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I belong to those who'd be longing
to belong to someone,
but not if belonging
means I must change to belong;
and it'd be a long time before
I could ever belong to that.
How do we as one vehicle
get to something we all want?
We carpool our specialisms
to drive ourselves forward.
Collaboration, Vehicle, Want, Desire, Life, Individual, Together, All, Self, Specialism
It wouldn’t matter
should you not have any,
for the Canadian police force
has four legs too many.
Galloping in fields,
but in alleyways long,
the arm of the law
Has no legs to stand on.
Love dressed up as love
hits you like a train,
but you'll relish such collision
over anything less,
dressed up as the same.
Though magpies they are,
love birds they be.
And oh so, drawn to shiny trinkets.
Content was he,
yet his offerings of humble stolen objects,
that could stop her gawking could not
stop her gawping,
for ill affordable gold.

Though magpies they are,
love birds not quite.
happiness was of material dependance
in particular her new flame;
an open window and a pendant.
She fled for warm jewels
but found only cold steel.
A pursuit for prettier rings
befalls a neck that is wrung,
by bigger predators
with human hands,
and by greedy choices
that shun the real gold in others.
freedom doesn't lie
in the collectives cages,
but stands with the choices
individuals make,
to avoid being caught in them.
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