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Andie Sep 2016
You think you're such a heavy heart, don't you?
Why do you think I can't lift you?
You've lifted me higher than I ever could imagine darling
nothing could drag me down again, now that I have you in my arms.
but you
You want to believe you're so heavy, that you're dragging me down,
that you could be hindering me in anyway. You cling to it, hoping, for some reason, that you're such a heavy heart weighing on me.
I wish you knew how high off of the ground you actually were.
cause baby, I've got your feet off the ground.
*and I'll never let you down
You're lifting me, not the other way around. For her
Lightly, darling, live lightly, Lightly dollface, live brightly and let the darkest, deepest, heaviest parts of your soul drip down your rib cage over your bones. Feeling it all, just let it fall to your toes, down in the ground and all around.
An effortless flow let the black of your mind seep into the meaning of time
spread your roots and just breathe.
Look about you. You will shed darkness so it reveals the light that is you The you that is always yearning to greet the heavenly sun.
Jane Bell Nov 2015
Wake up late
Run to the bus
Finish up school
Do homework on the bus
Walk (kick, wander, jump, skip) home
The days are as simple as those 5 steps but when the night creeps In the doorway with me, arriving home at 6pm,
I feel the wollow of worthlesness
As if I am weightless
Absolutely empty.
What is my worth to this world?
Thought about it a million times.
And I am truly a nothing
But those 5 steps
Megan Hoagland Oct 2015
I miss the way I could laugh carefree.
The way smiles used to light up my face.
But when I glance at him,
I see he struggles to do the same
and occasionally we will laugh together
and our smiles make the room seem brighter
and for a moment we're weightless.

And in those moments
my hearts swells to capacity
with love for this man
who can make me feel like I used to
by just looking into my eyes.

We see the depths of each other's souls
and find that we are equal
and always have been,
in this life and the next.
An old one, written for a feeling I long for with someone, day and night.
hello again Aug 2015
How did I get here?
Am I alive?
I feel weightless, almost like the dust on a lamp.
How did I get here?
All I see is darkness.
I know I'm not dead.
So where am I?
And why am I here?
and more importantly, how did I get here?
Joe Dusk Jul 2015
Like some ungodly weight
Straight from my back and shoulders.
This ink that I've been given left me stronger, even bolder,

See how long I have been hunched,
Like some tortured, aging mule.
The pages burning ink and fury, I'm the fire not fool.

Touch ground for one last second
Weightless now I touch the clouds.
Never stopping for a second, I am never coming down.
Gradual decent,
Spine rolling over the fine beige fabric of the foot-stool centred in the dismal living room.


In four places,
The tension from life’s cold battle captured between the fragile disks release.

Weightlessly heavy,
Pale arms outstretched, limp and lifelessly brush the worn crimson carpet; Shoulders free of burden.
Dazzling vision,
Head dangling soft messy hair,
The sky light beams brighter through hand printed patio doors.


Dry air dances passed thin lips, tongue and throat to lungs; soothing when thoughts remain with the action.

Restful conclusion:
I am better, upside-down.
J M Surgent Feb 2015
I have never wanted so badly to be weightless in my life,
Than I have wanted to be weightless tonight.
Haylee Dicker Jan 2015
I've always said head over heart,
Something about you makes my brain depart,
You leave me confused, breathless,
Wanting more,
I won't give up on you,
I'm sure.
The Black Raven Nov 2014
Beams of light explode over the soft sand,
i can feel the warmth on my face as i sit on the beach,
sinking softly into natures warm bed.
The light seems to turn everything it touches
into a glowing ball of light,
as if god himself is smiling down at the dawn of a new day.
The beach is deserted apart from a few seagulls
that seem to share this enlightened appreciation.
I grab my board and walk slowly towards the sand,
my feet sinking into the grains,
feeling the consistency change as the water laps at my ankles.
My wetsuit keeps me surprisingly warm
as the cold water rises slowly, and i close my eyes,
holding my board under one arm.
I smell the salt, the fresh air, this is what beauty is.
I wander in, losing myself in this new environment.
I duck quickly underwater wetting my hair and face,
floating weightlessly in the water for a second,
before rising, feeling fresh as i grab my floating board and straddle it.
Leaning forward, i can seeing fish scatter
as the first wave washes over me
like a tilde wave of emotions and stress,
i wipe the slate clean,
i am the tabula rasa and this is a new day.
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