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Donna Bella Oct 2019
He asked me if I can stand to his symphony
I said no
He asked if I could come with him
I simply said no
He said can you smile at me
I said no
He asked will you be with me
I simply said no
He said will you forgive me
I said yes
He spoke once again, he said now take my hand
I simply said no
He looked at me confused
I looked at him
Then I walked away
He said come back
I said I’ve let you go a long time ago
He watched me walk away
And every step I took farther away
The step behind me crumbled
And then with my last step he fell to the abyss that he made from every tear that he caused
Donna Bella Oct 2019
It’s something I knew was mine
Something I desired
I knew from birth it was mines
I knew I had to grow into my kingdom
I knew the throne belonged to me
I knew that when men said no, I would laugh and say yes
I now know that this kingdom is mines
Donna Bella Oct 2019
Afraid of the possibilities that I’ve seen but didn’t take
A simple step
A multitude that I uttered
The step I could have taken
The irresistible sweet savor of something that was missed
Donna Bella Oct 2019
Tick tock tick tock
If a tick and a tock was a motion
That’s the motion I feel with him
Up down up down
As time wraps around me every night
It caters to me
It calms me during the darkest of days
Somehow with time I feel invincible
I wake up to time everyday
Time touches me as it kisses my heart
These motions I want to last forever
Donna Bella Oct 2019
I took a different route, a route I didn’t know was curved or straight.
But I knew I had to take that route, I knew that the journey that was presented to me was the journey that was paved for me.
So as I look into the eyes of my journey every night, and I touch the intricate details of the journeys palm, I continue to go further into my journey, and I won’t be turning around until I’m at a dead end.
Donna Bella Sep 2019
Mentally I’m drained
And when I say I’m drained
I’m emotionally weak
I’m tired of trying to open myself up to people so they can close down on me
Oh yeah, I’m drained
They play me like tic tac toe
And I let them
I have a father who’s a ghost
And the men I date ghost me too
It’s a pattern I see in men
I can’t love the right one
I can’t view the right one
But I know this because I’m always alone
I sit here and contemplate why I’m not lovable
Why can’t they even see the kindness in my eyes
I wonder if I’m that bad
I want to look from the outside and see what they see
What do I do that’s so bad
Do I breathe weird?
Do I talk to much?
Do I think to much?
It’s a million questions I want to know
But will I ever know?
Donna Bella Aug 2019
I’m getting older
In an multitude of ways
I can look at my yesterday and see so many things I thought I would have never seen
I fell in love again when I thought I didn’t have anymore love in me
I’m getting older
Maybe he’ll still love me as much as I love him
Im getting older
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