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LannaEvolved Jul 2021
The perfection of triumph
to form a stellar nebula of what is
the next chapter arrives to collect

And bring it to a close
just to leave behind a smoldering corpse

the core expands as it does cool
after burning its hydrogen fuel
ejecting the he said she said tool

outer layers
sloughing away
words covered in dew
brining a star's false twilight
as the flora swings back the curtain
drop into this deep well

of conscious fare
a direct deposit
a victor's enlightenment
standing from inside the vale;
a weakened canvas
without a promised word to spare
just a dithering of parting
from a sky lit window; all too stagnant

Where is there to hold cover?
What is left to hide behind?

The messages
of everyday depths
of everyday depths
a sunken ship
below the surface

Just a tousling back and forth
out through the mouth
puerile to the brain
the questions taste
Just a chirrup of a phrase
gone awry

Into hollow shaded parts of hue
the lambency of a first call
muting itself
and wishing it to be other

A bandwidth of loss
For the reward of two

In the interest of truth
LannaEvolved Jun 2021
Today is for creativity and the courage to act on the most natural creativity in order to achieve desired goals.
LannaEvolved Jun 2021

I am the gleam in the golden
The spark in the stone

I am the wave in the kite
The heart of its air

I am the last piece of pie
A sliver of hope

In a world that can’t feel
I keep on

I am a fresh page in my book
A property of strength
A witness to life

In the front of its mirror  

I am the one  
that fuels faith in my trust
to move forward and beyond
LannaEvolved Jun 2021
Eternity reborn

Infinity plays with my mind
In affirmative action
Every day is the vision

My creative flow unstoppable

Eternity reborn
LannaEvolved Jun 2021
Love's mysteries in souls do grow; but yet the body is a book.
LannaEvolved May 2021
Savour your scent nectar
Stay with me and the wisdom  

I thought my aura left you
my eyes, my voice, my face,
caught between cracks of silent speech
You continue to recall me
Since we first met
I was not once taken
out of your memory
for a moment you became stronger
more defined in my absence
the temporary cannot make a sacrifice
it will not later claim  

We dropped the knife
The bond already came

A Butterfly’s Eternity is born out of the source of all inner fulfillment
It cares not what the flower speaks, but what the vision states
in the back of its wings
mid flight
In a state away from its side of the garden
It keeps on

Reminded of love
for what it does everyday
to find the flower
Remembering its why

The stillness of its knowing brings in the creative resilience
Even on rose’s alien stem

We dropped the knife. Remember?  
You can move mountains with the greatest thorn.
You can do this.
I am in low power when I need to research, plan, and take charge then in high power when I need to be on the world's stage execute but also stay silent.  
Both shifts are a balance between them that enables one to achieve a purposeful journey of love and life.
LannaEvolved May 2021
Careful with courage...

Deeply rooted truths
twisted breaths into
my life

the loneliness took navigating through

the loss that came to me in baskets of highlighted mystery

the past achievers who didn’t survive

I made a promise to my ancestors
between my golden coins
lipstick buried in red dangling

Chair and purse
off it’s arch

Sit me back down on the groundedness
Bring me back to please

Freeze me
but why after you dismiss me?

To the dream awakening
don’t hurt me
protect my mind
whispers in my ear

I swear to my ceremony

I am careful with courage...
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