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bella nena Sep 2020
beauty is said to be on the exterior

but i wonder why many miss the beauty in the interior-

i sit staring at myself looking at the mirror

wondering if i'm considered any "prettier"

in the end, it's all on me

to understand that beauty lies underneath.
real beauty is beyond the skin.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
So many words
To describe beauty
Many of them
Said with cruelty
Subjecting innocence
To unreal goals
Said to gain
Unrelenting control
Over youthful minds
So undeveloped
Wrapped in delusion
They are enveloped
Come on folks, let's change the standard of beauty.
MyCrumbledCookie Sep 2019
She sits there
With flaws on her body
She sits there
Hair on her legs making a little garden of roses
She sits there
Volcanoes on her face
Looking like they are about to erupt
Yet she manages to maintain balance and equality inside
Well sometimes
She sits there
Yet still with care for the world and everyone, everything, in it
She sits there
With a tornado spinning the thoughts in her head
Making her deal with it because clicking ruby red heals doesn't make the problems go away
She sits there
Clutching the cross around her neck
Mumbling prayers
A cloud releasing small raindrops
She sits there
Being an ally,
A friend,
The person that listens when no one else does,
She waits for you to tie your shoe while everyone else walks away.
But she is also the one left behind on the sidewalk
She still sits there
Knowing how others treat her
But not letting that reflect negatively on how she treats others
She sits there
And look at that,
With a smile on her face,
She continues to grow,
Nothing prohibits her from moving forward,
She is unstoppable,
She is beautiful,
She is grace,
She is laughter,
She is sunshine,
She is light,
The light that awakens the dark,
The light that makes the moon shine,
She is everything and more.
She sits there
Being radiant
Being herself
She sits there
Knowing who she wants to be and what it takes to get there
She sits there
She sits there
Being me
I am
Sitting there
Lydia Jun 2019
Sometimes I think of how hard the floor must be to stand so many footsteps
I met tourists who forgot that we made homes here
They kept stomping, to claim space for themselves on our floor

We slid on your blood to a place where your body isn’t remembered
Bright red, like you held your breath
In dance, we are taught to avoid anticipation
Make each motion independent
A surprise to the audience
Nobody stared at your chest till your shirt was cut open

I never get reception in the tunnel
How long till someone picked you up?
I can picture the damage to your eardrums
The deafening screech of metal pulled along by electricity
The burns with fade but parts of you are still laid out on the tracks

The tourists tried to tell me that it was “probably just drugs”
I tried to tell them that we are a community
That we cannot reduce your life to a probably, or even a maybe,
Cannot pretend to know your body on a stretcher
It sounded a lot like crying to me

I told a counselor I wanted to send you flowers
Know which hospital they took you to
She said something silly about a kind heart, but they weren’t for you
Just wanted to know that you lived,
Didn’t think they’d let me send flowers to a morgue

I’ve been to a morgue: they let me see a body
Can’t remember his face
Can’t remember your’s, either
But I see your blood and ripped shirt and the head restraint
I see your hand reaching up and hear my own prayers that you’ll fall asleep soon

My friend will not remember the story, did not observe your body as a phantom
Cannot see your body on the tracks and forgot I told him it was there

I understand
Sometimes I forget the order of operations, too
I step over the line and somebody reminds me that the train arrives first
The doors open and a voice I don’t recognize gives me permission
I apologize for taking up space
And then suddenly, I’m someone else

