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  Jun 2020 Nolan Patterson
Bugs Spencer
I wonder do we ever know who we are because it seems to me everyone is searching for more.

They try to grasp at more of themselves discovering as they discover the world.

Spending time with freinds discovering more about one another.

I'm in the same boat looking into the mirror questioning myself to search for more within.

What lies beneath this skin?
Nolan Patterson Mar 2020
What determines value?
What makes a dollar greater than a coin
Why does it feel like worth vanishes
From everything that matters
Why do others get to decide my value?
Why can I not move forward

I’m done listening to their words
I’m done allowing chains to hold me back
These weights that have held me down
Forged from the hammer of heavy words
And heated anger against something else
Will no longer hold me back
Because if they can decide my worth
Then I will decide how heavy the weight is.

No longer will their past weigh me down
No longer will it affect my actions
I’m done being afraid of the pain
I’m done being bound
By the sorrow and regret of others
Since I made their problems my burden
I did not allow myself to move forward
And instead follow in the shadows
Changing how I saw my worth
As their scars and damage was added to my own.
No longer did I shine like a silver dollar
But instead I became covered in dirt and hidden.
My apparent value decreasing with each lie I told myself

Well no longer will dirt of their problems
Blind my eyes and hide my glow
No longer shall their words
Fall heavy against the fire of pain
No longer shall they forge new weights and chains
But instead I will shine
My passion burning brighter
Than their pain from the past
As their crude and dark chains melt
And I forge them into a sword
That shines bright as I pave my own path into the future
Instead of following in their wake

No longer is my worth muddied by others
But instead is more than ever before
Nolan Patterson Feb 2020
With dazzling colors that ensnare the mind
Twisting, turning away from each other
Escaping the form managed by mankind

Taking the freedom, they finally find
The solution for the observer
With dazzling colors that ensnare the mind

And clashing chaos creating the bind
That captures logic of practitioners
Escaping the form managed by mankind

No longer a beautiful gem find
But frustrations for a puzzle solver
With dazzling colors that ensnare the mind

With hands trying to break the bind
Reorganizing the scrambled color
That escaped the form managed by mankind

Until frustration leaves no hope behind
Will it finally find, freedom forever
With dazzling colors that ensnare the mind
Escaping the form managed by mankind
  Feb 2020 Nolan Patterson
thank you
for the
that no
are they**
than my voice.
**anything/anyone trying to tear me down, whether mentally or situational

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