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Thank you
For being such a light
In my life

I appreciate you
for who you are
and everything
you've ever been
to me.

I hope you shine on
and that your life
brings you happiness
because you deserve it

You're a blessing
to have in my life
and I'm so glad
that you're still here
walking this journey
with me.

Just know,
that you're important
to me and I don't imagine
that will ever change.

A message to a best friend and old love.
If you find yourself
Somewhere that is
Harmful or dull
There's no problem
With pulling yourself

It's been a long time
Since I last saw you

Why do things
Always end up like this?

You travel the world
Leaving behind
Broken hearts
And blood baths.

Look around you,
What are you missing?

Depending on who
You ask the answer
Will be different

If you don't have
Any missing pieces
You're lucky

more random word poems
Stop looking down
Why do you decide
To walk a fine line?

There's more to this world
And you deserve better
Than tiptoeing a wire
That limits your direction

And another...
Gather the things
You hold near your heart
Place them in a basket
Offer this gift
To your dearest friends and loves
Let them see you
On a deeper level
While you have the chance

Another word poem
Just for a moment
Quiet your mind

Pay attention
To other people
Just listen

Otherwise, you might not
Hear the other person

I feel like writing tonight so I've been using a random word generator to get me started.
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