I’m hoping that you woke up in the hospital bed and were someone else
Unlike most of my writing about love stories, this was a true event, with real people. My heart goes out to that man. I’ve had so many nightmares about him. I hope that he fell asleep and woke up in less pain. When they let me up the escalator, I ran back to campus, pretended I hadn’t been crying, and picked up my friend. I don’t think I can forget what happened there. If I cannot send flowers to the man, I will be sending them to ER doctors and nurses at the emergency department of my local hospital. Much respect To all of them.
Anna Jun 2019
She is reminded she isn't good enough everyday.
"You can't do by yourself, you need a man," they say.
No one tells her she is beautiful just the way she is.
No one tells her that she belongs to herself, she is not 'his'.
She is taught to hate her body by them.
She is told how unworthy she is by them.
No one tells her about the fierce fire burning in her heart.
That she too could be someone's glowing light in the dark.
No, she is only told how she needs to change.
She is overlooked and underappreciated at every stage.
So she just writes her story down.
As a reminder of who she was before she let her real self drown.
Lily Apr 2019
Are the author of the book of your life,
Can erase words, delete chapters, write new endings.
Are writing your own computer software, and
Can create whatever programs you wish.
Are not restricted by what others say, and
Will never be happier than when you are being yourself.
Have more power than you think you do.
Own it.
Forward this email to someone who needs it :)
Christina Jul 2018
it all started at one dinner

"all of that is for you?"
"how can you eat so much?"
"are you sure you want all of that?"

was it wrong for me to eat what i wanted to?
i remember looking at my plate
i left it untouched the rest of the dinner
i thought it would never happen again
but again i was attacked with words

"girls dont stay skinny forever you know"
"you are going to get fat, stop eating"
"do you want to be fat?"

i was confused
had i done something wrong?
where was all this coming from?
what do you want me to do?

the tv made it worse

"look at how skinny she is"
"no wonder she has a husband"
"her child will be just as beautiful as her"

i curled into a ball ashamed of myself
why were you telling me this?
why were you being so mean?
how do i fix things between us?

i had stopped eating
the emptiness in my stomach no longer hurt
water was my only meal each day
my sleepless nights were filled with crying

"dont eat that"
"not that either, you have to stay skinny"
"you can go with one less meal"

my friends didnt know
they knew i didnt eat alot
but he knew right away
he knew something was wrong

"hey do you want this slice?" the pizza was put in front of me
one look at it and i was crying
"are you okay? whats wrong?"
i pushed the slice away and left

he was silent at first
he knew to give me my space
but you didnt
no you were still there beside me

"look what you did fat girl"
"you know skinny girls dont act stupid"
"what a fat freak"

when i finally told him what was wrong he smiled

"those are lies and you know it"
"you are so beautiful"
"you are stronger than those words"

and since then the words didnt hurt as much when you said them
sure you kept saying it
and you still do today
but i know that i am beautiful
my best friend had said so and he never lies

you cant hurt me anymore
E B K Jul 2018
You say you are ugly
because you only ever see
in the mirror
that tells you what to think

You don't see you
when I make you laugh
when your eyes come alive
with joy

You don't see you
when your crush texts you
and you fail to hide
your smile

You don't see you
when your dad comes home
at the end of the day
and says he loves you
wrapping you
in his arms
you are so filled with glee

You don't see you
when you make us so happy
you cannot help
but beam like the sun

the mirror is not a person
it has no face or voice
it cannot tell you anything
it will never say
you are beautiful

but we have faces
and we have voices
and we can say
you are
I saw a post online that said something of this sort that inspired this poem.
Spencer Smith May 2018
You, yes you.
The one with the broken smile.
No, look up, your beautiful for who you are.
I don't care how you look, or where you came from,
You Are Beautiful.
Despite what others may say,
You Are Beautiful.
Even though you may feel blue,
You Are Beautiful.
Just listen to me through the pain.
You Are Beautiful.
Your gender, race, past, do not have any hold on you anymore because,
You Are Beautiful.
I know the voices may say something else but,
You Are Beautiful.
I know you may roll your eyes but truly I know,
You Are Beautiful.
You may look in the mirror and see a disgusting mess, but your not,
You Are Beautiful
You may feel like a mess, but look up,
You Are Beautiful.
Through the loss, through the pain, through the ups and downs,
You Are Beautiful.
You have done more than you think, don't hang your head,
You Are Beautiful.
Despite the mistakes you may have made, or the cuts on your wrist,
You Are Beautiful.
You may feel anger, sadness, pain, lost, hopeless, but you should feel like,
You Are Beautiful.
There's no disguising the fact, that,
You Are Beautiful.
This poem goes out to anyone struggling to find peace or hope.
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