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Kevin Oct 2020
gravity presses upon all
regardless of mass or weight
but fluid dynamics applies a twisted spin
which keeps us turning and turning
only to find ourselves twisted
spinning out of control

burn me like sage so that
my airs be cleansed
smell me as mint so that
my memory remain refreshed
Kevin Sep 2019
she wants me for her wants
but needs me for nothing.

a women empowered
will only need her own.

so want her for those wants
and need her for nothing.

or you will find yourself
needing more than she can give.
Kevin Sep 2019
farewell to distance and foreign tongues
fuel spent and money burned
i have missed you dearly
but you are westward bound
i anticipate your arrival
and watch for you
as though you were my hurricane
Kevin Aug 2019
the sun rose, days before September and
colored the sky in pure pastels,
shaded smooth, clean of imperfection.

i dreamed these colors with you in my arms
while the mist of crashing waves
slightly glistened our sun kissed skin.

i don't mind to dream these things
i enjoy their thoughts
but i don't want you to be a dream for me
Kevin Aug 2019
i can feel the ocean
and how it keeps
you from me;

make me into water.

so i may evaporate like mist in the august sun,
rising high above our land,
swiftly passing over the active Atlantic ,

to wherever it is you are.

so i may form again
above a Parisian sky
and fall onto your comely lips and say

"j'ai besoin de toi plus près que ça"
Kevin Aug 2019
the sun sets over London
where the sky is clear
and experiences are new.

time has shifted, GMT +1.
ahead of me,
a future i'm patient to know.

aglow in electric light
you stood before me;
ahead, a future i long to know.
Kevin Aug 2019
i smell your breathe exhale.
i inhale the mixture of airs.
yours and mine;
and hold this breathe as a memory.

i feel your lips mark this statement
with a clearly perfect cadence,
one which i adore,
as if god and time were in cahoots.

"no more", "that's enough"

i felt your lips speak words, without movement,
which remain so foreign from your tongue.
i smelled your precious air
which has superseded my memory of memories.

your eyes have become my ocean.
your kiss has become my folly in water.
i swim well and fear our earth but
i say now, "more; always. never enough"
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