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Shain Brown Dec 2020
I saw it
A figure the size of me
filled with the empty black
injecting a pricing screech
that pushed me further in my bed
I can't move
as it is looking at me, and through me

the sounds are getting louder
tickling my eardrum
I close my eyes
and open to see it climb the walls
I close my eyes again
and wake.
Sleep paralysis affects millions of people each day. This was one of my experiences.
Shain Brown Nov 2020
give me a moment
just a little moment
to not exist
Shain Brown Nov 2020
What tribe are you from?
I can only see your legs and arms

Colors are dying through your eyes
bringing neon light
and tilted skies

I cant see and can't speak
of your beautiful physique

Blinded by the wonder words
you say to put me right asleep

I wake without sight
truly blinded by you
This was written back in high school when I was too attached to a being who wasn't attached to me.
Shain Brown Nov 2020
I cross the ocean for you
only for my ship to sink
not by fire or cannon
but by the simple toll of waiting


I feel the water squeezing my chest
replacing my air with your water
pushing into my system
that was never mine
Shain Brown Nov 2020
The universe  is beyond our eyes and ears
close all
and you will hear and see.
Shain Brown Nov 2020
You and i were there
Watching as our worlds crash down
We repaired them
No, We repaired yours
And let mine burn down in the ashes
But that was enough for you

You let me freeze
Time stopped
Nothing moved

Until you pressed play
On my life
Then I lifted your world
And you left me in the cold, again

I tried to call out
I needed help
I needed you

But you didn't care as much you said you do
And went on with your new life
One of many

Next time your world will crash down
I'm not helping you lift it
You'll be alone
Like me
Shain Brown Nov 2020
The Blackbird protects me.
It sits on my chest
Talks to me
And tells me
To float

The Bird helps me fight
The wars
It helps me find peace
And when there is none
It tells me to float

Then it leaves
Melts with the shadows
Of the corners

I am alone now
Desperate for air
My lungs shrink
My heart beats
My head sinks

And I
Let go
Lay down

And float.
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