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  Mar 17 hj
Bogdan Dragos
he watches the rain like
it's alive
but he feels less alive himself
behind him
the house turns dark
its last light going off

don't turn back
don't look back
keep going ahead

and maybe another house
and another wife
will open up before you

or maybe there'll be another
war coming
and the nation will need
your service

this time the fear shall be
less intense
The first time
someone points
a gun at you
you're terrified
the second time's the same
and so on
but eventually there comes
a time when you
run out of people
to point guns at you




and none of them make you
feel like her eyes
watching from the window
behind the curtains
and no pulling of the trigger
and no bang
is like her voice screaming
at the kid to go away, to not look

"A stranger! That's what the
man outside is. And I'm calling
the police if he keeps staring like that.
you dare look at him. Go to
your room. Now."

What's a man when all
the wars are over?
A squirt gun against the sun.

His good hand, the one with
whole and working fingers
reached into an inner pocket
of his uniform, found

He walked on
And it rained on
And there were no more wars
hj Jun 2022
I remember an old guy he was an alcoholic hospitalized with me, he used to cut his cigarette filter so it guests stronger, I do the same sometimes, I wonder what he’s doing now. When we used to ask him he used to say “I’m already messed up there’s nothing left to ruin” I wonder if he’s okay now if he finally has something to ruin, I wonder if I do too, and then I remember you. I remember your eyes looking at me like I’m the only thing that matters in this universe, I remember, how u could know if I was asleep or pretending to avoid a conversation, you said my eyes smiled when I fell asleep, I dont know what you meant by that, but it made me smile. I remember you proposing to me with a pine cone, and promising me you will do it again one day, but for real. I remember spending two days locked in a car with you, you were worried about me, you wouldn’t leave, we slept uncomfortably, but we were still comfortable cuz I was in your arms and you were in mine.
I remember dancing with you in the er as we waited for me to be admitted, it was cringy and cheesy but I didn’t care, in your arms the only thing I care for is you. I remember your lips on mine and how they tasted, I remember how the universe exploded but disappeared at the same time when you kissed me for the first time. I remember when You pinned me me against the wall and kissed me as if I was the only running river in a drought. I remember the flowers I sent you and how you keep them, I remember how u put my birthday gift in a box filled with those same flowers that you dried, it was a necklace a ring with wings, it was a promise. A promise that one day, we’ll have everything, we’ll have a house with a garden, and cats, so many cats, one day we’ll have kids and I’ll tell them how much their dad loved their mom, that’s how they’ll learn what love really is, one day we will have something to ruin, we will have everything to ruin, but we won’t
hj Jul 2021
We tell children to be creative
Think outside the box
But then we shape them into the same people  from the same mold
Tell them to paint inside the lines
All the same color
Tell them holding their heads too high snaps their necks
Make them into copies of each other
All the same color
Mother I want my elephants to fly
And my ducks painted in every single color
Just like my sister painted when she was three
I want my books from a world we don’t know
And my poetry to rhyme only when it wants to
I want to paint my words
Not in the same way others have
While appreciate what other people painted their words with
As long as we have different bloods running through our veins
We will always be different
But we all have blood running through our veins
To remind us that we are the same
Remind us to appreciate each other without putting each other down
I want my skies pink
And my grass purple
I want my coffee to smell like roses
And my tea to smell like the earth
My wine to taste like the moon
And my box to be the universe
And whatever is beyond
I want the universe in every soul to grow
And glow
And make this place a little less dark
And I want my ducks in every color
Just like my sister painted
  Apr 2021 hj
Many years ago
One man killed another man
& everybody died.
  Dec 2020 hj
kiran goswami
Meeting you was an accident,
You are the scar
I never want to heal from.
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