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Diverseman2020 Nov 2013
While the clock turns midnight
A thought began to run
Her memories appear so clearly
Feeling her heartbeat
Pulsating within my soul
Like a second coming arose
She was enchanting
As blossoms resurfaces
Among the dew
I sit alone
Wanting to share
But my sight is gone
While the sun
Brings a new dawn
Diverseman2020 Nov 2013
I leave clues for her
Chasing this endless love
A game of cat and mouse
I feel so dull
With those surrounding
The hunger grows
My identity stays the same
Knowing that someone
Of my very interest
Appears before our eyes
Diverseman2020 Oct 2010
A weekend ends in mystic
While the sun rising slowly
This day I know
A name that only begins
With a week of discovery
Known as the first
It's called Monday
Where refreshness starts all over again
Now I must follow
This monday with anew.
Diverseman2020 Aug 2010
Recognizing my time
Who I am
Is no one waste
Choosing to be
Something that we
What judgement is carried out?
To see another person
Does a piece of paper determine
Who should I be
After years
Controlling my destiny
Which has no end
Accompany in the same place
With tireless beckon and repercussion
How can a piece of paper
Show me
A future beyond heaven's gates
Diverseman2020 Aug 2010
Starting a new day
As the creatures of the dawn
Awaken from their slumber
Draw nearer to conversing
As my tongue tired of lasting words
Exchanging an unpleasant battle
Due to stronghold blockades
Those casting does not work as one
But bitter with sayings of lashing
Commencing words
Which are not quite pleasant
But sends a signal
Commanding respect
Bow down to no flesh of unpleasantness
As the spirit ease me with new slumber
Thanking God for a sleep I need
For the next preparation
Diverseman2020 Aug 2010
So you know
How the whispers of the night
Call upon your name
So you know
the trembling of one's soul is lost
So you know
A chest full of empty hearts
Has taken to the edge of earth
So you know,so you know
Reaching back as my strength fails
In times of trouble
I'm noble,but humble
Like a lion
Quietly & waiting to ponce
So you know
That weakness of blood
Is spilled upon my hands
so you know, So you know
You're the woman
Of many faces
Who is conquering
My freedom from the world
So you know,so you know
I bid you,
My lady of the night
So you know
Diverseman2020 Jul 2010
While I thirst
My kingdom has fallen
Looking upon the dark skies
Covered all over from black roots
A coming
Of garden despair
Has weaken me
As I commence
Facing a jealous foe
To solvement answers
From a period
With delicate hours
Of secrectly debates
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