faith I can't see?

Its ultimately consternation and sin as if
the devil's been  watching you,
your vision sees a German Shepard
and its owner's *****

The last advent, a sight of teachers fighting due rap sheets
Regards as princesses dub for you the stys of kleptomaniacs

If you had wanted to start your own club
a reality and dream to be free
what's more important
than a word with the maker

Unfortunately the human thinking
machine requires much more
than Above and Below then the
elusive dream might make its move...

Meanwhile illusions eternally beckon and
the architecture of more magic is lost as
dreams remain a nightmare
Is this not a question? Dense sierra green,
kingdoms of nettles scurry.
"I am the Fairy Queen! Yes, sincerity is
our most prolific talent!"
Jeering, gutter snapdragons- moonlight
spicing the ivy weaving pessimism.
"No. No. For truth saves the insecure and secures...                                                       ­                                                                 ­   quick set minds full of haymakers!"
Moths stained the dirt with floam or pollen, drenched washed, blue and brown and fettered unto the ground.
"You see the vanity, of denying you've chosen to deny me?... Is it not my choice? So, there, that is my proof and justice!"
A kink walked sentry, then soldier fawned as if intensively thin, yet, woobled back out as the orange and green and pink caterpillar.
"We have deities and we have havens. And we cast doubts as surely the shadows are cast on sunsets daily occasions!"
"Occasions! There occasions! That is it. You must know occasions implies principle, numbers and special touches... frantic distances, and close in feathering and such... as it is..."
Doubled to the repose, a circle enclosed, droops of the large leafed Sycamore and disturbed Azalea demarkedly stretched.
"But, as time conveys, such messages focus their attention... On the goals that are set, or that of the wishes of, the golden sunsets? Is that not it?"
Twirled petals dancing twice, the daisy cast, and furtive roots of hearty Magnolias cramped together, shrugged a suffice.
"So once more I ask... I am the fairy Queen?!
Who does wish to be blessed by the magics
of the fey and the forest
our kingdoms lore?!"
But the delicate words passed off..., thin as pixels of dust vanquished by infinite progress of time, and thought,- whilst the plants had seemed to have recurled back from their torrid gusts...
And that evening the cherub young butterfly found petals free for the taking, on the deserted, yet, thriving bountiful land..
Yet off went the click of a camera from some 6 and 7 feet and steps...  confounded humanity contritely fooled...and for a beautiful countryside there a standing sham!
perhaps punctuation makes this easier i think
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