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We're all aware
That we shouldn't
Hold anyone captive

But people choose to
For their personal gain
I won't be one of them

At times,
I wish I was

To have security
In the knowledge
That you can't leave

But you're not
Planning to go
Nor am I

You're my person
And I'm yours.

Getting through each day
With my watered-down hope

Watching as it falls into pieces
Then trying to reassemble it

But I can't seem to escape
The damp phase

So I continue
This paper mache.

This life has lead me to believe
Not everyone is going to stay
That I have to be ready
For when they leave

Take what people say
With a grain of salt
Because blind belief
And vulnerability
Could lead to assault

Prepare myself for all outcomes
Especially the unsavory kind
Maybe that's why I lost
My sweet tooth
Because I'm often
Left with a bitter taste

You've reawakened
My curiosity and innocence
When it comes to connection

Making up a bed of warm blankets
Soft words and support
You give me somewhere to lay down

I think this is a safe place
To stay.

We're driving on a gravel road
With a few dips in the dirt,
Bouncing around
And holding on for support.

Once we hit the pavement again,
Our shoulders drop in relief
And we laugh together
About the bumpy ride.

Is this what healthy love feels like?
You're watching over me
As I leap and bound
From one square to the next

Smiling and laughing
Along with me
As I step on the lines
But never cross them

Hip hop
I hope this doesn't stop.

Similarities between
Myself and yourself

Yet there are unique touches
And personalized embellishments
To call ourselves home

I think,
You're my second home.

One, two, three, four
I want to see you more

Five, six, seven, eight
Wouldn't that be great?

Nine, ten
I hope this never ends.

Though sometimes I may lose count,
There will never be a shred of doubt,
That what we have is something so different.
And it's just so appealing.

l.v.s and IM
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