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hj Feb 22
It’s a sin
It’s a fault
I kind of want to scream
I’m sorry
To the whole world
Your destroying me
By building me up
Getting me down
By helping me reach the top
Oh stop
But don’t stop
Let’s stay away
But not give us up
Let’s have hope
But let’s give up
Let us laugh
Let us sob
I’m down the hill
But at the mountain top
I’m going crazy
But my sanity doesn’t drop
I’m alive
But my soul gave up
I found this poem I wrote back in 2018
hj Jan 6
Dig ur claws into me why don’t you
Shatter my heart of glass
Stab every part of my body that still works
**** me with ur words
Dig into my skin
And cut the pieces
I tried to mend
Break my life and my existence
It’s already broken
What’s the difference
hj Dec 2019
Our love
Is double suicide
  Nov 2019 hj
My inner self
wears a devilish smirk
mocking my healthy living.

It’s seen this cycle
many times before
life’s not that forgiving.

Smiling because
it knows my truth
whispering in my ear,

your pleasure lies
in pain my friend
this act is insincere.

Get up early
eat an apple
run a mile or two.

Unless you wipe
me off your heart
self-worth will not accrue.

You don’t believe
not yet I know
from here it’s plain to see.

Because I am you
not drugs or *****
you cannot hide from me.
hj Nov 2019
What is it like
to play the last card
Playing with cards
from the shards of your heart
What's it like
to see in the dark
light a little spark
What's it like
to see in black and white
What's it like
to feel a rainbow inside
What's it like
to feel it all together
What's it like
to enjoy
but suffer
Ask me what it feels like
trust me I know
What it's  like to laugh
when you have suicidal thoughts
What it's like
to have tears of joy
While the monsters in your head
play with your heart like a toy
And make you cry
and cry
Cry over and over
When pain is your drug
and you haven't been sober
You always tell yourself
it's gonna be over
But what is it
the joy or the torture
When will you hang
a rope to your collar
And the blood fro your wrists
keeps pouring
over and over
Or maybe one day
your heart won't be polar
and black and white
will burst into the sky
and a rainbow writes
It is finally
hj Oct 2019
And then you remind me of why we left
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