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Rama Krsna Jul 20
the astrologer within
has made a prediction....
this heart has about
a billion beats left

so dance Kali
fully dressed
or naked

not in the amphitheaters of Rome
but over my corpse
in the ghats of Manikarnika
where my cremated ashes
will be dissolved
in that same river
you so heartlessly condemned me to

as you cut a rug in ecstasy
with bloodied eyes,
forget not that
this body of mine was your theater
my eyes, the showcase lights
my in and outgoing breath
the music of the orchestra,
my heartbeat
the tintinnabulation of your anklets

the candle of love
that i lit and housed
within me
kept your id and ego
in perfect balance

this candle is fast melting
but it’s my tears
which now run like a river
that will remain forever

this show is closer to its end....

the sound that you now hear
which fill the moribund skies
emanate from the cosmic drum
which beats louder and louder

Poem is written almost like a letter  from Shiva to Kali
Karijinbba Jun 1
Just like Goddess Kali
I am feared when not
my enemies know my loving passion are my kids
those demons slander me
fearing the mother
goddess in me
I gave life and inadvertedly heartbroken waived it
I give life
birthed my children
against all adds
motherhood apeaces me
injustice enrages my dance
I am Goddess Kali Karijin
Precious daughters
Elena Rose Jeanette fear not
I save I protect I write
it's my frenzied dance
surounded by demons ferocious
you and me won many a
gruesome wars
to protect you three your
children alike my light
I have deamed
Remember Mother Kali
I love you miss you
more and more
and for you my life I lay
The goddess mother
~estranged from kids ~
"The stars are blotted out,
    The clouds are covering clouds,
It is darkness vibrant, sonant.
    In the roaring, whirling wind
Are the souls of a million lunatics
    Just loose from the prison-house,
Wrenching trees by the roots,
    Sweeping all from the path...
The sea has joined the fray,
    And swirls up mountain-waves,
To reach the pitchy sky.
    The flash of lurid light
Reveals on every side
    A thousand,
thousand shades
Of Death begrimed and black."

love & motherhood apeace me.
By: Karijinbba
by Hindi ink Durga-Kali
Shiva Lord's Wife
revised 06-5-19
the poem shows how the whole universe is a stage for the goddess's terrible and frenzied protector dance.
only motherhood
apeaces the mother in me
estranged motherhood ends me.
thats why childless foe slander me
my grown children imagine
their enemy's darkness in me.
Durga is Kali Lord Shivas wife
represent good & bad apeaced
by being Loved cherished
and motherhood instict
RH O negative Mothers like me
may abort on medical evil advice
if no Rhogam vaccine is
affordable by Mother to be.
not that we ****** child to be.
Standing upon a hill, I.
Under black & purple sunwheel.
Standing with sword in right hand, representing morality and righteousness.
Standing with mine own decapitated head in left hand, represting violent and sudden removal of Ego &&& it's prompt reclaimation.
Standing soaked in the blood of the wound as my sacramental rebirth offering and cleansing.
My own next level of Apotheosis.
Kept alive by sheer will & & & magicks.

Headless mystic standing akin to an Autosacrifical Kali Ma.

Standing as Ego.

Standing as Godhead.


Standing as Headless Warrior.

Omnia et Nihil.

I am become The Other, the Ritual Evolution.
This is a poem I wrote back in Dec. '17, saved to my phone, and never published.

I liked the ritualistic meditations it sired so I decided to send it out into the 《《《☆》》》.
Autmn T Mar 2018
Doomsday nurses us from the start, reigning over the watchlist of our lifetimes. I walk through the destruction in my path while ignoring the hand I dealt in it. The disillusionment falls out of your mouth and I weep tears at the sight. The end of a cycle. I nutured you whole and watched the lilacs bloom from your scalp. Started as buds but with the passage of time became weeded. I thought I breathed new life but it stands as just obliteration.
Written during a realization that everything in my life is a product of my own actions and thoughts up to this point
O Kali
You hold the world
In the fleeing fleeces
Of your infinite
Black hair
You hold the the power
Of control
On this world
For your
Protruding in glory
Points to the annihilated
Darkness of the world
You stand dramatically
One foot ahead
On your spouse
O he is no less
The mighty Shiva
As her and his eyes alike
Meet each other
Non contact forces
Working light years away
Hail you and him
O the Satan's head
Lies chopped
In your lotus palms
Yet they hold controlling it
With such a charm
Your glorious eyes
Glazing with the Kohl
The adsorbed sorrow
And dearth of your
Devotees' lives
You bless them
With your lotus palms
Which points but
Oh this world but
Is bound by gravity
Oh that Satan's blood
Also falls
Under gravity
Signifying continuity
Of ones like him
Being born
And you
Annihilating them
Again and again
O Devi
Your rawness
Is so charismatic
You shelter your
Under the drapes
Of your clothes
The sword in your hand
Dispelling all evil
Let you guard and nourish as all
O Kali!
Jayanti mangala Kali bhadrakali kapalini
Durga Shiva kshamadhatri swaha swadha namostute
We hail you,o Goddess(Devi)!
Prajakta Mhadnak Jan 2018
I was born from the ashes of fear, guilt and shame.
Cut me into pieces and I will grow separately from all the blood-spattered pieces of my being.
Freer than before.
I have those cuts hidden somewhere under my skin.
I still breath through unhealed wounds.
I still bleed every month.
I still believe in lies.
I still choose the wrong path.
I don't need your religion to believe in myself.
I don't need you to wipe my blood stains.
I don't need you to tell me what's right.
Not this time.
Burn me and every inch of my flesh will explode viciously to reborn again and again.
Fierce than before.
My blood is still boiling and running through my fresh veins.
I won't let you drown in the hollowness
I won't immolate myself
I won't give you a chance to carry my burned flesh.
I won't follow these path of illiberal rules.
I don't want you to compromise your love.
I don't want you to devour the poison.. alone.
I don't want you to suffer ..just because you are supposed to.
Not this time..
Not this time.
Brianna Aug 2017
With her three eyes and many arms Kali Ma leaned in to tell me the secret of this year.
She told me with regret and hate filling my life- I wouldn't be getting anywhere.
She said with trust and loyalty- one day I'll find my back again.
To a live that's full of love and hope instead of sadness and sin.

The Dark Mother- the Goddess of destruction and creation told me she, herself, was the bearer of contradictions.
She said we all fall apart and there are ways to get back up if we just open our eyes.
Instead of filling our self with doubt and questioning the truth instead of the lies.

So within the Ocean  of Blood I have been created by Kali Ma- and I will sooner than later be destroyed by her power.
But before the year is up she has given me the truth to rise up and fight her.
I will change for myself and I become one with the truth's that lie within me.
I will remember the good instead of the bad so it doesn't destroy all of me.

I will wear red as gypsies must do when their funeral is near.
I will let Kali Ma devour me and send me home without fear.
I will wear pride knowing I have found the truth and let the lies go.
I will be at peace when I have figured out everything I needed to know.
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