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Rex Forté Jan 2015
That Emo Kiddo. Emo's poems are straight and to the point. I don't know Emo personally, but Emo seems pretty cool.
Sorry for not knowing your gender. And pardon my pun.

Ryn (RhymeSmith)

Truly one of the most creative poets here, a master of the concrete. I'm blessed to call him a dear friend and honored to read his poetry. I'm not sure he really knows what he means to me.
Love you!

Creep That Loved You

Even at a young age, she captures emotions that I cannot. She brings a tear with a few simple thoughts. I can call her my friend and caring, she has truly taught.


I don't think I've met another woman with so much soul, you've taught me things that have helped me grow. I'm truly blessed that your poetry, I've come to know.


I've never met another with so much going on, but still stands strong. The weight you carry upon your shoulders and what life has brought on... Well, I can honestly say, I'm envious of your strength and I hope we can grow our bond.

Ember Evanescent

A sweetheart, through and through, I'm so truly proud of you. You write with such courage, depth and truth. You believe in the good, even without proof. I hope joy and love shine down upon you.

WolfSpirit Aka QuinFinn

I'm not even sure where to begin! I've had a poetic crush on you from the very beginning. You're hilarious, smart and such a good friend. You always show compassion, love and understanding.

(I don't think I can rhyme anymore...)

Weeping Willow

An amazing, heathbreakingly beautiful person and poet. You write with such passion and pain. Never Stop.

Amitav Radiance

I actually don't know you too well, but I always look forward to your writes, please continue on.

Joe Malgeri

A painful style you have, yet you always bring so many fascinating aspects of life to light. I always smile when I see something new from you.

Cat aka Catbird

You're soulful and talented, I love to read your words. Seems your emotions just spill onto the page. I can relate and completely agree with everything you say. Also love chatting with you.


So relatable. I respect you dearly as a poet and person. You truly have a passion and talent for writing. Please, never stop bearing your soul for us all to read.

Joe Cole

Well, Sir, can you say nature writing at it's finest? You have wisdom, style and I love the challenges you present. I hope to read your work for many years to come.

The Emerald Outcast

You're different, I like that about you. You stand up for the outcasrs, unknowns and underdogs. I'd like to think I try to as well, but you're much better at it. Such a skill with ink as well.


You're an old soul, with so much to offer us writers here on HP. Heartbreak runs through us all, but I treasure it, along with every word you put to ink.

Pradip Chattopadhyay

I haven't really talked to you much, besides comments but I always look forward to what you have to say. You bring a new outlook on things.

Natasha ML

A friend if there ever was, I thank God for the time zones cause otherwise you may not be up all night helping me through my troubles, and I through yours. You're an unbelievable poet as well

Thomas A Robinson

You have such an amazing insight into the world and the soul, I always look forward to your comments and poems. You are truly talented.


I still remember you saying my comment "this may be weird, but seriously dude, I love you" was the best comment you ever got. It's true, you're astounding and your followers and poetry prove that tenfold. Keep it up.

The DedPoet

You are far from dead, you are alive in every word you write and you bring meaning to my life. The agony, despair and pain you express has literally brought me to tears on a few occasions. You certainly have a brilliant way of expressing yourself.

Oh, my sweet winter Rose, you're truly so beautiful and amazing in so many ways. As a friend, you've been there for me and as a poet you've helped me believe in the impossible.
Love you!


Oh my, do you truly make me feel. I remember the first poem I read by you and the ending truly shocked me to tears, about her feet not touching the floor and every one since has completely enthralled me.


Another wonderful soul I have not spoken with much, but you always seem to like my every post and I always love yours. You make me smile and feel deeply.

Elsa Angelica

My dear, dear friend, how I love your happiness and joy in writing plus the love you've always shown to so many of us here on HP. I love every single thing you post, although we don't necessarily agree on some things, you're always there for me. You're beautiful, never forget it!

Frank Ruland

I may be biased, it's true, but you are the best friend a girl could have and every thing you write truly speaks volumes to the level of intellect and understanding you have of a broken spirit and heart. The ones you write with the song lyrics, my, word, if those artists read them, they'd be astoundingly proud. You have more depth, deeper meaning and metaphorical concepts in your poetry than anyone else. I believe you are truly my favorite poet, like.. EVER. I'm completely envious of you as a writer, poet and person. You show strength, courage and resilience, more so than I ever could. I love you deeply.

To anyone I have missed:

You're beautiful and I've read so much of your work as well, but as you all know... I read A LOT on here. Please forgive my oversight.


This took a lot of time and thought. I hope you all enjoy. Please check out all the authors I've mentioned works. Thx. :)
Ellie Shelley Jan 2015
JannaLee Perry
She is so amazing but she doesn't know it. I love her to death, and she is my best friend, and I hope she will always be by my side <3
Taylor Jan 2015
Marly. Just Melz. Kiyuki Ishida. Unwanted. Sye. Ally. Just a few of the people that have helped me, both in the beginning and recently. Who helped me when I had no place to turn to and no hope. Who gave me numbers to call for help and support lines when I needed them. People I am forever grateful to.
Sorry if I missed anyone. Everyone on this site is awesome though.
Ena Alysopriono Jan 2015
Parsavagely Kompenere
Her poems are all so beautiful and she is a really kind person. Everyone should check out her poetry it is amazing.
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Everyone on HP

Because we all have our stories
For the world to be told
Even when times are tough
We do not fold

We have our own kinks and quirks
Which make us our own
For we are all different
All unique, and all bands together this is home

This is why we are all awesome
Some stand out as figure heads
But don't let that put you down
For all your works are awesome and need to be read
Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
The Emerald Outcast
Beautiful work, beautiful soul and KIND, kind, kind heart. What a lovely poet and person. Emerald Outcast is inspiring and everyone should check her out. <3
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