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In my mind
I saw you smiling
You just made my day!
I’ll smile all day.

Shell ✨🐚
Someone can make your day.
Faith means
believing in something
you’ve never laid eyes on.
It’s an experience.
Unshakable!! Rock solid.
Something to hold on to.
Everybody should have faith
in something......
to get you through this life!
When the earth turns
and the places don’t move
But also
when an earthquake hits
and everything is falling apart.

Shell ✨🐚
We all need something to hold on to in good times and in bad times!!
Living and experiencing life
depends for a great deal on
where you are born
where you are from
Some people sadly ,
always have
to look at life through
a veil of tears.

Things like poverty, education not only depends on you but also on where you were born!!! So let’s not judge on another
Let your heart be
a never ending well
Full of love
Full of compassion.

We people
live alongside each other
Without really knowing
how very very vulnerable
we are...... that’s why
Let’s make a sweet gesture
towards one another
Let’s mean something more
then just passengers passing by

We must be there for each other!!
Nowadays it’s more everybody for themselves leaving many isolated and lonely!!
Countless as stars
Like soil is on the ground
Unnoticed when done & with time becomes our pride
Reluctant we are, always not wanting to admit the wrong we've done
**** even when we try, mistakes still follow us
Guess it's a tough journey that ends when the soil claims ownership over us once more
With the wind being our mode of transportation to our next course or universe
Early in the morning
Just before the  sun comes up
You can hear
them chirping
Sitting in trees, at the top
Chirping from pure delight
They can’t hide what they’re feeling
They can’t wait for day to start.
To discover everything  all over
new secrets of the same sight
Over and over again
just in another’s day light!

Let’s be like birds.

Gratitude for just another day
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