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trf Sep 2018
Spinning round a windy ledge,
i kiss the cross around my neck,
these fever dreams replace the likes of you.

Grinning into space, alone and lost,
the dampened linens lie,
     as i wake up,
     covered in fake love.

In my den the china white,
embraced my blood and laced my night,
an amuse-bouche of courses left to come.

The past three years I can't recall,
coulda been fun, but was it worth it all,
i'm a coma patient lacking an excuse.

is hard to come by,
are a stranger in my,
collude disguise.
lost my balance blinded by the darker truth
Hannah Hernandez Dec 2013
My heart exhilarates when I see you smile at me.
The way the edges of your mouth coil upward.
The way your eyes squint admiring a crescent moon.
The way your teeth peek through your perfect pulp lips.
Your smile is my drug.
And I'll be hooked on it forever.
Eloisa Feb 10
The winter fairy has again knocked on my door with a lovely gift of today
With a little sunshine hue
this morning she arrived with tiny friends
Still sulking in darkness and in my melancholic silence
I got up and tried to peek
A little smile then curved my lips
happily singing their winter songs
on a frail tree branch were birds with tiny feet

The gift of laughter that I heard suddenly gave me hope
Winter is not only a season of gloom, of tears and of despair
Its beauty is also a season for peace,  for thinking and for memories
Because of my new feathered friends
a reminder so I write today
That for any season that we have
to feel untroubled or miserable is our choice to make
Benton James Oct 2018
"I might win.
I have my fast shoes on."
This poem illustrates just how easy it is to make a choice to do good and accomplish much from the perspective of a child.
Little Bit May 2017
just a bit of wine
but now i'm lying
flat out in a straight line
face pressed against the cold tile
looking over to catch your smile
because we both know
we'll be here for awhile
and that's just fine
i start to cry
because, ****
it's a beautiful sight

you loving me for me
it's crazy
both of us forever free
to be whoever
we want to be
and we still choose
to stand
side by side
each time.

you know i'm right.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Let me know
What was that
That made you
To choose him/her

She/He replied
Leave it, or listen
He/She is the future
Nothing more

Being an observant and a traveller of examined life I come to this conclusion. Tragedy does not happen, from the very beginning  It is "Us" who pave the path within. With the unawareness we focus to travel to the destination where we don't belong. Throughout the journey we keep on dreaming with a hope of a good day making us vulnerable to the threshold, when even a single undesired word, few seconds delay, lyrics of the background music could unexpectedly break us.
Trust me we all are fragile.

Let it be simple, if we are watering the leaves of the plant and hope to grow, we get the result what we have to accept. Sometime mishaps happens, we are the culprit. How dare we expect to water the roots of the plant in neighbor's terrace and wish for the fruit to be ours.

We may smell the fragrance if the kind breeze blow towards our side.
Even we may always get the fragrance if we follow the direction of the wind.
The choice is ours.
Does it worth?
Will we be happy?
Can we hide the pain?

The choice is all ours.
Genre: Dark Diary
Theme: Examined Life || Words of wisdom
Wayward Aug 2018
She laid in her cage, her feathers combed,
She was a beautiful red parrot.
She was taught what to speak and taught how to be,
But she lived imprisoned in a cage.

She was looked after well, and she lived with class,
But this wasn't where she longed to be.
She stared out the window, at the bright, blue sky,
And wondered how it would be if she could fly.

She had everything that she'd ever want.
But why did she feel so dull and lost?
What would her life be outside this cage?
All these questions burned inside her with rage.

She longed to live of her own free will.
She wished she could be released.
But alas! She'd live and grow old in age,
As free as a bird in a cage.
This is a little inspired by my own life I guess. Strict parents and all that. Another quick shirt one! Hope you like it!
one day out of nowhere
the silenced inside simply found
a swift route to the outside

metal clink *******
words burst forth
telling stories I
did not know
I had in me

and ever since, I know
if I'm not inking myself
I'm hiding

from me

I can quit
for a while
but the longer I go
the stronger it grows

and more forcibly, terribly, it
makes its way up from my belly
when it breaks loose

I should know better by now
the repercussions of shutting down
thoughts lining up to ricochet
but sometimes

I just can't

when it makes me feel more
of what is already unbearable

when it all seems so pale
in comparison to abysmal palette

when I'd rather avoid
looking in the mirror...

I never chose
to be a writer

the words just surged
as soon as my fingers
found their home

just like it was
with us
Lara Volkova Jun 2015
Tightly closed inside a wooden box of my choice
sleeps a woman's desire
My favorite piece of all that I have written
Alan S Bailey Aug 2015
I'm going ***, nearly all the way, just let me stay the opposite
Way for a little longer-I'm not stronger than the me that
I somehow always had a choice not to be.

Paras Bajaj Jan 21
It’s really been so quiet.
Can I hear your voice?
I’m tired of being strong,
wish I had another choice.

It’s really been so dark.
Can I feel your light?
I’m tired of being fine,
wish you were still mine.

It’s really been so awful.
Can you heal my wounds?
I’m tired of being alone.
Wish I could move on.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
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