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neko-nae Aug 2017
scattered thoughts
but run


yoga s t r e t c h,

b r e a t h e

b e    h e r e,

finally figuring out
how to focus on what i have,
not the lack--

waking up to your comments
& feel a jolt,
the remembrance of what i'm working for,
or what could be
once i learn

I can do this.
Eefs Jungmann May 2015
Just say yes
           'cause yes  is
  and means that
Hey everybody, sorry I haven't posted since January, been super busy and dearie me, time flies!
As always, hope you enjoy and feel free to give ANY feedback and happy almost summer holidays and if you're already on them, hope you're having an amazing time, at the very least!

This is something I put together about things I feel strongly about, for many different things. What's the worst that can happen?!?
J J Sep 2014
I try not to let you strangle me
I try not to let you drown me
I try not to let you burn me
I try not to let you hurt me

Completely blind, absolutely deaf
To my own advice, my own truth
Afraid of my very own mind
Of the thoughts that posses every part

You crawl, you climb
And you stay, you linger
Control slips, its now out of reach
So you grab the chance and take over

I’m alive, but hardly breathing
You choke, not ****
You laugh, as you flood
You whisper: “I’ve done it again”

You win.
You’ve triumphed.
I fail.
I’ve fallen.

— The End —