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It’s the season
It comes just once a year
It’s special
It brings
Lots of memories
Good cheer
It’s the holiday spell
It’s magical
It’s a time to come together
Bring light not darkness
To reach out
Offering kindness
and glad tidings
To one and all
So free yourself
By letting go
Allowing the
magic to touch you
Lifting you up
Words can hurt
They can cut into the soul
Leaving deep wounds
Sometimes they remain
Never healing
Words can also uplift
They can heal
Touch one’s spirit
Bring hope
Or they can break the spirit
Playing over and over
Bringing darkness
Destroying creativity
Or they can bring light
Inspiring great artwork
Literature and music
Tempt the imagination
They can break hearts
Or mend them
Cause tears
Or stop them
It all depends
Which words are used
Choose carefully
Sunday night is fast approaching
Another weekend winding down
Time to get ready for the start of a new week
For many the call of work can be heard through the wind
For others the anticipation of a fresh start with a new week
All over the world this is happening whether in Paris or New York
And before we know it, another Friday will come and we can once again look forward to the weekend
Streets bustle with crowds of people walking to and fro filled with energy and excitement of the coming holiday

Street corners become impassable because of large throngs of people trying to get somewhere fast, making the city look like a giant mosh pit

Trees are brightly light up for the season, store windows adorned with holiday decorations

Carolers and musicians can be heard along the streets playing and singing to the beat

Giant nutcrackers adorn one building on 6th Avenue along with giant ornaments and strings of lights

Street vendors sell their wares up and down the street from cashmere scarves to boxed jewelry at a discount price

Radio City has lines around the block of folks waiting to get in for their annual show of the Rockettes

Police line the streets to keep people moving along putting up barricades to move the crowds waiting for a performance

The hotel bar areas filled to capacity with folks needing refreshment or a comfortable seat before finishing their

Nothing like Christmas time in New York
While sitting in a church
the other day
I strongly felt your presence
It’s been nine years since you left

As I sat there quietly
In the stillness and calm of it all
I felt you sitting next to me
Answering my questions
As if we were talking like before

I told you I’ve made mistakes
You said we all have
It’s part of being human
I told you I should have done more
You said I did just fine
Don’t worry
Everything is fine

I told you thank you
You said for what
I said for what I was taught
What you gave me
Your legacy
You smiled
I told you I wanted you to
be proud of me
You said you always were

I told you there is an empty space in my heart
You said you were sorry for the pain
I miss you

It’s the holidays again
Your favorite time
I asked if you remembered
You said you did

I miss you
Every day of every month
I always will
Do you feel me in your heart

Am I in your spirit
Does the thought of me make you tremble
Am I truly a part of you

Do you feel me in your heart

Am I in your spirit
Do you think of me
Am I missed when gone

Do you feel me in your heart

Does my name mean something
Will you remember me
Do you crave to see me
Do you need me

Do you feel me in your heart

Am I part of your life
Do I live in your mind

Do you feel me in your heart
They have held
While other things have weakened
They remained strong
Like a dam

While pushed and threatened
While others spun stories
Trying to change reality
They stood firm
Holding the rushing waters back
Waves frequently breaking  against their wall
Yet it held
Like a dam

The more water that came
The fiercer it was
They held
They stood firm
They did not buckle
Yet it held
Like a dam

While there was an onslaught
Day after day
Never stopping
They stood firm
Never bending
Like a dam

Like a dam
A true warrior for justice
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