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KorbydAngyle Nov 2023
When you first denied slow progress and denial's own grave...
Measley, grounding, malicious , debutant turned to happenstance moderno raves.
Lawless cast the  wicker stones, drachnire, defunct, faceless stares.

I am sequined by rope woven dolls!
You and I remiss from craftwork ...which though flawless...
     cold application stops wings of paper to unfold.
Dashed against mere morsels of civilized epicurean modulation and retentions.
...Hours wait yearly, months wait for monotonous seconds,
  and  yielding is every flawed reflection.
Their reflections of ebb and flow, despite personal benediction
     Truths, our truths...  they shall never show.
KorbydAngyle Sep 2023
Can't you see their ensconced in the reality that waits inside
Realizations embrace for the derailing of the impact of disgrace
Loss of limbs and fettered destiny imbued of Godless whims
These all secure senses denying the morphotypes stinging the defenses
I am not with out a door an Achilles tendon that opens to the reprises
However divinity of hope lands on mornings and I make a reclamation of the faith that cleanses
Loss and cold or supersonic and scalding the evolving status of self worth can only harness absorb glean and acquiesce
So as deviance and the demons approaching only deliver masochistic feral guises of the real world as you and I approach weaned of evil, there's hope of  validation and our goals
KorbydAngyle Sep 2023
God ...Oh my self how I want to break free
sealed up by brackish mortar healed by valid yet flagrant insensitivities
gloaming fronts assailed eyes turned for the morning into rot and clandestine of it
hallow holds on my halcyons hues of melonic powers hasten to the relevance of unending mishaps
in justice yet colliding with friends the glass covered hope shatters and I am named miscreant
what does day and night with procurement mean
for in reality the thoughts lead to desolation and all deliverance is burned to be named appropriate
and codex of the brand or code of arms of the clean
What little of efforts dissuade all these meanings can only truly be virtue depleting
the hold on virtuous rationality and logic I once knew
facing tomorrow sessions and seasons in tow
another morbid divinity attempt of the faith for a better tomorrow
KorbydAngyle Sep 2023
To truly have sentient validations or to believe in thoughts that might mystify or make eccentric dreams a reality

Services and demeanor and clouded judgement of the askance world of armistice eternal

    may take a turn

More over false identities proven from one's mirrored look at self identity

Senses degrade, eternity splays the convictions of the absurd you once believed after they were heard

and frail thoughts turn and turn as they burn

Acceptance of well fought ideals breathe life both quickly and slowly into you

What wise distances' once imposed now narrowly escape a belligerence at the door

Look abright full of colors directed at the sun and yourself

into severe torrents of endurance and hate you find the realms

All worlds seek haste and make for hopes of a divine perception

Yet alone we find our souls enduring until vanity and deliverance

take hold of perceptions
KorbydAngyle Sep 2023
Heavens's Accolade
Rare is the moment that my dreams don't deceive..
     the pinnacle of hope I wish to achieve
Science, value, yearly drastically held truths of the state;
immolation of the corpse grind of my souls of hope lays on the plate
I am drunk from the wisdom of years that I strived and struggled not of abundance
When suddenly celestial tales and frail parables claimed my wish to exist and my loudly held beliefs...
I am not a claimant of grace and not of  sin; I am not an avenue that lets grace faire begin
Yet moments of denial and foolish trials of unending martyr efforts...
Lay  lost in the grave- thoughts that once were lore,  may only be in morose efforts
Lay still every loss, from my sins; for the sentient realms in which life begins has hurt me even more
Lashing against plague and stolid in the face of virulent paths that pave our futures
I send my zenith... my haste for great significance to the deigns of the...
Angels that lay in wait for the godless ones that deceive whom they are set to embrace
Because inside the endurance and faith I have made they shall bring me past the doors of heaven that once denied
That ascending morality with effort and torture won't be a divine effort of life that can be denied!
KorbydAngyle Aug 2023
Stupid Potato Chips
Sour Cream and Cheddar Chips they are the best
The **** with sour cream onion, Doritos, or BBQ Lays they fall into the rest
If virtue was a salty dominion the gift of these special chips
may surely take place\
... before the rest... of them.
Sentient doctor's orders and diets galore!
Can not deny the sodium love lore... of which we need more
Although there have been copycats such as ruffles and pringles variating
on the perfect theme
The taste. value and sumptuous delivery
of the best is not a principle which competitors can
catch. copy, and deem.
To be the replacement, they deem!
Lays sour cream and cheddar rule's supreme!
[this doesn't really express my poetry, however, I was on a crave intake; which led to the realization
KorbydAngyle Aug 2023
​NOTE: Because it isn't lucrative the use of green energy hydrogen has been denied!

I can't impress upon you the dour sense and the earthen dire needs
Endure the countless reflections of those who plead
Yet what really is cost versus hydrogen acclimation and engines
The truth is denial of what we have and denial of how to save the future
January the month that begins the calendar year
Yet in synchronous affectation the turn from evil burn and the money greed denial to exchange draws ever near

What simple and grand primitive beings could create and bestow the
feckless money mongers who don't change the system
may be the ones which end history with the title of those
"who are the least to know"
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