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LeaK Apr 2019
Made of finest wood
Reshaped - sharpened into perfect one

Holding this stick of wisdom
Its colorlessness speaks

Tracing the marks
Letter of death
Reconstructed uncountable times
Erased words of mime
This work must be blinded
For this pencil sharpened many times

Could I leave marks in permanent
Nor could I not leave
The world with truth unsaid?
#change #pencil #unfathomable #permanence
LeaK Jan 2019
All beyond reaches of our own
Stretch of sea, land of the deep
In deathly still waves
Carried the weight of prophecy

Circumnavigating ---
Wrecked ship, so as I
Syphoned by the time

Pitch black in heart of sea
In this river of abyss, wake of sorrow
Darkness shrouds our being

Colors of my soul stolen
Fading, further and farther
From my spirit
Drowning into your darkness

As I gaze into abyss
And gaze upon mine
See no reflection
But drowned to your eyes
It's a wrecked persona who let himself find his love in the midst of sea with his shipwreck, so is he. It's about facing the truth that love cannot be found, it finds you.
LeaK Sep 2018
Stellar mistreatment, meltdown; went down
Spectrum gushing, waving ocean
Exploring deplorable nether regions galore
Roots uprising, doubling be-headings

It's profound!
On the grounds of treason
The sound of suffering
The soul of season

Shimmer and I, be one
Till it gets to my guts
Blurting, hurting needs the new one
Replicating, replacing me dust to sun

Now, whole life turned into pun
Perfect one knows no one
As I lay as a stardust, have none
Cosmic wind blew and now begone
LeaK Sep 2018
Constellations, covalent bonds
Are the foundations
I'm built on

The galaxy is full
Of my sparkling
Molecular compounds
As I circumnavigate both

They are one in the same,
The universe
My nerves and my veins

And I will pass later on,
my dilator;
Looking forward to see
For what I was in dark seer
there with you again
Until the lights in its veer
LeaK May 2018
Many days without a muse, whatever shall I do?
Too long away from heart and sans a point of view
The sunrise has been glorious as the sunset strikes me numb.
Not mourning our final screams into censorship
And strike a chord that gives a voice to verses now in me.

I close my eyes and see much more than sight can ever see.
Colors swirl behind my lids and rainbows, vividly.
Butterflies, a ship of clouds glides by
Howling in the wilderness breaking through the sky
Hanging like a scimitar suspended in the sky,
As mind is far more visual into an endless four walls still sight.

Whispering blues, the height within
A troublesome mind, trampling songs from afar
Struggling to breathe, I lie waiting not to.
Thoughts are embedded tightly in a jar
To endless voices mock me; crush, break me
But I refuse to listen a strength rises
Something I wouldn't have believed
And now I was ready to fight those dementia.
I knew I wasn't alone.

If I could love the limping ugly afraid part of me
That I drag through the mud and thorns
If I could let the transparent clawing, screaming silhouette speak
Instead of kicking it into the utmost peak
If I could put my deepest human essence onto paper for everyone to see

Then, let these new visions be free.
I don't know what I make. and I know that I'm a bad writer with these scrambled thoughts. Forgive me. :(
LeaK Mar 2018
Everyone searches
never everyone finds
Everyone fights
never everyone survives
This was not never ending
Cause we're both too young
To give into forever
Trying to fit a larger than life figure.

You surely are mistaken
You've never felt love
Let me tell you why
It's just a fantasy
You're running on empty
And empty is all you can give.

I never belonged in you
I'm just a chapter that's about to end
Or maybe not a chapter at all
Leaving the hurt behind
But you are a closed chapter
The book I could not complete.

Your invisible care left me cold
Closed to the universe around you
Begging to be seen through your eyes
Yet your eyes remained closed
As did your heart.

For I am nothing and so is my heart
Feeling the emptiness' burst
In almost every moment
Leaving me in broken peace
Shattered the master piece
Take my heart
For it was not mine anymore
Let me be just empty
Cold, dark, numb and closed.
LeaK Mar 2018
You left me oblivious
We don't notice the seconds
ticking by
Or the one falling leaf
Or breaking heart
Or millions of teary eyes.
We don't notice the feet shuffling by
Or the words we can't hear.
We are oblivious to love.
There is someone out there,
Who, like you, is searching
And waiting for the one second
Where the oblivion stops.
A black hole eats me up
Swallowing me whole
Memories of me fading
Like I never existed at all.
Every thin strip of me
Erased in this world
I am nothing now but a wanderer
With no heart and soul.
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