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Glenn Currier Jun 2020
You walk lightly,
said the old wizened man,
As if the floor were too thin
and you, afraid to use all your weight.

I looked at him with a surprised grin
and said
You are perceptive
no one ever said that out loud to me.

He just grinned and winked.
Roman B Jan 2020
We so few
Who tread lightly on this earth
Carry with us our heart and mind
Carried away with the cascade of vision and dream

Brought out by the sun
Wanting only the peaceful murmur of a breeze

The few who tread
Uphill, downhill, or just along the way
Bring with you a story
Of love, hurt, hope...

Make a story that sings of life
Live a life that makes a story
On a morning of dew and sunshine I wrote this. Before walking out the door I was told that I walked lightly on this earth.
Lightly, darling, live lightly, Lightly dollface, live brightly and let the darkest, deepest, heaviest parts of your soul drip down your rib cage over your bones. Feeling it all, just let it fall to your toes, down in the ground and all around.
An effortless flow let the black of your mind seep into the meaning of time
spread your roots and just breathe.
Look about you. You will shed darkness so it reveals the light that is you The you that is always yearning to greet the heavenly sun.
Clouded May 2015
Your nickname is cotton
Your lips are pea sweet
Your back is so soft and your eyes are tea leaves, and then when I kiss them it suffocates me, for your beauty's so delicate that I can hardly breathe.
Dark Jewel Mar 2015
We all search,
And seek.
That guiding hand.

A hand that holds you,
In your darkest times.
One that will calm you,
In your despair of anger.

We all seek,
That sense of peace.
When we don't understand,
The reality.

We long for those hands,
To guide.
Those who have strayed.

To bring them forth,
Risen from the darkest corners.
Faces pale as ghost,
To be guided to a holy world.

You don't need religion,
To guide those who have strayed.
You need compassion,
To be a guiding hand today.

Guide those who have ran,
Those who are hiding.
Those who are in fear.

Bring them forth,
Rise them up.

Use your guiding hands,
To heal those.
Who have strayed.
I wanted everyone to know that there is someone out there for you. To guide you in your darkest times, to allow you to pour your heart out to be healed. It may seem grim now, but the light will brighten your heart that beats. It will save those around you, to keep them safe and alive.

To Sean,
Who has been through so much I can't even say. He guides me as I guide him everyday. I love him with all my heart and soul.

To Jessie,
Whose been through hell and back with me and will always be like a sister to me. I love you sis, thank you for guiding me.

To my Mom,
Who has guided me to a dead end.
But tried her hardest.

To my Dad,
Whose strong hands keep the family together. Who works harder than anyone I know. Who has compassion for his family and others.

To my Step mother,
We have been through alot.
I still love her like a mother and I thank her. We may not always get along but I still love her.

To all those who have given me hope,
Thank You.

— The End —