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hj Oct 8
And then you remind me of why we left
hj Oct 8
I still love you
I really really do
And I’m hoping you see this poem
So you read the words I couldn’t say to you
I’m still in love with your hair
And the way you stared
At me
I’m still in love with ur lips
And your smile
With your broken pieces
And ur chips
I’m still in love with the way you comfort me when I’m sad
And the way you held me in your arms
Until my tears stop
They way you kissed me slow
Or when u kissed me fast
The way you kissed my chin
The way you kissed my neck
I miss your body sleeping next to me
I miss when our souls join
I miss you with my all
hj Sep 23
Beneath her touch
She planted gardens
Beneath her soft hands
Flowers bloomed on my skin
Her lips against mine
Hushed my demons
That wouldn’t calm down for the love of anything
But hers
hj Aug 27
Look into my eyes
I wanna see
What I look like
Without my scars
hj Jul 25
my role in this life with you
Is to make you happy memories
you are my inspiration
hj Jul 13
is love always enough?
I'm waiting for your answers
hj Jul 13
if i could
i would
if i could
i would
if I coul
If i cou
If i co
if i c
if i
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