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It’s  a winter wonderland
The holiday lights are out
Houses decorated at their best
Scents of pine waft through the air
Snow is lightly falling
It’s a winter wonderland

Streets are full of people
Running to and fro
Buying their wares
Shops are decorated
Its a winter wonderland
It’s like magic
Once a year
That touches the heart
Deep inside
Making people lighter
Smiles are brighter and bigger
Laughs deeper

It’s a winter wonderland
Imagine walking through the snow into a forest full of pine trees
The scent is calming
As you stop amongst the trees
All you hear is the silence
A slight cool breeze rustles through the trees
Snow left on the branches gently falls  to the ground
As they hit your coat and face, they rest for just a moment before melting
An owl sits up high on one of the branches looking down at you and the world all around
It’s a precious moment
Enchanted wintertime night
Streets bustle with crowds of people filled with energy and excitement
Street corners become impassable because of large throngs of people
Trees are brightly lit for the season
Store windows are adorned with their best holiday decorations
Carolers and musicians can be heard along the streets
Giant nutcrackers adorn one building
Another with giant red ball ornaments
Street vendors sell their wares from cashmere scarves to boxed jewelry
Coffee stands are on every corner
Police line the streets to keep people moving along
The hotel bar areas fill to capacity with folks needing refreshment or a comfortable seat before finishing their shopping
Nothing like Christmas time in the city

Xmas in the city
Words can hurt
They can cut into the soul
Leaving deep wounds
Sometimes they remain
Never healing
Words can also uplift
They can heal
Touch one’s spirit
Bring hope
Or they can break the spirit
Playing over and over
Bringing darkness
Destroying creativity
Or they can bring light
Inspiring great artwork
Literature and music
They can break hearts
Or mend them
Cause tears
Or stop them
It all depends
Which words are used
Choose carefully
They have held
While other things have weakened
They remained strong
Like a dam

While pushed and threatened
While others spun stories
Trying to change reality
They stood firm
Holding the rushing waters back
Waves frequently breaking  against their wall
Yet it held
Like a dam

The more water that came
The fiercer it was
They held
They stood firm
They did not buckle
Yet it held
Like a dam

While there was an onslaught
Day after day
Never stopping
They stood firm
Never bending
Like a dam

Like a dam
A true warrior for justice
What if I were just gone
In the snap of a finger
Vanished like vapor or mist

Would it truly matter
Have I had any impact at all
Or am I like a feather blowing in the wind with no place
Here one moment
Gone the next

What if I were just gone

Would it truly matter
Would anything change
Or would my time here have truly been of no consequence

What if I were just gone
Bring a desire for warmth
For coffee or tea
Anything hot
So the heat caresses
The face
And the hands
Offering a hint of warmth

Cold mornings
Make getting out of bed
Difficult at best
The blankets
Calling one to stay
Asking us to stay
Under their protection

Cold mornings
Are refreshing
In their own way
With fresh air
Easy to breathe
And empty street’s
Cold mornings
Have their own charm
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