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  Nov 2021 CrackedMoonboy
Broken Pieces
Funny, a simple change, well, it changes so much.
I feel confident by just a simple touch.
It doesn't seem like much to others,
But to me I feel brand new with these two colors.
It doesn't shine nor shimmer,
In fact it's a hell of a lot dimmer.
It doesn't stop me from feeling on top of the world,
And with this change I demand to be heard.
I won't stop, I'll keep it going,
I can't shine but I'll keep on glowing.
The world is still dark and dreary,
Thinking of the past still makes me teary.
But I feel a bit brighter,
I feel like I'm a fighter.
Thank you change for helping me out,
I'm no longer afraid to raise my voice and shout.
  Oct 2021 CrackedMoonboy
Broken Pieces
I really needed you
I thought you wanted me too
But you just ripped yourself away
Should've known you wouldn't stay

We were supposed to be perfect
But you went treated me like an object
Why is everything I do not right
Why do you always steal my light.

I saved up this love to save me
And I was happy but you couldn't let it be...
CrackedMoonboy Oct 2021
Tell me is it just me
but I feel like the world
just hate's me

Cause no matter what I do
something or one get's hurt by me

And I didn't do what they say
but sadly at the end of the day

the world tells them not to
believe me any way

At this point in my life I
found the answer, but now

It seems the world gave me something
like cancer, cause whatever I do

I feel the pain cause I don't want to lose you
But what do I know I am sure my

Love for her doesn't matter anymore
I can't see why I try to love or care
cause to be honest the world may just not care but
I pray she talks to some day or today
  Oct 2021 CrackedMoonboy
Broken Pieces
It's kinda like a storm,
Or maybe it's just rain.
I feel it deep inside,
This never ending pain.

I want it all to end,
I don't want any more.
But it's not stopping,
Now I feel it pour.

When will the eye come,
when will the pain be done.
Will it ever be enough,
Will I ever see the sun.
CrackedMoonboy Sep 2021
It was like only yesterday  
you were able to hold me

but sadly now I am just a grown
teen, not a baby

It's a very scary feeling when u know
the biggest support could just disappear
and without you knowing

I can't stop thinking about it all

What if you are gone now I didn't get to say
goodbye let alone see me get married

NOO! grandkids no family I wish so much you
could be around but this feel this thing, I think

Are time maybe be up

It's just enough I can handle all this
bad new could the lord stop this pain inside

Cause it's hurting to now the out
come, with zero power to

Stop it, cause I just feel worthless
I can't lose my grama
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