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hello again Dec 2019
Remember the pain you felt?
Pure burning pain.
Pain that hurt so much you never thought it would stop.
The pain of your heart shattering
The pain of your heart losing someone they cared so much about
The pain of knowing that you might not ever get them back
Pure burning pain.
The pain that you inflicted on yourself because you saw no other way of dealing with the pain in your heart.
The pain that you were so afraid to talk about because you were afraid of what the people cared about most would say.
You were so afraid of them leaving you when all they wanted to do was help you.
They saw your pain they wanted to take it away from you.
But you didn't let them .
You gave in more and more to the pain and kept hurting yourself more and more
You couldn't anymore.
You gave in,
Asked for help,
You healed.
And sweet girl,
Guess what,
the pain has subsided
You are no longer broken,
You are no longer afraid,
You are no longer alone .
You are so loved
You are seen for who you are and not the person you were.
I've grown
hello again Jan 2019
i can't find the words to say these days
the words escape me
where did they go?
on the tip of my tongue
then in the back fo my throat
or pushed so far back into my mind that i forget who they were for
wouldn't it just be easier to say "i'm not fine anymore"
but i was the other day and now my anxiety is swallowing me whole
my thoughts grow louder and louder yet i still can't find the words to say.
i wish it was easy
i wish i could scream I'M NOT OKAY ANYMORE
but even if i try the words turn into whispers and all i can say is
i'm just fine.
yes i'm still here
hello again Jul 2018
It’s been awhile.
I haven’t heard from you in so long.
Do you think of me?
Because I think of you.
I think of what was.
I think of how we lost this.
What we had was fun.
What we had was great.
But according to you.
It was all fake.
I remember the good times.
I remember the bad ones too.
But most of all.
I think of how things could’ve been.
How they would be.
It’s over now.
I’ve moved on.
Old friend.
I will never forget you.
Now we have parted ways.
And I hope you’re doing okay.
Goodbye old friend
hello again Dec 2017
I put the fork to my mouth
“You don’t need that”
Those are the words that pop into my head
I go a few hours longer
I put the one piece of bread to my
“You don’t need that”
There they are again those words
I go a few days
I put a glass of water to my mouth
“You don’t need that”
Again. They’re back
Now you’re on a week of nothing
Nothing at all
Yet you still think
You don’t need that.
You’ll be fine.
Just a little longer.
Let’s see how far you can go this time
Sometimes people struggle
hello again Dec 2017
Leave me and my thoughts
Do not bother me anymore
Leave me alone
hello again Dec 2017
My thoughts are darker now
My heart is heavier now
I feel alone
I feel empty
I have no words
I want sleep
Sleep gets rid of the thoughts
Sleep makes everything stop
Just for a little bit
Make everything stop
hello again Oct 2017
my eyes burn
my heart hurts
my soul is heavy
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