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She comes from the street
She’s white
With gray and black
She has a beautiful face
Her eyes are green
With black lining
It’s hypnotic
The cat

She’s a sweetheart
She wanted a home
She asked for help
Her heart is full
Of love
She’s gentle
She has a home
The cat

She loves to play
And be by her people
Her cry is quiet
She never hurts

There’s just something about her
In her face is there’s an innocence
That has captured me

The little cat
We all start life the same way
But once we arrive
We all have our own journey
Some call it a path
Others our destiny
As we each start out
We encounter experiences
Both good and bad
Some are beautiful
Beyond words to describe
Others are dark, painful and ugly
But they are all part of our journey
Along the way we meet people
Many of them
Some become husbands
Or wives
Others are just in passing
But they are all part of our journey
We may go to different places
In and out of our country
We may speak different languages
Dress differently
Look different
But in the end
Our journeys
All take us to the same place
Because we may think we are different
But we really aren’t
We all share something
Light of My Life
In the dark of the night I think of you
And it warms me
You are my light

In the hardest of times
I think of you and it gives me strength
You are my light
In times when I feel alone
I think of you and I am not
You are my light
In the happiest of times
I think of you and it brings me joy
You are my light
In a storm I think of you
And it brings me comfort

In times of insanity
I think of you
And the world seems right
You are my light
You are my universe
Come dance with me
Let’s dance up in the stars
Let’s tickle the moon

Come dance with me
Let’s dance until sunrise
Let’s visit Mars and Venus

Come dance with me
Into our future
Hold my hand and walk along the beach

Come dance with me
Let’s walk by the Seine
Visit the Tower of London

Come dance with me
Red Velvet Blues

He’s got the red velvet blues
He loves the feeling of the fabric
Smooth and silky to the touch
Intoxicating in its beauty

Red Velvet Blues

He once saw a girl wearing one
He was mesmerized
He’d never seen anyone like her
Nor the dress
Together they were beyond belief

Red Velvet Blues

She looked like an angel
Almost not human
So beautiful and fresh
The dress was stunning
So was she

Red Velvet Blues

He asked her to dance
Held her close
The red velvet dress soft to his touch
He never wanted to let go

Red Velvet Blues

Even to this day
Many years later
He remembers the girl and that dress
He never forgot
She was embedded in his soul

Red Velvet Blues
After the rain
When the sun shines
And the sky is blue
The city is cleaned
It looks anew
The plants are greener

It’s as if Mother Nature
Gave the city a bath
Just as a mother would
Putting on new clothes
Making sure everything
Is as it should be
It was you
That I first met
That entranced me
That I first danced with
That I kissed
Laughed with
It was you I never forgot
That I always loved
Thought about
Thirsted for
Prayed for
It was you
That I wanted not just for a moment but forever
It was you
My beloved
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