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Maia May 2019
If we leave here not knowing
Where life will be going,
Remember that if all fails
Fall back on the fact
That we are growing.
Maia Apr 2019
I want a love
So real it’s enough.
Maia Apr 2019
Saying I don’t belong
In your home
Is my home
and your land
Is the earth’s
My mother
Dear sister,
Why are we fighting
Like fire,
Like water,
Like hate,
Like hurting,
Aren’t we all hurting

Building walls
Let them down
It’s been so long
Since I’ve seen you
Held you,
Told you,
We are all ours
And that’s all
We’ve got
So we might as well

Maia Apr 2019
Fall in love
With the wind
That holds you steady
Through the night
And flies away
At the first sight of light.
Always is she
Blowing your name
Like dandelions floating by
Caressing the sky
As you hear her whisper
“I’ll be right here,
By your side.”
Maia Apr 2019
On the day that we leave this place,
May the sands of the Sahara shift,
As they turn
Into an ocean of glass,
May the stars up above
Cry streams of light,
Holy be this night
For it is in this darkness
That our life changes,
As the world is growing  
Love knows,
that in all our aching
The earth keeps on turning
Maia Apr 2019
I love you
Like the day loves the sun.
Darling I know,
I shouldn’t live
Needing you
When you shine
Unaware of my light,
But I do.
So I flew closer
And as you left me
In this night
I burned for you.
Maia Apr 2019
I promise
One day
The sun will wash away the rain
And the tide will pull away the darkness

Maybe that isn’t today
And maybe,
That’s okay
Because I promise
One day
You will be.
Maia Apr 2019
Do the waves
Ever wish to leave
The hold of the moon?

If it could,
Would it
Free it’s spirit
From the pull of a lover
Miles and miles away?

Or would it keep moving,
To the beat of a drum
No one else seems to hear?
Hi, I’m pretty new to this so please comment any tips and suggestions. Thank you!

— The End —