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annh Jan 29
Cuban motorists
expect the odd puff of wind
‘nother day, ‘nother Zephyr
Wrote this completely oblivious to Sunday’s tornado in Havana. An untimely post - kia kaha! :(
Irina BBota Dec 2018
Have you ever felt the rain on your cheeks
smelling like a burgundy rose in the sunlight?
Or the fear that drives away the fire for weeks
from your soul, brought by the zephyr of the night?

Have you ever read the unwritten letters
with the wandering feather of the folly,
about the predicted destinies in sweaters
and the voiceless hearts who forget to remain jolly?

Have you ever seen the floating married couples
searching for their star in the clouds, up in the sky,
how they are looking for dizzying touches and chuckles
while writing their love on white sheets, in the hot July?

Have you ever heard the sharpened words,
the ones with hidden or multiple meanings,
how the blind hopes are torn apart by swords
bringing up bitter enigmas and bad feelings?

I did. I felt all of this. I've seen all of this.
How I was smashed in million pieces by the pain,
and yet, I believe Life will give me another kiss.
It'll get better one day, even if it's trying to rain.
Pariah of Abyss Jul 2018
The wind had it all
Commenced from the hills
Brought down by currents
It flew
Urged me to reminisce
That brought
Benevolence in my heart
It was this same wind who taught me
Not to dwell upon the past grievances
But to maintain my constant endeavours
It was the same wind again
With its tender sweet soul
Showed me how beautiful life is
And it's worth living
A million times....
The name is “zephyr"
Misha garg May 2018
Frisky zephyr tickles my senses in mischief of fate
Dulcet melody intoxicates my heart in hues of love
Season of spring swirls me in storm of hazy desires
A tinge of red in my face as i steal those  furtive glances
Novel emotions flowing in river of love seeping in me
Burning in these flames I die alive to refect in your eyes
Like a phoenix , I am reborn , Colored to suit your whims.
Hi De Nov 2017
Dear Miss,

I've seen a fair share of your ordeal
your sleepless nights
your tearful days
your anxiety and restlessness

I've seen your will
your determination to keep on going
your patient soul
your unwavering faith

I've witnessed how you tried
I've witnessed how you struggled
I've witnessed how you persevered
I've witnessed how you triumphed

Congratulations dear Miss.
Jeremiah 29:11
Star BG Apr 2017
Wind whispers,
with scents of flowers,
sounds of sacred birds,
soft swirling breezes.

The gale vibrates,
bringing suns bright rays,
children's laugher to hear,        
clouds able to dissipate.

Air enters,
gifting life for expansion
energies to anchor strong,      
wisdoms endless flow to travel,
The zephyr touches hearts,
guides waves to shore,
playing in grand sound,
as I whisper gratitude.
to celebrate life.

StarBG © 2017
Quintessence of beauty, you rule every heart,
Queen of my dream you are, my loving partner,
Your quixotic gestures create stunning energy,
When clouds are thundering to strike our love.

Redolent air surrounds you ecstatically,
That inebriate the soft heart of many lovers,
they go crazy, when your ravishing beauty,
Hurt their aspirations when dreaming.

Sweetheart, your sanctified love I always wish,
You are the sassiest, sexiest spice in my life,
You are sempiternal desire of the universe,
And have always been a shining sun of my life.

Tantalize me no more, for your tender touch,
I find your company, a talisman for my love,
Destiny sleeps in the shades of your curly hair,
When the night halts in the lap of nature.

Unique relationship and unique understanding,
Bring two souls close together for love making,
And to bring sensation in the every heart,
When flora enjoys rain dance in the valley.

Vibrant smile on your face, always very cute,
Dimples on your cheeks, sign of deep love,
Your emotions are so virtuous and vestal,
That stars are twinkling wishing the good luck.

Wondrous woman, crazy heart worships you,
Because you are so pretty, cute and sweet,
And your devotee wanders in search of you,
Chasing your shadow in the scorching son.

X-mas tree in my garden, so are you in my heart,
With decorations on Christmas, smiles as you,
My patience is curious to make love with you,
When cool breeze is blowing in winter nights.

The Yummiest person, you are in my life,
Yearning for your lascivious and lewd acts,
Aspire my ***** desires, to learn art of ******,
When Cupid, god of love, enjoys in the spring.

Zephyr is blowing, in search of his lost love,
My darling, my perpetual efforts shall never end,
And endless journey to hug you, shall continue,
Until the sun and the moon stop shining.
Saurabh Tak Sep 2016
On the wheels, I whirl, I spin, I move
Clouds too whirl, then darkness spins
A lightning bolt, then the deafening sound,
Then it pours,
N the fire flies go dim
I dont amble, I dont whisk
Opening my hand, gawking above, I dont decline
Three winks! Drenched n detached from the me wrenching myself,
I wheel as  "The Lance Armstrong"

Heavy pours invite a stroll
Cats and Dogs pouring down dismay Rats, ROFL!
Oust as Prince Zuko, I stroll
Surrendering myself to  the Zephyr
Same trail but with ****** looks
Hypnotic green, drenched, raise me to the Oblivion
Shimmering in the distant are two dim lights
N I ***** like " The Supertramp"

Beginning of the ultimate inception, I touch
Extending my arms to the cries of sky
Dont know the destination of this alley
Trying to think what 'm anticipating
Though without any charge on my shoulders
Flickering in the near distant are two lights
I hike as " The Aron"

'm I tears, I dont know
Even the silence has sulked
Nothing's in my head
Green n Brown, Pink n Purple hues
Repose the folioles, within
Distant lights are passing by now
I stride as " The me"

To the Aisle,
where birds peep, cheep, chirp, quaver, tweet n warble
From the stroll to the stride
's a short walk of hues n blues
The fringes have passed by
Arena's clear n so 'm I.
A P Taylor Apr 2016
::             Presence writhes as stirring
                        shaped guile is a breeze.

                          Wild urchin of mischief
                              while curling to tease.

                              Whistles while rushing
                                zephyr sighs as seethes
                            ­      Leaps across gutters,
                                   pirouettes in leaves.
                                    As rustles in shade
                                        a tussle in trees.

                                         rest to seize
                                  When upon morn
              left, barest shadow deceive.
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