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Lacuna Aug 2018
Life is full of Constants
and Variables

Constant Romance
Variable Choices

Constant Lessons
Variable Pains

Constant Joys and High
Variable Vices

Constant Maintenance of we Love
Variable ways of Winning Them

Constant Effort
Variable Options

Love is constant
what we do with it is variables

You are my constant
and I’m yours
Constant and Variables
Lacuna Aug 2018
When can you say you’re no longer happy?

When I no longer fear that you be gone
Letting Go
Lacuna Jul 2018
Welcoming embrace
Warm and tender kiss
Feelings could never be erase
Now, but a bittersweet miss

Your fervent hellos
To out bitter goodbyes
Becoming mellow
Succumbing to only a sigh

We were bright flame
Until the fire thief came
Slowly becoming blind
Till we no longer bind
Song interpretation of The Fire Thief by HEM
Lacuna Apr 2017
If we have never met
would fate bring as together?

If you knew my flaws
would you still love me in the morning?

If you were given the chance to go back
would you still see me?

If you meet someone better
would you take him?

If you get bored of me
will you still make it worth your while?

If you see this
would you answer
and still love me
despite my follies?

If I answer this questions
would you still be the same

"If" are the questions that I'm afraid to ask
because what if you answer
and leave me hanging
making me ask
what if I just love you
no questions asked
Lacuna Apr 2017
It never was the distance
We could reach borders

It never was the trust
My word is your word
and so was mine to yours

It never was our difference
we always compliment each other

It never was our doubt
with your smile I feel secured


It was time
it rots everything
it rots my hope
of being with you
Lacuna Apr 2017
yet silence

yet blank

It's in the written word
we find solace

Written words
speaks louder

Show what really is
Show what must be

Yet left
never imagined
never created

Just written
behind this
white slate
Lacuna Aug 2016
This blank paper
never touched
never have been written onto
filled with limitless stories never told

Be it a happily ever after
It may even contain secrets never told
It may even be the saddest
prose ever spoken

Be it something academic
or something creative
for what ever is written
is immortalize

This paper
once blanked
now filled with words
ideas and emotions
one never knew
For every writer's block
comes an inspiration
even in the most
simplest ways
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