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Kevin Mar 25
Kevin Mar 10
If everything was as delicate as a raspberry, the world would be a better place
Kevin Mar 4
These three little spoons that
Rest wet in a bowl of soap
remind me of simple beauty
And the things I too often forget.
Kevin Feb 27
it was warm and the wind was with me
but the rain on my bell dampened the ring
and you couldn't hear the smile on my face.
this is for all of the cyclists that have tragically died while enjoying one of lifes simple joys.
Kevin Feb 9
i know why i'm a drunk
i know why i drink
that first drink always equalizes
sets the world right
the next two, five, or eight
is the chase

towards feeling good.
towards feeling happy.
towards feeling high.

which is why i hate love;
it's like drinking every day; all day.
hoping to never feel the hangover.

it takes work
it's hard
it's evolution in real time.

but i know if i drink
i can just drink
and be fine.

love is not guaranteed.
especially not if you drink.
Kevin Feb 5
gimme your honey that drips with viscosity
from a well crafted wooden spoon
slowly and sweetly
i'll let you cover my body like a tropical shower
and lick myself clean
like the dog that i am.
Kevin Feb 5
when someone hands you a rose
it is beautiful in front of your eyes
but place that rose behind your back
to see the beauty you cannot see.

the beauty your heart knows
the beauty your mind desires.

the beauty of that rose handed to you
is a sincere emotional transaction between two people.
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