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Part of work as actors and as artists is a calling to be: Beings of empathy with a strong fascination with the deepest parts of human experience.

You can always tap into the unconscious and that is both yin and yang. You can't hope to be in touch, your mind's subconscious will naturally make it a part of your living. Negativity is just a result of lack and lower awareness and that is also low power or no power.
You can avoid conflict I believe, but not people's emotional reactions towards you, which may indeed exude less than positive energy.
Follow your efforts instead of wishing for a dream.
Create a vision for yourself instead of
seeing it as just a dream.

Visualizing is more than hoping for a dream.
It is about taking yourself through the process of cultivating your passion for the  dream you will start to create through the opportunities you already trace each day.
You are powerful. You’ve done amazingly well for yourself and you always will.
See your worthiness, feel your importance, and pitch the self-doubts.

The world needs you right now.
It is still a place full of magic that bends to our dreams. You are loved.
You are important. You are valued.

If you need something, anything, ask for it. And if someone asks you for help, give to the best of your ability or try to find someone who can.
If you were to reflect each day on what mediums you used today, how would that affect your Art, your movement, your writing, your expression?
How did the source of expression illicit different feelings and movements for you?
Feel curious and invited into awareness of your own perception preferences and those around you.
Contributing to a conversation about what I call: balancing the emotion with a perceived reality, which can also be claimed as an illlusion. #Traumahealing #lovingwhoyouare #mentalhealth #buildingrelationship #managingperceptions #consensualrealities
Flowing movements, striking poses, loving thoughts.
Creativity is more than a modality of use, it is your entire personality diving deep into a new world that you yourself are making to improve, to change, to renew, and to reveal first to yourself and then to others when you so choose.
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