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Gray Dawson Nov 2019
Open those cracked lips
And let out croaks and painful yelps

Drag that bruised and bloodied hand
Against the stained floorboards

Flinch into the boot in the ribs
And let those purple tears swell

Give a broken smile
As you speak misery to me
Gray Dawson Nov 2019
I sit upon a pedestal
My obsession with attention is rooted deep
So deep, that it doesn't appear to you

My pedestal draped in black cloth
Never stands out
You only notice it when you are too far in

My narcissism lines my insides
And so does my habit of manipulation
It runs it’s mouth 70% of the time

And I wish it didn’t
It’s hurting my look
Of being “too kind for my own good”

I’m deceptive, like I said
It’s in my nature
So don’t be surprised if you get your heart broken
ayb Nov 2019
I've been the best friend,
the girlfriend,
the villain,
and the victim.
now I don't know who to become.
Mikey Kania Nov 2019
it took him two hours to
count the bills; would you
believe that?


global network
state's attorneys
transnational trucking

not to mention the

entrepreneurs like him
timeless my dear!

he descends from
a lineage of


quite brutish well but who
wouldn't fight for money?

you see?

moreover as far as
i'm concerned
we are talking about a well established
name here; engraved above monuments

you mustn't worry
good people
clean reputations

don't look behind you
don't mind the reflection
don't try to feel the hole in
the back of your head

it's just your blood
it will be over

you have to die now
My Heart Is broken, Shattered to pieces
Now that your gone all happiness ceases,
You can’t imagine all the pain inside
You can’t imagine all the tears I’ve cried.

Now that your thinking of you next victim girl
I hope you know how you shattered my world,
But you don’t care it’s all the same
Who knows how many times you’ve played this game.

Well I’m one girl that won’t be ignored
Better slow down boy if you think you’ve scored
Cuz misery is all the same to me
It’s not to you, well it better be,
Cuz I’m not about to let this go
I want to make sure you know
What you’ve done to my life
And how lies can stab like a knife
Gray Dawson Oct 2019
Intestines twisted into a bow
Skeleton, no skin, all bone
Chased into a grave
By someone "brave"

Head cut off, and hung at the hips
Mouth sewn shut, wires in the lips
Promised a voice
In a place of just "noise"

Ears forced down into the pharnyx
Tongue cut off, and swallowed
Chained to the dark
Left with a "spark"

Wasabi poured into each eye
Needles poked into the iris, to dry
Breathing fractured breaths
In the times of "stress"

Fingers shredded in blenders
Toes were sold by the vendors
Broke the rules
To be reduced to mere "molecules"

Heart frozen in ice
Lungs cracked in slices with a knife
Crawling towards a light
Dipped in "fright"

Genitalia, mutilated
Thighs and chest burned til it was disseminated  
Walking into the darkness
Trying to reach the "conconscious"

Frigida glacies
labyrinth Sep 2019
As largest corporations get richer
They recruit preacher after preacher

Who articulate long heroic stories
That hypnotize nations with glories

God, King, Country and bunch of other stuff
So, seeing the naked truth becomes very tough

While the hoo-ha keeps you entertained
An army of bad people very well trained

Are insidiously getting busy with
Economy but not like Adam Smith

A sudden crash in housing sector or stock exchange
And wealth changes hands real quick. So strange!

Thank God! You have lots of TV channels to follow
Or high-tech, comfy, memory foam that we call pillow

Time for watching more TV or taking a good nap
Over further deepened income distribution gap

Although witnessed by you almost on a daily basis
You’re far from knowing the meaning of financial crisis

System’s designed in a way, you will feel strong
Yet still be the weakest link, accept and play along

In this equation, you are a worthy variable
As long as you shut your mouth and act biddable

You’re the victim here dude, that the big guy abuses
Labyrinth warned you alright. Please! No more excuses

You’d better start reading this from the very beginning
To comprehend the repeating nature of the **** thing
Pending copyright process
Shutterr Aug 2019
When can I feel like the victim
And only the victim
I can't be a victim and victimzer
At the same time
It sends me into a spiral
Of only accepting what you say
Is the truth
Aubrey Aug 2019
toxic people LOVE playing the victim..
what was even more funny is how they’re SO GOOD at manipulating you and themselves and anyone around them into thinking you’re the bad guy.
sad but true, especially when you loved them for their flaws. ignored all the bad, even when EVERY SINGLE PERSON around you told you to stay away, walk away. you don’t listen, you decided to see the good, always.
second thing,
it’s very important to stay true to who you are and walk away from a toxic environment/person if there’s no sign of improvement.

learned that the hard way this year.  

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