Donna Bella Jul 17
We starved together and we grind together, the most important part is we eat together. We eat together despite the situation, and despite the hardships. The hunger we felt at night was beyond our means, but we survived and we kicked it with each other. Success came to us overnight, and when I mean overnight it’s about 6-7 years but the thing is our poor moments seemed like it was yesterday. Seemed like yesterday I didn’t have food to eat or could partake in lobster and champagne. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not to good to sit down and eat take out from the local Chinese spot. I’m just saying since I’m eating, my entire family will partake. Everybody eats!
Donna Bella Jun 10
I glow like the summer moon, I rise like a butterfly that has just left it’s home, I sparkle like the fairy you claimed didn’t exist, I conquer like the Great X, I walk like the ground is gold, I love like it’s no more left in this world, and my selfless acts are good deeds from the heart and is not of the world. As I fly from this dimension called “Thoughts” I come slightly down to reality to speak words of the mind, and soliloquies of the heart.
Donna Bella May 27
Crazy when I speak to him my world becomes such full of him and love, like I’m being held, like
Love sprouts like the flowers In April. Then I think of the word deception....
Donna Bella May 27
de·ranged (mad; insane.)
He cracked me open so I wanted to knock him down. I wanted to shoot him harder than it shot, but it was a temporary feel so I was still hurt. I said to myself the only permanent feel of satisfaction I will get is death. And no not death of thou self, but the death of one other. One year, two year, three, it will never be expected but it will arrive. The wait is just the game but the final is the shot. He will feel the hurt but instead of it being temporary it will be permanent, but he will be lost because I won’t be there to find him once more, so he will be like a stray while I watch in the forefront, while he thought he won the game, he just opened it up for another player to loose. I say, Let The Games Begin!
Game Started 26 May 2018
Time began: 1:06 AM
Players Joined: 3
Donna Bella May 27
How can I put two words together that contradicts each other?
How can I write things unknowingly for it to become a beautiful writing?
It’s like how can I hold a heart that’s not mine.
It’s like how I aim to shoot Cupid’s arrows into a heart that intentionally misses them. I thought I won but I did loose. They said the same way you get them is the same way you loose them, I look back to that phrase and confirm.
Donna Bella Nov 2017
Is it weird I thought the world was mines?
I said I was karma I controlled what happened to people who did my wrong and I made sure of that
The people I loved so dearly betrayed me so I gave them what they gave me, but instead of just a scar from the stab they gave me I gave them a jagger and twisted it inside them, I didn’t just give them a scar but I scarred their mind enternally I made their situation worst
But you know what’s wrong?
I’m not a *** so do I regret what I’ve done
Yes at times but a lesson learned is better than doing it again
Vengeance WAS mines
Donna Bella Oct 2017
The layer that closed again
I was open then I fell into a trap
I was trapped by someone
I thought loyalty was all he knew but loyalty wasn’t nothing he knew
So I was exposed and my shell shattered so as I struggle to put the shell together
He’s lost without me because I was his angel I gave him the soul he had
But he left
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