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Are we going back to normal?
That’s what folks say
But what does that really mean
Will it be the same as before?
Is it safe yet?
Will we take some of the last year and keep it?
Have we learned that we are all one
We need each other to get through this
This is worldwide
Does it feel the same sitting in a cafe?
Does the coffee taste the same?
How do I bring back my old habits?
Will it be comfortable to me
What does comfortable look like now
What will the world look like a year from now?
Every night
Since the beginning
Fairies arrive
They are tiny creatures
Almost invisible
They have delicate wings
Like a hummingbird
They have always existed
They come to the believers
All over the world
To grant their wishes and dreams
As they sleep
Fairies sprinkle magic dust
To bring sweet dreams and protection
As night ends they return to their land
Awaiting the next night
The bond between us and animals is sacred
To have the trust of an animal is very special
Whether a pet or wild
When we bond to nature’s creatures
We reach a higher place
The best of ourselves
Our spirits touch on some level
There is communication
Between us
When an animal loves
It’s pure
Like rainwater
There’s no ulterior motive
Of money or power
It’s just love
It is sacred
It’s the real you
It’s always there
With you
Before you were you
It knows you better than yourself
It sees the world for what it is
It sees beyond
It feels everything
It’s connected to all there is
It can guide you
It knows your true destiny
It talks to you all the time
You only have to listen
I am in a reminiscent mood
Thinking back to a time in my childhood
When I lived overseas
In Brazil
Seems like eons ago
A warm, welcoming place
Especially for children
Full of joy and laughter
The music was intoxicating
The beauty stunning
Remembering the visiting of friends
Whose houses were adorned
With birds of paradise flowers
Visiting the bird sanctuary
With my mother
Seeing every kind of parrot
In a rainbow of colors
Walking the beach in Rio
The Ipanema Beach
Famous for its black and white mosaic tile
Sitting on the beach
Listening to the waves
While people flew their bird kites
Traveling around with my parents
Seeing the country
North and South
Struck with the humanity and beauty
Those memories never left me
They still haunt the inner recesses
Of my heart
Summer is coming 
It’s that time of year
The sun is intense 
Almost burning
Skies are clear 
It’s heating up
Hot as hades
I am not good with heat
I prefer cooler weather 
With calming breezes
When it gets like this
Chocolate can melt
An egg can fry
Cats seek shade
Because of their fur coats
Birds seek needed water
Plants turn brown 
Seeking reprieve
Water becomes valuable
Like gold
A quiet time
A time of reflection
Some people sleep in
When things slow down
Before the start of a new week
Some practice their faith
Others spend time with family
Some walk through nature
Cities are emptier
Less traffic and honking horns
There’s a stillness in the air
It’s peaceful
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