Kevin 3d
I find language fruitless
no pears, no peaches,
no lemons or limes;
watermelon rinds remain seedless
while words confuse more than convey.

you don't have to speak
or write down some letters
organized in some well placed row
because I won't know what you mean
in either strange case of Ms. Under Stood.
Kevin 4d
i've played my cards with the hand i was dealt
and it always comes up short in the end.
but i don't care too much about winning or loosing
i've grown to love watching how others play
and reminding them while i deal their fresh hand
that this is a very ****** ******* game we're playing.

keep your poker face.
i don't need to know your tell
to know the lie you live.
Kevin Oct 11
it was just past midday,
between the hour of 12 and 1,
when i laid outside in my aged underwear
and enjoyed one of those wakeful stretches
which feels more like a spasm,
atop the fallen wet leaves and still green grass
when a sun-shower shone and washed away
all my lingering summer thoughts.

that's when the mailman approached my mailbox
with that wave like hum of low gear driving,
delivering pulpy reminders of todays date in the real world
and the actual passage of time.
Kevin Oct 2
we've acquired an army of elephants
and this room we've built
remains entirely too small.

i'm tired of living in this zoo with you,
cause it smells like domesticated ****
and i need the open air and space.
Kevin Sep 26
being and not being,
siting and laying there in front of me
the reflection which jumps into my eyes
with a matted finish portraying its age
of being and not being.
Kevin Sep 23
I saw you sitting atop your sprinkled leaves
where you stayed perched to pass the day
but when the gentle wind blew a breeze
you turned to run away.

I do not fear those things; no longer.
I will not hide from the face of the unknowing.
Kevin Sep 21
in the puddle beneath the pear tree
I watched the galaxy weave its web
and my fingers could tug it's strings,
like a pianist at the keys,
tugging at infinite light and sound
pulling me closer to this eternal truth.
guiding me through the endless paths
and showing me the difference

between those
and rabbit holes,
folding into folds,
unfolding into new,

you whispered in the night, "i'm here".
but I couldn't find you in the sunrise
or in the field I cleared for you.
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