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Andie Mar 27
days break
nights fall
The moon phases in and out
between empty and full

trees burst forth
boulders crumble
The earth spins around
set at an angle

wind blows
water ebbs and flows
Fire scorches the land
and makes it fertile and dead

tadpoles transubstantiate
eagles hatch
Minnows appear in small puddles
that dry in summer, leaving no bodies

humans search
humans misplace
And that which they seek
does not exist for them
What is human nature? Is it natural?
Andie Feb 4
ivory skin, as this paper
ebony hair, as this ink
shining, imbued with moonlight
glistening, dipped in the morn's dew

he is my friend, with
lips of roses
a nose, a thorn
and flowers, rathe in winter

she is your lover with
fangs of eggshells
eyes of marbles
blood of honey
and flesh of black lace

one mark, a fall, a
wellspring in the night
we sing the evensong
then where do we go?
I don't know what I'm feeling. This feels totally right, yet totally wrong
Andie Jan 4
flowing water runs

between trees light dances high

quick fish dart amoung

and I lean against some wood

a green Croc© drifts slowly through
For a midterm project
Andie Nov 2018
cascading out from open veins
time develops into adumbration
it splatters on marbles floors,
and fractured pocket-watches

I have become drunk on the impossible past
Andie Oct 2018
It is morning-time, and I walk
meandering paths pull me, a crisp breeze pushes me
the earth supports me and falls away with each passing step
it can only hold me when I'm there

softwood trees bend around the trail, and hardwood trees enrich their denouement. A glittering canopy of dewy leaves curls atop my route, the moonbeams seeming to dawn from inside each perfect ornament. but I know the finished moon floats just above them

my steps flow in a steady rhythm, regularly broken by the passage of a memory. Sometimes it is time. Sometimes it is a dance. Once it was another Being that caught my consideration; a ghostly doe, visible just through a break in the wood, a brown and white-speckled spectre crashing through the hinterland, startled by my feet, by my breath-

the breeze is stronger now, and made anxious by the din my pace quickens. memories stream by faster, woken up by the filtered moonlight, pulled out from abeyance. leaves drifting upon a whirling river, clouds being ripped into a storm.

it is morning-time, and I walk
the sky is deepening, though the moon is descending
too much has happened, too much has passed into yore
I remember just enough, and it is mourning-time
Andie Oct 2018
light       refracts     into
your       cold          shining
Encased in             our
most       desired   compound
a              rainbow ripples
across     the          crystal
fists         bounce   and
words     are          formed,
but           I              cannot
through  your       love
and         mine
Everyone is in a prison; some prisons are different than others
Andie Sep 2018
lifting my eyes to the sky I see the
crescent moon
illuminating, enlightening, cool
she is all of this - but not tonight
the sky is too dark, she is too weak, you are too far away from me
for any of it to matter
Love can strike us in an instant
and we can take a lifetime to understand it.
just as her eyes strike my retinae
just as your visage strike my face
just as you struck me
but she will always spin, orbiting around me,
until the pull of gravity cannot hold her anymore
just as you have already left
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