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Ash Jun 3
She is reminded she isn't good enough everyday.
"You can't do by yourself, you need a man," they say.
No one tells her she is beautiful just the way she is.
No one tells her that she belongs to herself, she is not 'his'.
She is taught to hate her body by them.
She is told how unworthy she is by them.
No one tells her about the fierce fire burning in her heart.
That she too could be someone's glowing light in the dark.
No, she is only told how she needs to change.
She is overlooked and underappreciated at every stage.
So she just writes her story down.
As a reminder of who she was before she let her real self drown.
Maia May 17
I get lost fighting
Against the current
Of these thoughts
And all I can do
Is whisper
Zeenat Kabir Jan 22
In the liquid of these eyes
Dreams don't drown
In the turbulence of the wind
Or the raging storms
Stars don't shake or fall

The scars on that beneath your breast
Have chiseled you to the amazing piece that you now are
Believe me, my darling
Time has a story to tell you
Listen with patience

Look closely
You're still alive
You still exist
There's still life in your every breath

Look closely into the ashes
There's still a flicker of an ember
Blow it and light it up
Even if you've lost so many times
You haven't forgotten how to fight

Look closely honey
Even on headstrong roads
Your chaffed feet still remember how to walk
Even with ironclad rules and norms
Your heart is still a rebel

Be You! Be You!!
You can do it!
You are enough
You are amazing
You will succeed
So, Shine that light

I wrote this for myself, as a mantra for days I feel like giving up
KB Aug 2018
She was never enough for you.
Judgment from the day she learned that she is a human being.
The day she knew what a daughter was supposed to be.
The day she knew that words had meaning.
That the words can create feelings inside of her.

By you, she was never enough for you.
Thrown by words that torn an innocent heart into pieces.
Before the heart was even ready to mature and love another beside her own mother.
Your words thrown to the corner that she never felt she wasn't enough.
That love from you will never be felt inside of her.

So she learned to live afar from.
To not come near you.
That any bond she creates with you will be burn down from your lips.
As each action she tried to earn your love.
But it wasn't enough.

Walls were built around her heart.
Then she learned what is love from another.
But still grow afar from you
because she wasn't enough.

She prove and prove
But the judgements and names always came through your lips.

When will she be enough for you?
When she's dead?
When she pushed you to the curb and have her own life?
Self love is hard to form inside the heart at an young age fighting for love was a battle. As she learned about her life and who she was, that self love was formed from others and she fought for herself. She learned that herself was enough to live. She didn't need her mother's approval to feel that self love.
Rose Amberlyn Feb 2018
When it doesn't sit right,
and you can't help but fidget,
and the feeling only gnaws.

Cut yourself free.
Slice through the vines that hold you.
Use the fire within,
to burn what's outside of you.

When you have to choose,
between pain and hurt and you.
I choose me.
Rebecca Cerrone Sep 2016
You're in a never ending cycle of telling yourself you are never quite good enough, asking "What am I lacking?" What a trick you play on yourself, and it seems you have lost yourself while you question your worth.
Come to me, let me help build you up. Feel me right here as I put your insecurities to sleep. Let me remind you even at your worst that you will always be enough, remind you that you are deserving, and that you are worthy, until you believe it for yourself.

-Rebecca Cerrone
Erin Nicole Sep 2016
Dean is beauty
Dean is grace
Dean will stab you in the face.
SydneyAnn Mar 2015
going to bed happy
for the first time
in a long time
a smile
on my face
in bed with
an empty
space next to me
going to be happy

— The End —