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What say you, traveler?
You come baring
Gold and jewels
Hoping to lure me in
With their luxury

What say you, traveler?
I'd prefer your thoughts and emotions
That are buried out of fear
May I see those rarities?

What say you, traveler?
You keep those
Behind lock and key

I say to you, traveler
That's quite a tragedy.

Sleepless poetry
Through poetry
I've come to find
And communication

He allows me to be
Vulnerable yet safe

Poetry promised to
Never leave my side
He's the only
Heart aching lover
That's kept his word.

Sleepless poetry
Tis not a thing
Not a thing
In this world
That can
Stop me
From believing
In myself

I have to
Be there
To hold
My hand
To cheer
Myself on

That is
The only thing
The single
Most important thing.

Sleepless poetry
Such a delicate
Man you are

Sobbing at the sight
Of scuffed skin

As if you've never
Seen blood before

As if we weren't
Born within it

As if women haven't
Bled for thousands of years

A woman's blood
Is bountiful

A man's blood
Is brutal

But you're the one complaining?

Word generator poems
I left a trail
Of seeds behind
Hoping that
You'd follow them

Left untouched
They bloomed
In your absence

Looking back
Is a reminder
That I've grown
That it's best
Not to root oneself
Where the soil
Is dry.

You're a masterpiece to me.

Each piece of art isn't for everyone
There are no flawless artworks
Because there'll always be someone
That thinks it could be different.

Come to me with jagged paint strokes
I'll still appreciate you regardless.

I come here to see you
If I wanted to put that energy
Towards something else,
I would.

But I choose to look at you
Because you're beautiful
Even with your imperfections.

If you
Look at these
Handfuls of
What I have
To give
But your own
Palms are empty
Please, don't

If I'm willing
To give myself
Entirely to you
But you'll only
Take what
You can get
Please, don't

I want to save
My enegry
For better things
Please, be honest.

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